World She pointed a gun at police and asked to die; they used drones to intercede instead

01:16  12 february  2018
01:16  12 february  2018 Source:   The Washington Post

Cocaine possession charges against Karmichael Hunt dropped

  Cocaine possession charges against Karmichael Hunt dropped Hunt is cleared of cocaine possession chargesHunt's lawyer Adam Magill has confirmed the charges were dropped on Friday afternoon due to insufficient evidence.

The 911 caller asked police to check on a 15-year-old boy standing outside of Torrey Pines High School. When he did not, they opened fire. He was shot multiple times and later died at a hospital. Experts on police use of force say that officers have little choice if someone is pointing a gun at

At this point , says Beasley, Randolph took the bag of weed and sicced his "Hoops Family" on him. Randolph told police he had several guns , including an "assault rifle and a Desert Eagle" pistol under his bed.

a car parked in a parking lot: Police said an armed Florida woman inside this silver sedan, shown in an image from a police drone, launched a four-hour standoff in a Stafford County parking lot in early December.© N/A/Stafford County (VA) Sheriff's office Police said an armed Florida woman inside this silver sedan, shown in an image from a police drone, launched a four-hour standoff in a Stafford County parking lot in early December. Burdened by mounting health, job and family troubles, a Florida woman took to the road and headed north from her Cocoa Beach home, police say.

By the time she hit Stafford County on Interstate 95 in Virginia, she was down to her last $14 and had reached her limit: Soon she would pick up a handgun and plead to die at the hands of officers.

The 57-year-old pulled her Kia sedan into a Walmart parking lot just before dawn Dec. 8, triggering a four-hour standoff as she repeatedly waved a silver revolver, cursing Stafford County sheriff’s deputies as she demanded that they shoot her.

Drone catchers and face-detecting planes will guard the Olympics

  Drone catchers and face-detecting planes will guard the Olympics South Korean authorities are adopting some pretty high-tech security measures for the upcoming Winter Olympics, including the deployment of drone-catching-drones and a tactical plane with facial recognition. More than being worried about photographers taking unauthorized photos of the games, the Pyeongchang Olympics anti-Terrorism and Safety team are apparently concerned about the possibility of terrorists using drones to drop or plant bombs. In fact, team members have also been training to shoot drones out of the sky, in case their own drones aren't enough.

Instead , he was told to come to the police station and claim it the next day. He did, and his gun was safely returned. Just before the new year, a Tennessee woman was arrested after driving around shooting at passersby, leading police on a chase and pointing her gun at an officer.

He repeatedly asked the police why they weren’t intervening and allowing a dangerous situation to escalate. The police told him their orders were not intercede and that in twenty minutes #UniteTheRight would be declared an unlawful assembly.

“She kept talking to herself, yelling profanities and enticing us to shoot her, over and over and over again,” said Capt. Ben Worcester, a member of the Stafford County Sheriff’s Office.

Rather than rush into a situation where they might have to fire, Stafford officials turned to technology: Police pilots flew two drones to monitor the woman from a safe distance and avoid putting officers in a direct confrontation. The airborne cameras gave police a close-up view of her and what she had in her car as she flitted between pacing outside and ducking back into the vehicle.

Worcester could see the label on the vodka bottle she lifted to wash down pills. He could tell SWAT officers when she had her finger on the trigger of her gun. And he could watch as her agitation ebbed and flowed.

U.S., Israeli drone makers keep wary eye on rising Chinese

  U.S., Israeli drone makers keep wary eye on rising Chinese At the Singapore Airshow state contractor China National Aero-Technology Import & Export Corporation (CATIC) showed off two versions of its Wing Loong reconnaissance and strike unmanned aerial system (UAS). It was the drone's first public appearance in Southeast Asia, according to trade media, and the booth drew military personnel from countries such as Myanmar and Malaysia.These Chinese drones cost about $5 million versus up to $100 million for a U.S.-made system, making them especially attractive to less affluent militaries, said Ben Moores, a senior analyst for defense and aviation at Jane's by IHS Markit.

The gun uses radio waves to disrupt signals to the drones , forcing them to land. Aiming: A police officer fires one of the guns at the drone during an exercise over the weekend. 'What’s the f***ing point ?' How Harry designed 2.5ct ring with two stones from Diana's collection - and he used yellow gold because it's her 'favourite'.

Originally Answered: Why don't SWAT teams use tranquilizer guns instead of firearms to neutralize suspects? I ask because I have seen this in every TV show and movie. The child, in his rage an delusional youth, yells “f—k the police !” and begins to point a .45 handgun at deputy Briggs.

The use of the drones to de-escalate an incident represents a creative deployment of a tool that police agencies across the country have been adding to their arsenals.

