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Waffle House shooting suspect left behind considerable evidence at scene, authorities say

Wednesday  02:57,   25 april 2018
The Washington Post

The man charged in the Waffle House shooting is set to appear in court on May 7.Travis Reinking, who was arrested Monday following a 34-hour manhunt, has been charged with four counts of criminal homicide. In affidavits filed in state court,[...]

YouTuber Who Trained A Pug To Do 'Nazi Salute' Has Been Fined

Wednesday  02:06,   25 april 2018
Gizmodo Australia

Last month, Scottish YouTube comedian Mark Meechan was found guilty of a hate crime after posting a video of his girlfriend's pug Buddha raising its paw to the words "Sieg Heil". Last month, Scottish YouTube comedian Mark[...]

Trump and Macron can’t stop touching each other

Wednesday  01:21,   25 april 2018
The Washington Post

In some very passive-aggressive ways.The last time we saw the hands of President Trump and French President Emmanuel Macron meet, it didn't look pleasant for either man. While Trump was visiting Paris in July, Macron grabbed the president's[...]

Melania wriggles her fingers away as Trump tries to hold her hand during awkward photocall with French president and his wife

Wednesday  00:40,   25 april 2018
Daily Mail

Melania Trump appeared to wriggle her fingers away from her husband's on Tuesday as he tried gingerly to grasp her hand during an awkward photocall with the loved-up French first couple.Melania Trump appeared to wriggle her fingers away from her [...]

Dozens injured after earthquake in southeast Turkey

Wednesday  00:30,   25 april 2018
Associated Press

Turkish officials say dozens were slightly injured after an earthquake in southeastern Turkey. The earthquake struck Samsat village in the province of Adiyaman early Tuesday at 3.34 a.m. local time (0034 GMT). The U.S. Geological Survey said the[...]

Kim and Moon: the heir born to rule and the escapee's son

Tuesday  17:25,   24 april 2018

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and the South's President Moon Jae-in have followed paths to power as radically different as their two countries, but they will come together at a summit in the Demilitarized Zone on Friday. Moon's parents were[...]

Deadly Toronto van crash: What we know

Tuesday  15:34,   24 april 2018

At least 10 people were killed when a man drove a van into a crowd of pedestrians Monday in Toronto, also injuring 15 in Canada's biggest city.Here are the main facts known so far in what the government is calling a deliberate[...]

In Iraq, ex-sports stars seek to shake up politics

Tuesday  15:32,   24 april 2018

In the sweltering heat of Mexico '86, Ahmed Radhi and Basil Gorgis pulled on the same jerseys to represent Iraq's football team in its sole World Cup Finals. But now, a third of a century later, they're just two of several former stars[...]

Behind bloody Gaza clashes, economic misery and piles of debt

Tuesday  15:32,   24 april 2018
The Washington Post

The territory being squeezed by Israel and the Palestinian Authority is a powder keg of privation and anger.Every Friday for the past month, thousands of Palestinians have surged to Gaza’s border fence with Israel in a show of anger and defiance,[...]

Nikol Pashinyan: from fugitive to victorious protest leader

Tuesday  15:32,   24 april 2018

Armenia's opposition lawmaker Nikol Pashinyan has been leading mass anti-government protests that culminated with the resignation of newly appointed Prime Minister Serzh Sarkisian on Monday. A fortnight ago, few in Armenia would have believed[...]

The long haul to restore Soviet model for collective living

Tuesday  15:32,   24 april 2018

Neglected and abused, Moscow's Narkomfin apartment block, a Soviet masterpiece admired around the world, is finally being restored to its original, pioneering state. Architect Alexey Ginzburg is leading the project and for the first time since[...]

Toronto van crash suspect ID'd as police won't rule out terror possibility

Tuesday  07:50,   24 april 2018
FOX News

Police in Toronto identified the suspected driver of a van that rammed into a crowd of pedestrians earlier Monday, and said they would not rule out terrorism as a possible motive. The vehicle was driven by Alek Minassian, 25, of Richmond Hill, north [...]

Waffle House slaying suspect arrested after massive manhunt

Tuesday  06:57,   24 april 2018
Associated Press

The mentally unstable gunman suspected of killing four people in a late-night shooting at a Waffle House restaurant was arrested near his apartment.NASHVILLE, Tenn. — The mentally unstable gunman suspected of killing four people in a late-night[...]

Is Trump and Macron’s meeting a showdown over the West?

Monday  21:32,   23 april 2018
The Washington Post

The meeting between the U.S. and French presidents is a clash between two seemingly opposing poles of Western politics.On the face of it, the two leaders could hardly be more different. Trump, 71, rode to power on a platform of right-wing[...]

Frustrated at visa holdup, Russians give up on American vacations

Monday  14:07,   23 april 2018
The Washington Post

Fewer U.S. embassy staff means would-be visitors must wait almost a year for entry permission.Escalating tensions between Moscow and Washington are putting a damper on Russians’ vacation plans, catching ordinary people in a diplomatic crossfire that [...]