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News: Tech & Science

Intel now faces a fight for its future

Friday  15:52,   22 june 2018

Intel is facing a turning point in its nearly 50-year history. Intel CEO Brian Krzanich resigned yesterday, following an ongoing investigation into a past consensual relationship with an Intel employee that violated the company’s non-fraternization[...]

Google’s AR measurement app is coming to an Android phone near you

Friday  11:11,   22 june 2018

Back at WWDC, Apple announced it was giving every iPhone a ruler in the form of an AR app called Measure. Now Google is firing back with an app also called Measure.Actually Google technically beat Apple to the punch. Measure has been available for[...]

Twitter acquires online safety company to bolster anti-abuse efforts

Friday  11:11,   22 june 2018

Twitter has repeatedly come under fire for not doing enough to stop hate speech, allowing outside groups to sow political discord and failing to limit the spread of misinformation. To address these issues, the company announced earlier this year[...]

Facebook is using machine learning to spot hoax articles shared by spammers

Friday  11:11,   22 june 2018

Facebook’s fight against fake news, hoaxes, and spammers will never be over for good, but the company is doing its best to keep up the pressure on bad actors on its network. This isn’t the first time Facebook has announced it’s using AI to[...]

A Swiss Watch That’s Not Made in Switzerland

Friday  09:32,   22 june 2018

Richemont’s Baume line offers customization and (relatively) low prices aimed at younger buyersThe company in May introduced Baume, a new brand that aims to lure younger consumers with watches starting at about $500 by replacing precious materials[...]

Samsung Galaxy Note 9: Release Date And Specifications Leaked

Friday  08:31,   22 june 2018

The Galaxy Note 9 smartphone will be officially unveiled by Samsung on August 9 according to the latest leaks on Bloomberg. The Galaxy Note 9 smartphone will be officially unveiled by Samsung on August 9 according to the latest leaks on[...]

Nazi UFO Model Taken Off Shelves for Historical Inaccuracy

Friday  05:35,   22 june 2018

No, the Nazis did not get to space.While Revel produces plenty of models depicting fictional spacecraft and real-life Nazi war machines this crossover product drew criticism because its lack of disclosure that the craft never existed or flew plays[...]

Facebook Starts Testing Subscription-Based Groups

Friday  05:31,   22 june 2018

How much would you pay to join a Facebook Group? It’s not clear how many groups have been given access to this feature, or indeed if there are any in the UK that will be able to try it out. What we do know is that the prices can range[...]

Comment: The coming of 5G will expose NBN to financial ruin

Friday  05:31,   22 june 2018

We've known for a while that 5G would hurt NBN's second-rate network — but now Telstra has provided figures on just how much damage it will do NBN's business model.As Crikey reported in April, 5G is superior to NBN’s mishmash of[...]

Teenager 'could have made millions' from Nike in advertising after taking 'perfect' cloud swoosh photo of the sky while on holiday in Australia

Friday  05:10,   22 june 2018

John Wilson, 17, from Dunstable, Bedfordshire, was on holiday at Evans Head in New South Wales, Australia, when he snapped the 'perfect Nike tick cloud' in the sky.John Wilson, 17, from Dunstable, Bedfordshire, was on holiday with his family [...]

The man who was fired by a machine

Friday  05:07,   22 june 2018

When a machine decided Ibrahim Diallo no longer worked at his office there was little any human could do.So began a sequence of events that saw Ibrahim Diallo fired from his job, not by his manager but by a[...]

After 'tough' year, YouTube has a surprise -- it's bigger than ever

Friday  04:32,   22 june 2018

Jump of 400 million additional users, from 1.5 billion monthly to 1.9 billion in June, 2018The world’s number one video network has grown to 1.9 billion monthly viewers, from 1.5 million at the same time last June, according to Neal Mohan, YouTube’s [...]

Did Scientists Just Find A Missing Piece Of The Universe?

Friday  04:11,   22 june 2018

From here on our tiny planet, it appears that much of the universe is missing, and I'm not just talking about dark matter- regular stuff seems to be missing, too. Astronomy fans probably know that as far as humans can tell, the universe is[...]

Inside the bunkers and war rooms where major banks wage nightly battle on the frontline of cyber war

Friday  03:55,   22 june 2018

On Tuesday night, the Westpac Bank was under threat from a cyber attack. It was all hands on deck in the bank's Coordination Centre. It was all hands on deck in the bank's Coordination[...]

Stonehenge Builders Used Pythagoras' Theorem Centuries Before His Birth, Say Experts

Friday  03:35,   22 june 2018

Thousands of people gathered around Stonehenge on Thursday’s summer solstice to marvel at its enduring mysteries, as they do every year. Thousands of people gathered around Stonehenge on Thursday’s summer solstice to marvel at its enduring[...]