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Trump fumes over 'Fake News Media' as he distances himself from Russia indictments

Monday  00:05,   19 february 2018
Business Insider Australia

President Donald Trump insisted there was no collusion in a series of tweets Saturday. He also said the Russians started conspiring against the US "long before" his 2016 run for president.President Donald Trump lashed out at the "Fake News [...]

Helicopter crashes near earthquake epicentre

Saturday  18:21,   17 february 2018
Sky News

Two people have been killed after a helicopter crashed while surveying the damage from a powerful earthquake in Mexico. The helicopter was carrying the Mexican interior minister Alfonso Navarrete and governor of the state of Oaxaca Alejandro Murat[...]

A Russian troll factory had a $1.25 million monthly budget to interfere in the 2016 US election

Saturday  15:56,   17 february 2018
Business Insider Australia

The office of the special counsel investigating Russian interference in the 2016 US election announced charges Friday against 13 Russian nationals and 3 Russia entities.A notorious Russian "troll factory" had a $US1.25 million budget in the run-up[...]

Florida school gunman 'remorseful' and 'sad'

Friday  07:01,   16 february 2018
Sky News

The teenager accused of killing 17 students and teachers in a Florida school is "sad", "mournful" and "remorseful", his lawyer said.Nikolas Cruz is a "broken human being" and is aware of what is going on, Melisa McNeil[...]

Pop star barred 'over LGBT stance'

Friday  05:21,   16 february 2018
BBC News

Pop star barred 'over LGBT stance'Ho, who is openly gay and outspoken on LGBT issues, had been scheduled to perform in Kuala Lumpur in[...]

Macron praised as French economy powers ahead

Friday  04:41,   16 february 2018
France 24

The good news keeps coming for the French economy: Long seen as the weakest of Europe's major economies, French GDP is expanding at its highest rate in years, with optimism underpinned by the pro-business agenda being implemented by the[...]

'What can you do?': Mother of 15-year-old Parkland shooting victim demands action from Trump

Friday  04:41,   16 february 2018
Business Insider Australia

Lori Alhadeff, the mother of a 15-year-old victim of the Parkland school shooting, voiced her frustration during an interview on Thursday. She specifically demanded action from President Donald Trump."How do we allow a gunman to come into our[...]

Ethiopia's prime minister resigns after mass protests

Friday  02:51,   16 february 2018
France 24

Ethiopia's Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn suddenly resigned on Thursday in what he described as a bid to smooth reforms, following years of violent unrest that threatened the ruling party's hold on Africa's second most populous nation.The[...]

Jokowi Boosts Ties With Indonesia Military in Power Shift

Thursday  16:40,   15 february 2018

While the world’s biggest Muslim country faces a growing influence from radical Islam at home, Indonesia is also seen as crucial in efforts to contain regional security risks. “Indonesia is hugely important in terms of countering the threat of[...]

Toddler rescued from train tracks by quick-acting student in busy Milan subway station

Thursday  15:51,   15 february 2018
ABC News

An 18-year-old Italian student is being hailed a hero after his quick actions saved the life of a toddler who fell onto the tracks at one of Milan's busiest subway stations.CCTV footage from Milan's Repubblica metro station shows the moment the[...]

South Africa starts long walk back to post-Zuma rehabilitation

Thursday  15:51,   15 february 2018

South Africans awoke to a nation without Jacob Zuma as president for the first time in nine years on Thursday, released from the burden of a compromised leader who darkened the dreams and aspirations of the post-apartheid "Rainbow[...]

Syria's War Has Never Been More International

Thursday  15:51,   15 february 2018
The Atlantic

If the coming defeat of ISIS and rebel forces in Syria was supposed to bring an end to the seven-year conflict there, no one told Iran, Israel, Turkey, Russia, or the United States. Consider the stunning events that have occurred in the[...]

‘Resist White Supremacy’: A sign. A farm. And the fury that followed.

Thursday  15:51,   15 february 2018
The Washington Post

The owners of Cox Farms have always taken politically charged stands at their Northern Virginia property, but they were floored by the massive backlash to this one.But their latest — “Rise & Resist” — had triggered a particularly angry reaction[...]

Romance returns to Iraq's war-torn Mosul

Thursday  15:50,   15 february 2018

The streets of Mosul have seen plenty of blood, but on Wednesday the Iraqi city's markets were red with Valentine's Day gifts instead -- for the first time since the end of jihadist rule. Shops did a brisk trade selling plastic roses and[...]

What's the immigration status of Melania Trump's parents?

Thursday  05:41,   15 february 2018
The Washington Post

The White House refuses to explain the immigration status of Melania Trump's parents. Here are some possible[...]