World Israeli warplane crashes amid cross-border escalation with Syria

17:47  10 february  2018
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‘Extreme’ Suffering in Syria as Government Steps Up Bombing

  ‘Extreme’ Suffering in Syria as Government Steps Up Bombing More than 80 people were killed in rebel-held areas amid carnage that the United Nations called “outrageous” and an international failure.BEIRUT, Lebanon — At least 80 people were killed on Tuesday in Syrian government air and artillery strikes on besieged suburbs of the capital, Damascus, one of the last rebel-held strongholds. It was the bloodiest day so far in a weekslong escalation that prompted United Nations officials to issue an unusual call for an immediate cease-fire.

According to the Syrian Defense Ministry statement, Israeli warplanes violated Syria ’s airspace on the border with Lebanon in Baalbek area. Bomb bay ruining stealth is a bull! Stealth is all about minimum radar cross section (RCS) and average RCS.

The Israeli jets had struck in southern Syria in response to earlier cross - border stray fire into Israel , in The antiaircraft missile fire from Syria represents a significant escalation in the Assad regime’s After firing the missiles, the Syrian army claimed it had shot down an Israeli warplane and a drone

  Israeli warplane crashes amid cross-border escalation with Syria © Reuters/H. Shapira

An Israeli jet has been downed by Syrian anti-air fire after Israel intercepted an Iranian drone launched from Syria. The incident is one of the most serious involving Israel, Iran and Syria amid the Syrian civil war.

Israel planes on Saturday carried out attacks on "Iranian targets" in Syria after intercepting a drone, with one F16 fighter downed by heavy anti-aircraft counter fire, a military spokesman said.

Israeli military spokesman Jonathan Conricus wrote on Twitter that the plane had crashed in Israel but that the pilots were safe, saying that the incident occurred as Israeli forces attacked the "Iranian control systems in Israel" responsible for the launch of the drone.

Israel warns Iran over Syria as tensions mount after downing of Israeli jet

  Israel warns Iran over Syria as tensions mount after downing of Israeli jet Benjamin Netanyahu told his Cabinet on Sunday that Israel would continue to target Iranian-backed forces inside Syria. His comments come amid rising tensions a day after an Israeli F-16 fighter jet crashed under fire. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Sunday that Israel would continue its military strikes in Syria despite the downing of its most advanced fighter jet a day earlier.Syrian anti-aircraft fire downed an Israeli F-16 — the first such downing of an Israeli fighter jet in 36 years — as it returned to Israel from a bombing raid on Iranian-backed positions inside Syria.

A number of Arab media reported that Israeli warplanes bombed warehouses in Syria , where Hezbollah stored its missile munitions. Jordanian media reported that some fragments of the missile fell in the city of Irbid, located in the north of Jordan, about 20 km from the Israeli border .

Israeli warplanes reportedly delivered airstrikes against Syrian army targets in the Qasioun Mount region near Damascus early on March 22nd. The growing Israeli propaganda and diplomatic and military efforts over the conflict in Syria came amid the intensification of military operations of the

Israeli police said the F16 crashed in the Jezreel Valley in northern Israel. The pilots were taken to hospital for treatment, according to the military.

In a separate statement, the military said that a "combat helicopter successfully intercepted an Iranian UAV that was launched from Syria and infiltrated Israel."

Mutual blame game

The Syrian state news agency SANA quoted an unidentified military source as saying Syrian forces had responded with anti-air fire to an Israel act of "aggression" against a military base and that more than one Israeli plane had been hit.

The Israeli military insists that only one plane was affected.

Iraqi official says wounded IS chief alive in Syria

  Iraqi official says wounded IS chief alive in Syria An Iraqi interior ministry official said the Islamic State group's head Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is alive and being treated at a field hospital in Syria after being wounded in an air strike. "We have irrefutable information and documents from sources within the terrorist organisation that al-Baghdadi is still alive and hiding" in Syria's northeastern Jazira region, said intelligence and counterterrorism department head Abu Ali al-Basri, quoted Monday in the government daily As-Sabah.

Tags: israel , syria , Syrian Civil War , Syrian War . If I were Assad I would order the Russians out of Syria unless they live up to their role as a true ally of Syria and shoot down any Israeli or of any other nation’s intruding warplane which dares breach Syrian soveignty.

The escalation was also reported by Avijaa Adraei, spokesman of the Israeli Army, who tweeted that “while targeting several objectives in Syria , the Israeli warplanes were targeted by anti-aircraft missiles fired by the Syrian Army.”

Israel's targeting of an Iranian site in Syria marks an escalation in military action involving the three countries and is one of the most serious incidents of its type since the Syrian civil conflict began eight years ago.

Iran and its Lebanese militia ally, Hezbollah, are both major players in Syria's multi-faceted civil war, while Israel has experienced spillover violence from the fighting, among other things shooting down several drones that have tried to infiltrate its territory.

Israel has of late been warning of increased Iranian involvement along its border in Syria and Lebanon, fearing that Iran could use Syrian territory as a base for attacks.

Israeli missiles also this week targeted a Syrian military research center near Damascus.

Russia to U.S.: Don’t ‘play with fire’ in Syria .
Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov issued a stark warning to the U.S. on Monday for its support of the Kurds in Syria, saying Washington should not "play with fire" in the region."The U.S. should stop playing very dangerous games which could lead to the dismemberment of the Syrian state," Lavrov said at a Middle East Conference in Moscow on Monday, according to Bloomberg.

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