Police free child buried in metre of mud in Brazil

  Police free child buried in metre of mud in Brazil <p>Police <g class="gr_ gr_3 gr-alert gr_gramm gr_inline_cards gr_run_anim Grammar multiReplace" data-gr-id="3" id="3">were</g> filmed digging out a nine-year-old who had become trapped under a metre of mud in Pauliceia, Brazil, this week.</p>The Sao Paulo Military Police said they were on patrol when they were approached by a woman who said a small child had become buried in the mud.

When uses of force by police in the U.S. make news, questions often arise as to why and whether or not our officers should carry guns . Instead , police officers are united by their dedication to protecting the public and providing meaningful service to their communities.

She said her son thought he was “invincible,” that he couldn’t die . “But look where you’re at now. You’re not even with me. And since You're such a critic & expert on "where police should shooter a criminal, pointing a gun at them " let me ask You You're in pursuit of a person with Guns , who you know

Commonly, police departments use drones when searching for vulnerable people, to help in hostage crises or to monitor large demonstrations, said Louis M. Dekmar, the chief of police in LaGrange, Ga., and president of the International Association of Chiefs of Police.

Local authorities decide how drones will be used and what privacy protocols will be followed, he said. And with technology improving and prices dropping, the chiefs association has offered guidelines on using the equipment as more law enforcement agencies have drone-operating officers licensed with the Federal Aviation Administration.

“This provides the kind of immediate air resources that many agencies cannot afford or don’t have,” Dekmar said.

In mid-December, sheriff’s deputies in Loudoun County, Va., took their quadcopter drone to Shenandoah County when law enforcement there asked for help searching for a 92-year-old man lost overnight in the woods.

Loudoun Master Deputy Matt Devaney said the drone helped him spot an orange cap from high over the trees and relayed rescue coordinates after just 20 minutes in the air. The drone had enabled a discovery that search dogs sniffing for 90 minutes had not made.

Search underway for man missing in Brisbane River

  Search underway for man missing in Brisbane River Police have spent the night searching for a man believed missing in the Brisbane River. A member of the public called authorities after they saw what they believed was a man floating in the water near the Gardens Point CityCat terminal just before 7.30 last night.The man hasn’t been seen since and police are still searching the water using POLAIR and police divers.

In retrospect, his accomplice was likely standing nearby, watching for a cue to intercede or walk away. I've noticed that people seem to have pity on suicidal people who actually want to die . Back in 1990, when she was about 67 years old, a guy came in one slow evening, pointed a gun at her

How people react to being held at gun point and robbed solely depends on their frame of mind at that very Use your phone. Call the police and inform them of the intruder and give them your address. Sethi asked to ensure presence in next Senate body meeting. Spice Girls set to stage a comeback.

“It’s a great tool for search and rescue. We don’t have air support in Loudoun County. We don’t have a dedicated helicopter,” Devaney said. “It’s nice to have something that can cover a lot of ground quickly.”

The largest police departments in the District and inside the Capital Beltway do not have drone programs, officials said. FAA airspace restrictions in the city prevent D.C. police from even considering a program, said department spokesman Dustin Sternbeck. Police departments in Montgomery and Fairfax counties also do not use them.

In Stafford, the sheriff’s office has five drones and 12 FAA-certified officers.

Sheriff David P. Decatur decided to launch the drone program in early 2016, using more than $50,000 in funds seized in drug cases and with the main aim of using the craft to find people missing in extreme heat of cold. Stafford County officers now use drones as they execute search warrants, to take crime scene photographs and even to help monitor traffic during events such as Fourth of July fireworks displays.

“I think it’s progressive. We are open. Anything we can use it for to help others, we are all about trying to take advantage of that,” Decatur said. “We are always racing against time.”

Those time pressures played out on Dec. 8 when pre-dawn 911 calls came in to the Stafford County Sheriff’s Office saying shots were being fired in the lot of the Walmart on Garrisonville Road. The information was scant: white woman with long, dirty-blond hair, driving a car with Florida license plates and brandishing a pistol.

Man charged with assault of 16yo boy who was shot by police near Brisbane

  Man charged with assault of 16yo boy who was shot by police near Brisbane A man is charged with assault over a domestic dispute with a 16-year-old boy who was shot by police in Ipswich, west of Brisbane.Officers fired two shots at the 16-year-old, striking him once in the chest, after he allegedly charged at them with a knife at a home in Springfield on Wednesday.

Investigators said Black approached Krummi and asked how is day was going. He previously had pointed a gun at his wife, not realizing who she was, investigators said. Instead , he allegedly went outside and pointed his gun at a police sergeant.

Woman throws stones before using a GUN to get rid of nosy neighbour's drone . A woman lost her temper at a nosy neighbour's drone and aimed a gun at it to make it buzz off. Stormzy 'REFUSES to join girlfriend Maya Jama at Cadbury bash instead waiting in car for 45 minutes as staff attempt to

What officers did know as they launched was that the woman was armed and continued to shout a command to police: “Just kill me! Just kill me!”

