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Welcome To The Future, Where The Air Is Made Of Fire And Your Beach House Is Underwater

Sunday  02:02,   12 august 2018

Our incredible planet is at risk of entering a "hothouse climate" - that's an Earth with a global average temperature of up to five degrees Celcius higher than pre-industrial temperatures, and long-term rises in the sea level of[...]
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When coding wasn't an option at school, Jasmine did something about it

Sunday  02:02,   12 august 2018

Nine-year-old Jasmine inspired her teachers to begin instructing students in coding, but not all kids are as lucky."I really love coding," she says confidently, referring to the computer language used to create applications and video games. "I’m[...]

Itsy bitsy spider robots might crawl around inside you one day

Sunday  02:01,   12 august 2018

They're the smallest soft robots of their kind.Less than 0.2 inches long and stylish to the point of gaudiness, male peacock spiders are some of the jewels of the arachnid world. Unless you live in parts of Australia and spend lots of time in[...]

Last-minute technical problem delays NASA's flight to sun

Saturday  23:55,   11 august 2018

A last-minute technical problem Saturday delayed NASA's unprecedented flight to the sun. How To Get A Home Loan With 5% Deposit Find out more on Finder Sponsored by The early morning launch countdown was halted with[...]

Human ancestors could have died out due to laziness

Saturday  16:06,   11 august 2018

"They seem to have thought, 'Why bother?'"An Australian National University excavation of the Arabian Peninsula has found Homo erectus used the "least-effort strategies" for tool making and collecting[...]

Planet Or Star? Either Way, This Rogue Object Is Really Weird

Saturday  04:50,   11 august 2018

Various news outlets have been discussing a strange object in space, which may or may not be a planet. Various news outlets have been discussing a strange object in space, which may or may not be a planet. New measurements show that what[...]

An internal email shows how Facebook learned of a 'psychological trick' to get teens to try a new product

Saturday  02:06,   11 august 2018

An internal Facebook memo shows how the company used a "psychological trick" that could attract teen users to a new product. The note was put together by executives at tbh, the once-popular viral polling app that was bought and[...]

Germany lifts ban on swastika, Hitler mustache in Wolfenstein video game

Friday  23:26,   10 august 2018

A German computer industry body has ruled that swastikas and Hitler's moustache can be depicted in the World War II game Wolfenstein. The group had previously judged that images should be doctored to remove Nazi symbols.© YouTube/DerSorbusA[...]

What It’s Like to Wallow in Your Own Facebook Data

Friday  13:50,   10 august 2018

I found my way to the Download Your Information tool in late March, soon after a whistle-blower revealed that the political-consulting firm Cambridge Analytica had gathered information about tens of millions of Facebook users. Disclaimer:[...]

Twitter finally deletes some of Alex Jones, InfoWars videos and tweets

Friday  12:50,   10 august 2018

Glad to have you on board, Twitter -- every other tech company.This was less than an hour after CNN reported that more than a dozen tweets and videos on Jones' and InfoWars' Twitter accounts were in violation of Twitter's content[...]

7 takeaways from Samsung Unpacked 2018

Friday  09:50,   10 august 2018

Samsung introduced a wide range of gadgets and upgrades today at its Unpacked event in Brooklyn. Here are seven takeaways from Samsung[...]

Fortnite for Android is temporarily a Samsung exclusive

Friday  09:50,   10 august 2018

Android users will be able to get their Fortnite fix on Samsung devices first.Epic will begin rolling out beta access to other Android users "over the next few days." Interested players can sign up for access at[...]

Apple runs into another embarrassing issue with the new MacBook Pro

Friday  09:50,   10 august 2018

A series of embarrassing gaffes in Cupertino are leading many to question whether Apple has lost its eye for detail. Just weeks after Apple acknowledged, then patched, a throttling issue in its updated line of “Pro-level” laptops, users are [...]

Discord will start selling games in a 'curated' store

Friday  09:50,   10 august 2018

Discord isn't just for chatting (and watching the occasional video) any more. The company is borrowing a page from Twitch by offering a selection of 'free' games with a Nitro subscription ($5 per month or $50 per year). You're not[...]

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 vs Galaxy Note 8: What's the difference?

Friday  09:11,   10 august 2018

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 vs Galaxy Note 8: What's the difference?Load[...]