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Fighting gun violence after shooting gives teens purpose

Tuesday  14:57,   20 february 2018
Associated Press

Grady and his friend are among about 100 Stoneman Douglas students who are heading to Florida's capital, Tallahassee, to push lawmakers to do something to stop gun violence. (AP Photo/Gerald Herbert) PARKLAND, Fla. — Chris Grady was a theater [...]

Rising poverty gnaws at Italian social fabric as election nears

Tuesday  14:56,   20 february 2018

<p>Roberto Biondi's 89-year-old mother has Alzheimer's, is housebound and no longer recognizes her son. She is also the family's main breadwinner.</p>Roberto Biondi's 89-year-old mother has Alzheimer's, is housebound and no longer[...]

Italy’s Northern League Is Suddenly In Love With the South

Tuesday  14:11,   20 february 2018

It's appealing to concerns of poorer ethnic Italians with a populist program that’s strongly anti-immigrant, anti-globalization, and Euroskeptic. The party platform no longer explicitly advocates secession, but it pledges more autonomy for[...]

North Korean Cheerleader Speaks Out

Tuesday  06:35,   20 february 2018

“We were not just there to cheer, we were told to go into the heart of the enemy,” she said.Pyongyang sent 22 athletes to the Olympics, and more than 200 cheerleaders to accompany them. Little was known about the North Korean cheerleaders except[...]

Secret Service Denies Reports of Scuffle Over 'Nuclear Football' With Chinese Security

Tuesday  05:07,   20 february 2018

<p>The U.S. Secret Service has denied a report that an agent was forced to tackle a Chinese security official after he tried to detain the American military officer carrying the U.S. nuclear launch codes during President Donald Trump’s visit to[...]

Head bowed, Florida shooting suspect returns to court for hearing

Tuesday  05:06,   20 february 2018


American Who Stole Terracotta Warrior's Thumb Must be 'Severely Punished', China Says

Tuesday  04:10,   20 february 2018

Michael Rohana, 24, broke off and stole the ancient terracotta warrior's left thumb during an 'ugly Christmas jumper party' at the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia.Michael Rohana, 24, of Delaware, was charged with theft of a major[...]

Woman charged after paramedics ‘verbally abused and note left on ambulance’

Tuesday  02:16,   20 february 2018
Press Association

The woman is due to appear before magistrates and faces an allegation she breached a restraining order.In a statement, Staffordshire Police said it had also charged Kirsty Sharman, who is from Tunstall,  with breach of a restraining[...]

Steve Bannon could go to jail if he won’t talk to Congress about Russia

Tuesday  02:16,   20 february 2018

Former White House strategist Steve Bannon has been refusing to answer lawmakers’ questions about the Trump-Russia investigation — and they’re so tired of it that they’re considering holding him in contempt of Congress. The House Intelligence[...]

Trump backs improved background checks on gun buys: WHouse

Tuesday  01:00,   20 february 2018

US President Donald Trump signaled support Monday for a bipartisan effort to improve a national system of background checks for gun purchases in the wake of the Florida school shooting. "While discussions are ongoing and revisions are being[...]

Russia to U.S.: Don’t ‘play with fire’ in Syria

Monday  22:15,   19 february 2018
The Hill

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov issued a stark warning to the U.S. on Monday for its support of the Kurds in Syria, saying Washington should not "play with fire" in the region."The U.S. should stop playing very dangerous games which [...]

Florida shooting: Parkland principal vows to 'hug each and every' student in emotional video

Monday  21:50,   19 february 2018

His voice breaking, Ty Thompson promised to "hold you as long as you need me to, for all 3,300 of you and your families. "In the Saturday video published to the school's website, Marjory Stoneman Douglas High principal Ty Thompson spoke[...]

Rubbish collapse kills 17 in Mozambique

Monday  20:10,   19 february 2018
BBC News

<p>At least 17 people have been killed in Mozambique's capital, Maputo, after a huge mound of rubbish collapsed on their homes, officials say.</p>Many more residents were injured when the pile of waste, some 15m (49ft) high, gave way in[...]

In the war against election meddling, Italy takes the lead

Monday  19:40,   19 february 2018
The Washington Post

Italy, among other countries, is experimenting with Internet literacy lessons, criminal charges and fact checking.On page 24 of the indictment, one of the defendants, Irina Viktorovna Kaverzina, is quoted with a worrisome assertion, made in[...]

Merkel taps heir apparent for top party role

Monday  19:40,   19 february 2018

Angela Merkel on Monday tapped the popular female premier of Germany's tiny Saarland state to take over as secretary general of her conservative party, fuelling speculation the veteran chancellor is lining up her successor. At a joint Berlin[...]