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Mother's lesson ends in kids' deaths

Sunday  00:46,   25 june 2017

She wanted to teach them a lesson, so locked them in a car - and left them there.A mother has been charged over the deaths of her two young children after she locked them in a car, and left them[...]

Melania Trump Hires White House Chief Usher From the Family Business

Saturday  19:05,   24 june 2017
The New York Times

The first lady chose Timothy Harleth, the director of rooms at the Trump International Hotel in Washington, tapping the close network of family employees.The White House said on Friday that Mrs. Trump had chosen Timothy Harleth, the director of[...]

Differences, in black and white: Rural Americans’ views often set apart by race

Saturday  18:40,   24 june 2017
The Washington Post

Rural Americans are more likely to see their communities as neighborly, safe and with better schools than those who live in cities. But racial divides are stark.But St. Martinville is also disturbingly segregated: The town still holds separate white [...]

Why the disappearance and death of 14-year-old Kaytlynn Cargill has baffled police.

Saturday  16:41,   24 june 2017

The last time 14-year-old Kaytlynn Cargill was seen, she was walking her dog around 6:20pm on Monday in her home town of Bedford, Texas. Her mother, Trisha West, went out looking for her daughter when she didn’t return within 30[...]

Six Nazi spies were executed in D.C. White supremacists gave them a memorial — on federal land.

Saturday  08:45,   24 june 2017
The Washington Post

The memorial to the men sat in a field until 2010 when officials took a fork lift to it.Protruding from the grass was a rectangular slab of[...]

If Baghdadi is dead, next Islamic State leader likely to be Saddam-era officer

Saturday  07:42,   24 june 2017

<p>If Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is confirmed dead, he is likely to be succeeded by one of his top two lieutenants, both of whom were Iraqi army officers under late dictator Saddam Hussein.</p>Experts on Islamist groups see no[...]

Caught on tape: Dem official says he's 'glad' Scalise got shot

Saturday  06:26,   24 june 2017
FOX News

A Nebraska Democratic Party official was removed from his post on Thursday after an audio recording surfaced of him saying he's “glad” House Majority Whip Steve Scalise got shot last week. Phil Montag, now-former co-chair of the state party’s[...]

Bomber planning to attack Mecca's Grand Mosque blows himself up - ministry

Saturday  06:26,   24 june 2017

Saudi security forces on Friday foiled a suicide attack on the Grand Mosque in the Muslim holy city of Mecca, cornering the would-be attacker in an apartment, where he blew himself up, the Interior Ministry said. In a statement read on state[...]

Cosby juror says Andrea Constand should have ‘dressed properly’

Saturday  06:25,   24 june 2017
New York Daily News

The male juror who said Andrea Constand should have been "dressed properly" when she visited Bill Cosby's house got a dressing down by two of the comedian's other accusers Friday.&nbsp;The male juror who said Andrea Constand[...]

40 people killed in bomb, gun attacks in 3 Pakistani cities

Saturday  06:25,   24 june 2017
Associated Press

PESHAWAR, Pakistan — At least 40 people were killed and nearly 100 wounded Friday in four separate bomb and gun attacks in three major Pakistani cities, officials said. A suicide bomber was involved in the first car bombing near the office of the[...]

Dennis Rodman Takes Credit For North Korea’s Release Of Otto Warmbier On ‘GMA’

Saturday  05:35,   24 june 2017

Former NBA player Dennis Rodman boasted he is responsible in part for the release of American college student Otto Warmbier from North Korea , who died last Monday just days after being medically evacuated from a North Korean prison.“I was just so[...]

Tour bus hits bridge in centre of Paris

Friday  18:32,   23 june 2017
Sky News

<p>A double-decker tourist bus has hit a bridge in the centre of Paris, ripping off part of the roof.</p>A double-decker tourist bus has hit a bridge in the centre of Paris, ripping off part of the[...]

Nurse suspected of killing dozens of children charged with murder

Friday  17:11,   23 june 2017
New York Daily News

Nurse suspected of killing dozens of children charged with murderA former Texas nurse serving time for killing a toddler and sickening another boy was indicted Wednesday on her second murder charge in recent[...]

Russian warships fire cruise missiles at IS targets in Syria

Friday  16:46,   23 june 2017

<p>Two Russian warships and a submarine in the Mediterranean have fired missiles at Islamic State group targets in Syria, the defence ministry said Friday.</p>It said that Turkish and Israeli military "were informed in a timely manner of the[...]

North Korea's Kim Jong Un uses terrifyingly creative methods to kill enemies

Friday  13:55,   23 june 2017
FOX News

From siccing wild dogs to gunning down his enemies with artillery meant for taking out planes, North Korea's Kim Jong Un has built a reputation for dispatching with extreme prejudice all those who cross him. While some of the terrifying methods[...]