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News: Tech & Science

'Massively overdue' smartphone review to tackle predators, cyberbullies

Thursday  08:31,   21 june 2018

Students are left distracted and lacking in sleep due to mobile phone use, but these aren’t the most pressing issues.NSW Education Minister Rob Stokes called Dr Carr-Gregg on Wednesday to ask him to head the review, which will be the first in[...]

This is how Pokémon trading will work in Pokémon Go

Thursday  07:51,   21 june 2018

This week, Pokémon Go will finally get the ability to trade Pokémon with each other, fulfilling a promise made back when the game launched in 2016.  This week, Pokémon Go will finally get the ability to trade Pokémon with each other,[...]

An astronomer's stunning photo of the Milky Way shows our galaxy through a crystal ball

Thursday  07:30,   21 june 2018

Astronomer Juan Carlos Muñoz-Mateos took a photo of the Milky Way through a crystal ball. The image shows our galaxy projected through the orb of glass like a celestial marble.A stunning new photo of the Milky Way (shown above) came about because of [...]

Our brains can't quit our gadgets—that didn't happen by accident

Thursday  07:15,   21 june 2018

These are some of the design tricks that keep us hooked.Approximately 81 percent of Americans admit to looking at their smartphones during[...]

About 50% of the world's coral reefs have died. Without protection from reefs, coastal cities will see skyrocketing flood damage, a new study says.

Thursday  06:05,   21 june 2018

Reefs are dying because of the consequences of human activity, especially climate change. Your browser does not support this video require(["binding"], function (binding) { binding("wcVideoPlayer",[...]

The Winds Are So Strong on Venus, They're Shortening the Day

Thursday  05:31,   21 june 2018

Imagine a gale ferocious enough to alter the rotation of the planet.In 2015, the Venus orbiter Akatsuki spotted something strange in the planet’s atmosphere: a giant bow wave that stretched across almost the entire surface of the planet. This type[...]

My Dog Has A Webcam

Thursday  04:57,   21 june 2018

Hi, my name is Amanda. Do you want to see my dog? © Supplied This is Boatmeal.He is a one and a half year old border collie, and he loves pears. In hazardous situations, you can say "safe" and Boatmeal seat himself between your legs and stay there[...]

Telstra Is Killing Off Most Existing Plans: How Will This Affect You?

Thursday  03:31,   21 june 2018

Telstra has announced a massive tranche of changes to the company's structure and operations- here's what this means for existing customers. Despite the competition that comes from other businesses delivering internet services and mobile[...]

Scientists Find Stronger Evidence For New Kind Of Black Hole

Thursday  03:16,   21 june 2018

We've seen supermassive black holes tearing stars to shreds and detected the energy waves from smaller black holes, but what about the medium-sized black holes in between these extremes? Scientists have been looking for such objects, and have[...]

Albatross from Macquarie Island caught in Chile provides new insight into bird habits

Thursday  03:07,   21 june 2018

A chance encounter between a Chilean fishing boat and a tagged albatross has given researchers in Tasmania a rare and valuable insight into the bird's habits.But it has also highlighted the threat long-line fishing continues to pose to the[...]

AI could turn your blurry phone videos into slow-mo masterpieces

Wednesday  15:52,   20 june 2018

Nvidia has developed technology that will add additional frames into video that's already been recorded.Nvidia wants to help you turn any old video shot on your phone into a blur-free, slow-motion masterpiece, and it's using artificial[...]

Snapchat will begin adding docu-series to its slate of shows

Wednesday  15:52,   20 june 2018

Snapchat has hosted around 50 series on its Discover page so far, including murder mysteries, reality shows, sports coverage and news. And soon it will be adding docu-series. The company has announced one series that's set to air in September, but[...]

5 new features for Android Messages roll out, including a desktop version

Wednesday  15:51,   20 june 2018

Android Messages is finally catching up with iMessages, as Google rolls out the ability to send and receive text messages via the web, along with a few other fun features. Google has been working on integrating RCS (rich Communications Services)[...]

Uber will pay drivers in some cities to use electric cars

Wednesday  10:07,   20 june 2018

Uber is launching a program in seven cities that includes "direct monetary incentives" for driver to use electric cars.The compensation varies, but don't expect to buy a Model 3 with your fare. The LA Times learned that drivers in[...]

The world's biggest games, coming soon

Wednesday  09:10,   20 june 2018

At the E3 games expo in Los Angeles last week, gamers got their first taste of many blockbuster experiences that will be hitting shelves soon.At the E3 games expo in Los Angeles last week, gamers got their first taste of many blockbuster experiences [...]