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Ancient Lakes on Mars Dried up Billions of Years Ago, Study Concludes

Saturday  14:31,   21 april 2018

Ancient Lakes on Mars Dried up Billions of Years Ago, Study ConcludesA study published Thursday confirmed that the cracks identified on Mars' surface last year by the Curiosity rover are indeed evidence of ancient lakes that likely dried up about[...]

Cracks on Mars Reveal a System of Ancient Lakes

Saturday  11:50,   21 april 2018

These curious cracks suggest that the lake levels changed often over time.The study, published online in Geology, proved that cracks on Mars' surface previously photographed by Curiosity are indeed desiccation mudcracks which could have only been[...]

Apple offers battery replacement for some MacBooks after flaws reported

Saturday  11:40,   21 april 2018

Apple Inc on Friday said component failure in a limited number of MacBook Pros has caused built-in battery to expand, adding, it will offer worldwide free replacement for such batteries. Apple said the flaw, reported in some 13-inch Macbook Pros[...]

Brilliant Baboons Escape From Texas Biolab Using Their Captors' Own Barrels

Saturday  11:30,   21 april 2018
Gizmodo Australia

Using just a 208l barrel, three baboons liberated themselves.Using just a 208l barrel, three baboons liberated themselves the confines of a biomedical research facility this weekend for about half an hour before they were captured and returned to[...]

Google wants to replace texting

Saturday  05:06,   21 april 2018
Business Insider Australia

Google is leading a group that's supporting a new universal standard for text messaging.Google is making a major change to the way Android handles text messages, and it's a direct attempt to stay competitive with Apple's iMessage[...]

Why You Won't Leave Facebook, According To Science

Saturday  03:55,   21 april 2018
Gizmodo Australia

<p>Despite Facebook's recent and continued failings, we aren't going anywhere, because well - we are Facebook, an expert says.</p>Dr Saalem Sadeque is a Marketing lecturer at CQ University in Perth who firmly believes that despite[...]

Web agency not fit-for-purpose, government review finds

Saturday  02:06,   21 april 2018

auDA faces the axe if it cannot undertake significant reform, following a months-long review of its operation.A review into the administration of the .au top-level domain, the findings of which will be released by the Turnbull government on[...]

Casio reveals Pro Trek smartwatch with built-in offline GPS

Friday  15:31,   20 april 2018
Relaxnews (AFP)

Wear OS is getting yet another watch added to its portfolio, this time an outdoorsy number by Japanese manufacturer, Casio.&nbsp;&nbsp;Casio revealed the Pro Trek Smart Watch this week, the latest addition to its PRO TREK series of outdoor[...]

New 'exploding ant' species also blocks invaders with its massive head

Friday  14:52,   20 april 2018
ABC News

The recently discovered species also blocks invaders with its massive head. But the repertoire of ant defence is as weird as it is wide.When confronted by an enemy insect, these tree-dwellers latch onto their foe, tear open their own body wall and[...]

Jack Ma says Alibaba 'doing a lot of research' on driverless cars

Friday  12:01,   20 april 2018
Relaxnews (AFP)

E-commerce giant Alibaba is steering resources towards driverless car technology, its CEO Jack Ma confirmed on Thursday, joining a global race to shape the future of driving.&nbsp;Despite fresh safety fears after a woman was hit and killed by a[...]

Japanese companies see big things in small-scale industrial robots

Friday  11:31,   20 april 2018

As workforces age in Japan and elsewhere, collaborative robots - or "cobots" - are seen as a key way to help keep all types of assembly lines moving without replacing humans. Japan's Fanuc and Yaskawa Electric, two of the world's largest[...]

Facebook lets creators turn video premieres into live events

Friday  08:57,   20 april 2018

If you watch enough Twitch channels, you may have seen a Premiere -- a pre-recorded video that debuts as a live stream. It lets broadcasters recreate the thrill you'd expect from a TV show premiere, just in an online format. Sound like a good idea? [...]

Intel is giving up on its smart glasses

Friday  08:57,   20 april 2018
The Verge

Intel has confirmed that it plans to shut down the New Devices Group (NDG), and cease development on the Vaunt smart glasses project we revealed earlier this year.&nbsp;Here’s Intel’s statement: "Intel is continuously working on new technologies [...]

Don't expect Apple to combine macOS and iOS anytime soon

Friday  08:57,   20 april 2018

<p>At the end of 2017, Bloomberg reported that Apple will merge its Mac and iOS software codebases.&nbsp;</p>Cook made the remarks to journalist Peter Wells of the Sydney Morning Herald,[...]

These octopuses just wanted a safe place to lay their eggs, but now they’re doomed

Friday  08:05,   20 april 2018
Popular Science

Warmer isn't always better. Octopuses cluster on an outcrop at the bottom of the sea. Want to see something incredible?&nbsp;Octopuses cluster on an outcrop at the bottom of the[...]