Tech & Science The US Navy is looking at an unmanned helicopter to make its newest ships more lethal — and it just passed the first test

06:50  13 july  2018
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Thai cave rescue: First boys freed by rescue divers, officials say

  Thai cave rescue: First boys freed by rescue divers, officials say <p>Two members of the trapped boys' soccer team have been rescued from a cave in northern Thailand, local officials say.</p>The Reuters news agency, citing a senior member of the rescue team, has reported at least six boys have left the cave.

Meet the most revolutionary ship in the entire U . S . Navy . By Kyle Mizokami. The U . S . Navy ordered the ACTUV in 2012 as part of the Pentagon’s broader push into unmanned air, sea, and land The U . S . Navy Will Add Nine New Ships in 2017. Did Russia Just Copy a U . S . Navy Robot?

Along these lines, Navy leaders say the service is making progress developing new acoustics, sensors and quieting technologies to ensure the U . S . retains its technological edge in the NOW WATCH: The US Navy is now 3D printing submarines. More : Scout Warrior U . S . Navy submarine Attack submarine.

a large ship in a body of water: A helicopter from the Philippine navy prepares to land on the flight deck of the littoral combat ship USS Coronado during an exercise, June 22, 2017.© Provided by A helicopter from the Philippine navy prepares to land on the flight deck of the littoral combat ship USS Coronado during an exercise, June 22, 2017.

On June 29, US Navy crews completed the first comprehensive initial operational test and evaluation of the MQ-8C Fire Scout, an unmanned helicopter the Navy hopes will increase the lethality of the service's new littoral combat ships.

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The aircraft carried out several mission scenarios from the USS Coronado, an LCS commissioned in 2014. The Coronado's crew and members of Air Test and Evaluation Squadron 1 performed simulated engagements in order to review the MQ-8C's target-identification, intelligence-gathering, and surface-warfare abilities.

Aviation crash reported in Virginia residential area

  Aviation crash reported in Virginia residential area Authorities are responding to an aviation crash, possibly involving a helicopter, in a residential area in Virginia. A 911 call came in Sunday before 5 p.m. about an aircraft crashing into a residential structure in Williamsburg near Settlement Drive, Virginia State Police said. The crash caused a fire at a townhouse, police said.Police are not sure what injuries, if any, have occurred.WAVY-TV cited dispatchers reporting that a helicopter had crashed. Neighbors told the Daily Press that they heard sounds resembling a helicopter crash.

On the Wisconsin shore of the Menominee River a new 3,000-ton Freedom-class Littoral Combat Ship sits docked in the water. It 's already been delivered to the Navy by Lockheed Martin and it 's already active.

Navy launches newest combat ship 01:02. Former military officials and defense experts, however, say that weighing the And those details, he continued, make the comparison off base. "Modern ships are much more capable than the ones 100 years ago. Inside the Navy 's ' most lethal warship' 01:53.

The testing showed "cohesion between the surface and aviation platforms," the Navy said in a release published on July 9.

"The results, lessons learned, and recommendations reported on following this underway test period are absolutely invaluable to the future of the MQ-8C Fire Scout's mission effectiveness and suitability to perform that mission," Lt. Cmdr. Seth Ervin, leader of the Air Test and Evaluation detachment on the Coronado, said in the release.

The testing also looked for ways to simultaneously operate both the Fire Scout and a MH-60S Seahawk manned helicopter onboard an LCS, finding that such operations were possible but required extensive planning and coordination.

"It has been challenging and rewarding to be one of the first maintainers afforded the opportunity to take both aircraft aboard the ship. Working together, we made the overall product more functional and efficient for the fleet," Aviation Machinist's Mate Second Class Salvatore Greene, a member of the testing squadron, said in the release.

Thai Navy SEALs send condolences to Dr Richard Harris

  Thai Navy SEALs send condolences to Dr Richard Harris The Thai Navy SEALs have thanked Australia for their help with the Tham Luang cave rescue.The Thai Navy SEALs have thanked Australia for their help with the Tham Luang cave rescue, and shared their sympathy with Dr Richard Harris, whose father passed away after the mission finished.

