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Samsung TVs mysteriously switching off in South Australia

Wednesday  04:31,   15 august 2018

Technicians and shop owners say some regional South Australian customers are reporting their TVs are losing signal and turning themselves off. Residents have speculated it could be to do with WIN switching on a new signal ahead of the launch of Sky[...]
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A vicious, self-cloning species of tick is invading the United States

Wednesday  04:06,   15 august 2018

US Federal authorities are warning of an invasion of the Asian long-horned tick, a nasty little bug capable of transmitting a myriad of dangerous diseases including Anaplasmosis and SFTS. By the looks of recent headlines, the world seems like the[...]

Peek inside the new SpaceX capsule for NASA astronauts

Wednesday  04:05,   15 august 2018

Aerospace company SpaceX unveiled its Crew Dragon spacecraft which will take NASA astronauts to the International Space Station. The flight, which is part of NASA's Commercial Crew Program, will mark the first manned flight launched from the U.S.[...]

'Biggest change in television in a decade'

Wednesday  03:51,   15 august 2018

Tonight's announcement by Foxtel that it would launch a high-definition 4K channel is the "biggest change in television in a decade", tech expert Trevor Long has said. Foxtel's decision will see it follow in the footsteps of streaming[...]

A Twitter engineer says he's deleting the app from his own phone in a protest of CEO Jack Dorsey's policies

Wednesday  03:51,   15 august 2018

A Twitter engineer has launched a scathing public attack on CEO Jack Dorsey, and said he is deleting the app, at least for 3 months. Jared Gaut criticised leadership's attempts to remain neutral - an apparent reference to Twitter's decision[...]

This Exoplanet Is So Hot, It Apparently Tears Apart Water Molecules

Wednesday  03:50,   15 august 2018

There’s an exoplanet whose surface is so hot, it rips apart water molecules. It’s almost a star, but not quite; it’s an ultra-hot, Jupiter-like world located around 880 light years from Earth. Researchers took a closer look at data on WASP 121b,[...]

Hackers Can Turn Body Cameras Into Malware Spewing Machines, Security Expert Says

Wednesday  03:50,   15 august 2018

Once lauded as tools to enhance police accountability, body cameras have been facing increasing scrutiny from privacy advocates, and now one researcher has identified them as cybersecurity time bombs. Speaking to Wired ahead of a Def Con[...]

Tinder founders sue parent IAC, saying it undervalued company

Tuesday  20:25,   14 august 2018

<p>A group of founders, executives and early employees of popular dating app Tinder on Tuesday sued IAC/InterActiveCorp (IAC.O), claiming the parent company deliberately undervalued Tinder to avoid paying them billions of dollars.</p>The[...]

New Apple patent hints that Siri could offer multiuser support

Tuesday  20:25,   14 august 2018

The focus is on making Siri more accurateThe goal of the patent is to allow a device to identify different users, whether that be through a username and password, recognizing specific commands, or biometric voice print. Then the device would be able [...]

Google's redesigned Voice app is better at juggling your calls

Tuesday  20:25,   14 august 2018

Google recently addedVoice to its enterprise G Suite, and the revamped app has now arrived for iOS users. As suggested by the redesigned icon (which strongly resembles the Hangouts Dialer icon), its main job is to give users calling features via[...]

Supermassive Black Hole Discovered in a Tiny Galaxy

Tuesday  16:26,   14 august 2018

The galaxy belongs to a recently discovered, rare and unusual class of stellar systems known as ultracompact dwarfs.Load[...]

Huawei Mate 20 COMING October 2018

Tuesday  16:26,   14 august 2018

Huawei's Mate 20 is coming in October with the new Kirin 980 processorThe Huawei Mate series has consistently been somewhat more impressive than the Huawei P series, despite sharing a lot of the same features, the Mate has regularly knocked it[...]

There's An Optus Email Scam Happening Right Now

Tuesday  13:31,   14 august 2018

The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) has issued a warning regarding an Optus email scam that is currently circulating in Aussie inboxes. Here's what you need to know.The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA)[...]

Musk says he's working with Goldman Sachs and Silver Lake on taking Tesla private

Tuesday  09:05,   14 august 2018

In a tweet, Elon Musk says he is working with Silver Lake and Goldman Sachs as financial advisors, and Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen &amp; Katz and Munger, Tolles &amp; Olson as legal advisors on potentially taking Tesla private. Musk says his[...]

Android 9 Pie seems to be messing with the Pixel XL’s ability to fast charge

Tuesday  08:56,   14 august 2018

Google has so far been quiet about a fix.Users are reporting that Android Pie has seemingly stopped their phone from fast charging when plugged into many chargers. Even Google’s own charger isn’t working as it should in some cases. Other Pixel XL[...]