Adding to the danger, she had parked directly in front of an 18-wheeler in the lot, trapping the rig driver who had pulled in to catch some sleep, investigators said.

Deputies evacuated the area around the car and truck, as a SWAT team stood at the ready. Police idled an armored vehicle — called a Bearcat — that can withstand 50-caliber rounds.

Early on, police decided to try to negotiate with the woman over a loudspeaker and started to sketch out plans to try to rescue the trucker.

The woman kept up her profane tirade but did not respond otherwise.

a circuit board: Stafford County sheriff’s officers used a pair of drones to help them de-escalate a December standoff in which they said a woman armed with a pistol demanded that police kill her.© N/A/Stafford County (VA) Sheriff's office Stafford County sheriff’s officers used a pair of drones to help them de-escalate a December standoff in which they said a woman armed with a pistol demanded that police kill her. Decatur said the drones acted “like a military scout team” to help officers find cover and places to stay out of view, as they braced for a drawn-out confrontation.

The sheriff’s department flew the two drones at an elevation of 70 to 80 feet, relaying real-time video to the on-scene command post with an intimacy that would be nearly impossible for any officer to match on the ground without facing substantial risk.

“She was talking so much to herself, I initially thought she was on the phone, but she was talking with the gun to her head,” Worcester said.

They saw her swallowing liquor and pills and “we knew what we were up against. It was going to get worse,” Worcester said.

Samsung wants to build drones that you control with your eyes

  Samsung wants to build drones that you control with your eyes These days, it feels like screens are everywhere. Samsung might be about to take that to a higher level. A division of the Korean tech…A division of the Korean tech giant was awarded a patent Feb. 13 (flagged this week by The Verge and surfaced by Dutch publication LetsGoDigital) for flying video displays, controlled by the movement of a person’s eyes.

Hahn used her cell phone to call the police non-emergency line to " She saw a man pointing at her with a gun ," said Reyna Ortiz, 29, a relative who is caring for Vanessa and her children. Instead of having an event that drew a hard line between protester and police , why not bring them all together

He used to get in fights over her . Even as a old man. Anybody said anything about her . You think somebody's goin to die and leave you somethin? Sure you can. I guess you got a gun and all. He didnt answer for a minute. Then he said: I got a gun .

About two hours in, SWAT officers quietly approached the tractor-trailer to try to rescue the driver. Aided by the drones, Worcester was able to warn officers that the woman in the car had pointed her gun toward the back of her car in the direction of the hemmed-in truck, apparently thinking police were going to move in on her.

Police paused the trucker rescue until they were told she had turned away. They got the trucker safely out.

Her demands for officers to shoot her did not stop. “Kill me! Kill me!” and “Just shoot me,” she shouted again and again, Decatur and Worcester said.

“She just wasn’t going to do any talking,” Worcester said. “It was hours of this.”

Three hours into the standoff, the woman was highly agitated and alternating between threatening to shoot herself in the head and begging the police to fire on her, Worcester said.

A drone camera zoomed in on her face, showing someone near rock bottom, he said.

It also showed her moving away from her car, and police, fearing she might run and shoot at a nearby convenience store, fired beanbag rounds at her.

Stunned, she retreated to her car. The drone zoomed in to show officers her condition and what she was doing inside the Kia. She looked calmer, was mumbling and her eyes were closed, Worcester recalled.

The drones stayed up.

At 9:15 a.m., police in the armored vehicle rolled over to the car and fired pepper spray into the Kia’s open window before four officers rushed the car and pulled the woman out and handcuffed her.

Stafford authorities charged Donna Lynn Barnes with reckless handling of a firearm and brandishing a firearm, both misdemeanors, police officials said.

Online court documents show that a hearing in her case is scheduled for Feb. 22. An attorney for the public defender’s office, which court documents show is representing Barnes, declined to comment.

“This lady is from Florida. She said she was just driving. In her world, she had all these things going on, and she was trying to get us to use deadly force,” said Decatur, the sheriff. “Luckily, with our training and the technology, we didn’t have to do that.”

a circuit board: Stafford County sheriff’s officers used a pair of drones to help them de-escalate a December standoff in which they said a woman armed with a pistol demanded that police kill her.© N/A/Stafford County (VA) Sheriff's office Stafford County sheriff’s officers used a pair of drones to help them de-escalate a December standoff in which they said a woman armed with a pistol demanded that police kill her.

Trump Wants Russia Investigation to Look at Obama White House .
President Donald Trump is suggesting that special counsel Robert S. Mueller III should expand his probe of Russia’s election meddling to include top Obama administration officials. Trump’s veiled suggestion that former President Barack Obama and his team be investigated instead of him and his campaign advisers is part of a shift in the president’s messaging in recent days.

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