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'I miss my old life': Donald Trump

Saturday  09:20,   29 april 2017
BBC News

U.S. President Trump says he misses life before he was elected - and social media users couldn't agree more.He "loved" his old lifestyle because he "had so many things going," the former property mogul told Reuters news agency from his desk in[...]

Thousands of Florida alligators removed for bad behavior

Saturday  06:56,   29 april 2017

Alligators make news often, and for good reason. These prehistoric lizard-like leviathans march calmly through golf course fairways, across college campuses and end up in urban drainage systems and even neighborhood swimming pools.Areas like[...]

Largest vessel sets record after lifting platform

Saturday  06:51,   29 april 2017
Sky News

The largest vessel on the planet has successfully carried out the world's biggest lift at sea, plucking a 24,000-tonne oil rig platform from the North Sea. The mammoth engineering task was carried out as part of the first phase of[...]

Strong earthquake hits off Philippines, no major impact seen

Saturday  06:40,   29 april 2017

<p>A strong earthquake measuring 7.2 struck off the coast of Mindanao island in the Philippines on Saturday, and the country's seismology agency advised people to stay away from coastal areas but expected no major damage.</p>There were no[...]

The Internet Is Freaking Out About This Creepy Photo

Saturday  06:32,   29 april 2017
Country Living

Once you see[...]

Twitter Is Going Crazy Looking For A Snake In A Pile Of Leaves

Saturday  06:22,   29 april 2017

A photo posted by a PhD student in snake biology has gone viral because Twitter users are trying to spot the hidden snake in the pile of leaves.&nbsp;Twitter user @SssnakeySci[...]

Alone in the White House, Trump is enjoying the perks of his new home

Saturday  06:22,   29 april 2017
The Washington Post

How the first president to live in the executive mansion without his family is settling in.He enjoys leading guests on trivia-filled tours, explaining that the Lincoln Bedroom actually served as the 16th president’s office and boasting about the[...]

Killer whales go on 'unprecedented' killing spree in Monterey Bay

Saturday  06:22,   29 april 2017
San Francisco Chronicle

A week of insane whale sightings in Monterey Bay got even crazier Wednesday when a pod of nine killer whales attacked a gray whale calf right in front of a whale watching tour boat.  This is the fourth kill in seven days for the group of orcas. [...]

Toddler who family said wandered off found dead in home

Friday  12:57,   28 april 2017
CBS News

Semaj Crosby was reported missing just hours after staff from the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services visited the home on an allegation of neglect . Semaj's family reportedly said they were working on a car outside their home and[...]

In Indian Kashmir, social media becomes a battleground

Friday  12:50,   28 april 2017

An unprecedented ban on Whatsapp, Facebook and Twitter in Indian Kashmir has highlighted social media's role in energising an insurgency that has roiled the disputed Himalayan region for decades. Authorities in the Kashmir valley this week[...]

Michelle Obama: I won't run for office

Friday  11:20,   28 april 2017
The Hill

<p>The speech was Obama's first since leaving the White House, and cameras were not permitted during the event.</p>Obama during a speech at the America Institute of Architecture convention in Orlando said she "wouldn't ask [her] children[...]

German parliament backs partial burka ban

Friday  07:36,   28 april 2017
BBC News

Right-wing parties want Germany to emulate a French ban on wearing burkas in public places.The bill will now go to the upper house for approval. Civil servants, judges and soldiers will be prevented from wearing burkas at[...]

Dangerous brown recluse spiders found in unexpected place

Friday  07:21,   28 april 2017
CBS News

"I've been doing this for 30 years. I've had eight brown recluse out of thousands of spiders submitted, so they're rare."On the floor of their unheated, detached garage in Davison, they spotted two long-legged spiders, which[...]

Syria blames Israel for missile attack near Damascus airport

Friday  06:05,   28 april 2017
Los Angeles Times

It's another in a series of attacks whose aftermath has solidified into a routine diplomatic dance. Syria's army accused Israel of "launching several missilesSyria's army accused Israel of "launching several missiles from inside the[...]

An Arkansas death row inmate took their father’s life. Here’s why they don’t want the killer executed.

Friday  04:37,   28 april 2017
The Washington Post

She was five when an escaped prisoner killed her father. This week she flew the prisoner's relatives to Arkansas to say goodbye.Before Williams was arrested again, he fled from police in a high-speed chase that also killed Michael Greenwood, a[...]