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Comment: Trump's immigration order replaces one crisis with another

Thursday  11:07,   21 june 2018

<p>Gene Hamilton, an aide to Sessions, told reporters in a call explaining the order that the Flores settlement put the administration in "an untenable" position.</p>Editor’s note: The opinions in this article are the author’s, as[...]

Take down! Dramatic moment have-a-go hero tackles 'thief who swiped £170 cash from woman at a Tesco ATM' in front of stunned city centre shoppers

Thursday  11:06,   21 june 2018

This is the moment a suspected thief was rugby tackled to the ground by a member of the public in Manchester after a woman claimed cash had been snatched from hand on a city centre street.A flying rugby tackle brought the 43-year-old man to the[...]

Trump says North Korea has returned remains of 200 US war dead

Thursday  10:30,   21 june 2018

President Donald Trump said North Korea had returned on Wednesday the remains of 200 U.S. troops missing from the Korean War, although there was no official confirmation of the move from military authorities. "We got back our great fallen heroes,[...]

Nobody Wants Elvis Presley's Sad Old Aeroplane

Thursday  09:31,   21 june 2018

<p>Anyway, they're cool looking aircraft. But after spending an eternity rotting on a Roswell, New Mexico runway, Elvis' looks more like a Star Wars prop than the glamours sky chariot of a 1950s sex symbol.</p>About a year ago, a[...]

Airlines Ask U.S. Not to Fly Detained Kids on Their Flights

Thursday  09:05,   21 june 2018

American Airlines Group Inc. and United Continental Holdings Inc. asked the U.S. government not to fly immigrant children separated from their families on their aircraft as President Donald Trump said he was abandoning his “zero tolerance”[...]

‘We’re Sending Them the Hell Back,’ Trump Says of Securing the Country’s Borders

Thursday  08:05,   21 june 2018

President Trump turned his attention to the midterm battle that awaits Republicans here: Minnesota is one of the most important states in the fight for control of Congress.Shortly after caving to political pressure and signing an executive order[...]

Trump plots meeting with Putin as head of the British Army warns Russia is 'preparing troops for war'

Thursday  07:32,   21 june 2018

US officials are hoping the meeting will take place either before the NATO summit in Brussels on July 11 or after Trump's visit to Britain.US officials are hoping the meeting will take place either before the NATO summit in Brussels on July 11[...]

People donate millions to help separated families

Thursday  07:10,   21 june 2018

In an outpouring of concern prompted by images and audio of children crying for their parents , hundreds of thousands of people worldwide are donating to nonprofit organizations to help families being separated at the U.S.-Mexico border.Among those[...]

Female World Cup 2018 reporter kissed and groped on breast by fan on live TV

Thursday  03:06,   21 june 2018

Colombian reporter Julieth Gonzalez Theran was working for German TV when a fan approached her from the sideA female sports reporter working at the World Cup was kissed and groped live on camera before posting the footage of the incident to social[...]

Comment: Trump and Kirstjen Nielsen’s embarrassing surrender on separating families at the border

Thursday  02:30,   21 june 2018

Make no mistake: The administration just admitted its arguments were bogus and that it overplayed its hand.The Trump administration insisted it didn't have a policy of separating children from their parents at the U.S.-Mexico border. It said that it [...]

Unneeded Drugs Killed Hundreds at U.K. Hospital, Inquiry Finds

Thursday  00:36,   21 june 2018

In the 1990s, the Gosport War Memorial Hospital gave heroin and other powerful painkillers to patients who did not need them. Complaints went ignored.LONDON — As many as 650 patients at a small British hospital died from overdoses of powerful[...]

Hawaii Tourists Arrested Snapping Lava Selfies

Thursday  00:04,   21 june 2018

Dozens of selfie-taking tourists in parks have already been cited across Hawaii for trying to get close-up pictures of fast-moving lava.Tourists in parks across Hawaii face fines of up to $5,000 and have been threatened with potential jail time for[...]

Torn from immigrant parents, 8-month-old baby lands in Michigan

Thursday  00:03,   21 june 2018

After feds deny separating babies from parents, Michigan foster agency says it's helping two infants torn from their families. One is 8 months old.Four days ago, a Homeland Security official proclaimed: “We are not separating babies from[...]

Python Strangles Forest Ranger Posing For Selfie

Thursday  00:03,   21 june 2018

Sanjoy Dutta draped the 18-foot python around his shoulders for a selfie after rescuing it from a forest.An Indian forest ranger was almost strangled to death by an 18-foot python in West Bengal after he placed it on his shoulders and posed for [...]

Trump signs executive order ending child-parent separation

Thursday  00:02,   21 june 2018

<p>President Donald Trump said he would be signing an executive order later Wednesday that would end the process of separating children from families after they are detained crossing the border illegally.</p>It was a dramatic turnaround for[...]