US Navy Photo. The Navy is looked to expand the web of connections currently linking its ships , planes and weapons to include submarines, smaller ships and unmanned systems to create a warfighting network that would be challenging for an adversary to bring down

A larger and more powerful version of Northrop Grumman Corp's Fire Scout unmanned helicopter made its first two flights on Thursday, the U . S . Navy said as it plans to start using the new aircraft next year.

The Coronado previously hosted tests of the smaller MQ-8B, which has been used in Afghanistan to detect improvised explosive devices.

The larger MQ-8C, which is based on the Bell 407 manned helicopter, retains the hardware and software for the smaller model but has twice the range and can carry a payload three times bigger. The MQ-8C can also fly for 11.5 hours because the redesign for the Fire Scout program fitted the Bell 407's passenger and cargo spaces with fuel tanks, according to Jane's 360.

The MQ-8B was to be equipped with a multimode maritime radar and the Advanced Precision Kill Weapon System, consisting of modified 70 mm Hydra rockets fitted with a guidance system. The MQ-8B was limited to three tube launchers, but Capt. Jeff Dodge, the Navy's Fire Scout program manager, told USNI News the service was looking to put seven tubes on the MQ-8C.

Limited space aboard the LCS complicates decisions about arming the Fire Scout. The LCS has one magazine that would store all weapons used by aircraft and the ship's own weapon systems.

Baby reunited with pilot who saved his life

  Baby reunited with pilot who saved his life A baby boy has been reunited with the pilot who saved his life, airlifting him to Brisbane after he stopped breathing during a difficult birth. William Gamble is now a happy and healthy 15-month-old, but just hours after he was born he nearly died due to a blood infection.His mother today met the man who flew her baby to safety, after he stopped breathing during birth."Thank you will never be enough," Briana Hile said.RACQ Life Flight pilot Andrew Bavage loaded the baby boy into a helicopter in Toowoomba and airlifted him to Brisbane for life-saving treatment in April last year.

The US Navy has revealed its railgun prototype will soon begin its first field demonstrations in Virginia. The US Navy are testing an electromagnetic gun that can fire ammo at 4,500 mph. Chinese firm mass produces driverless minibus: Unmanned electric vehicle can carry 14 passengers

These included a Common Tactical Picture (CTP), Multi- Ship Electronic Surveillance (ESM), Growler Manned- Unmanned Teaming with the DASH-X/REMEDY unmanned system, and Network-Centric Recommended: Why North Korea Is Destined to Test More ICBMs and Nuclear Weapons.

Dodge said in April that the Navy was still deciding how to fit Fire Scout armaments in with the LCS's own weapons. Those complicating factors had effectively put a hold on efforts to arm the MQ-8C until 2023, Dodge said at the time.

The MQ-8C can land and takeoff autonomously from any aviation-capable ship and can carry out anti-submarine, anti-surface, mine warfare, and search-and-rescue operations, according to Northrop Grumman.

Northrop has also touted the MQ-8C as a range-extender, adding up to 300 miles by providing targeting data for the LCS's over-the-horizon surface missile. The company plans to upgrade the MQ-8C with a new radar and datalink that allow it to send air-to-air and surface targeting information to surface ships.

The MQ-8C did its first ship-based flight in December 2014 on the USS Jason Dunham, an Arleigh Burke-class destroyer. It also did underway-testing aboard the littoral combat ship USS Montgomery in April 2017, when it took its first flight from an LCS.

Initial operational testing and evaluation for the MQ-8Cbegan on April 16. Pierside testing focused on maintenance and cyber capabilities will continue on the Coronado through mid-July, the Navy said.

Initial operational capability is expected by the end of this year. The Navy hopes to have the MQ-8C aboard the LCS fleet by the early 2020s.

A 'party-hard mentality' and long hours of training blamed for driving Australia's troops to take drugs – after nine elite soldiers test positive to cocaine .
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