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04:25  13 march  2018
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“Professional Mexican archaeologists immediately pronounced these artifacts to be fakes , observers outside the archaeological community were intrigued, and a number of popular articles soon I agree that the article could have been named 10 Controversial Archeological Discoveries .

Here are the top 10 controversial & bizarre archaeological discoveries in the history of Mankind. During the 1880’s there have been discoveries that might have given shocks to the archaeologist themselves.

  Controversial archaeologist faked discoveries James Mellaart, a famous but controversial archaeologist, died in 2012, but even in death he tried to pass off historical hoaxes as real.

A colleague of Mellaart, Eberhard Zangger, a geoarchaeologist from Switzerland, has been investigating Mellaart’s claims, LiveScience reports. Zangger found that Mellaart had drafts of writings, murals, and carvings in his apartment when he died, indicating that Mellaart had was actually the creator of the “discoveries” that he had attributed to ancient people.

Mellaart had asked colleagues to publish his work after his death, but instead, one colleague found more evidence of Mellaart’s hoaxes.

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Check out these 10 controversial archaeological discoveries and find out why each one stimulates debate between scientists, historians, or the general public. It dates from the 6th century BC and was discovered by the Assyro-British archaeologist Hormuzd Rassam in March 1879 during a lengthy

Did archaeologists unearth a fake tomb that was deliberately made to look like it belonged to Cao Cao? According to recent archaeological discovery , the real tomb of Cao was discovered in Xigaoxue Village in Anyang County, Henan Province.

Mellaart had a long career in archaeology. He was a lecturer at Istanbul University and the University of London, and made incredible, often reputable discoveries.

His first public brush with controversy, named “ The Dorak Affair,” involved his discovery of treasure in Turkey. Some accuse him having illegally dug up the treasure elsewhere and smuggling them out of the country.

That incident would turn out to be just one debacle in a career studded with possible fabrication.

Mellaart also claimed to have “discovered” murals at an ancient settlement from approximately 9,000 years ago in Turkey called ÇatalHöyük.

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cities, the archaeological discoveries on this list shaped and often rewrote history as we know it (some of which turned out to be really controversial Dig in ( archaeologist joke) to the fascinating remnants of our past in this list of the 25 most important archaeological discoveries in history.

There has been a controversial discovery of hieroglyphs in Australia. These hieroglyphs have created a fuss among researchers and are still being debated, being a controversial issue among historians and archaeologists .

He claimed that they crumbled to dust before he could photograph or remove them.

Mellaart painted pictures of the murals that he claimed existed, but there’s no other evidence that they were there. To this day, Mellaart and his supposed discoveries remain controversial in the archaeology world.

Zangger suspects that after the first controversy, Mellaart decided he could execute more and more archaeological deceptions.

The multitude of fakeries indicated that Mellaart dedicated much of his career to tearing down archaeological knowledge, rather than improving it, despite the fact that he was a well-connected and intelligent archaeologist.

“He appears to have increasingly entered an imaginary world,” Zangger told LiveScience. “Maybe he wanted to somehow retaliate by misleading his colleagues in the field."

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Here are some of the mysterious and strange discoveries in archeology . 1.) Antikythera Mechanism. These have been in controversy since their first discovery . While there have been several fakes now known to exist, there still remains several that appear in all respects to be ancient

In the summer of 1996, two students stumbled upon what would become one of the most controversial remains in North America—a skeleton called the Smithsonian Institution, told Smithsonian Magazine: “I just felt this was one of those extremely rare and important discoveries that come once in a lifetime.

Points of view: amazing pyramids of the ancient world: Pyramids are monumental structures dating from antiquity, unique for their design and archaeological significance. Ancient civilizations used them as temples of worship or as burial chambers: the Egyptians famously entombed their pharaohs in these oddly-shaped structures. Today it's hard to gaze upon these buildings without a feeling a sense of awe and mystery. Click and see where you can find some of the best preserved pyramids on the planet. Points of view: amazing pyramids of the ancient world

Australian who helped organise controversial China book launch denied entry to Shanghai .
An Australian who has been outspoken about Chinese Communist Party influence says he was denied entry to China and immediately placed on an 11-hour return flight to Sydney. John Hugh, 51, said he traveled from Sydney to Shanghai on Tuesday with his 80-year-old mother, intending to stopover for several days before flying on to Canada, but was taken off the China Eastern flight by two border inspection guards upon arrival.His mother was allowed to enter Shanghai on a transit visa and is staying with relatives.Mr.

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