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Tech & Science There is now a blockchain-based religion. No, this is not a joke.

04:07  14 june  2018
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'Troubled' NSW man jailed for killing mum

  'Troubled' NSW man jailed for killing mum A NSW man who stabbed his mother to death has been handed a jail sentence of at least 13 years after a judge acknowledged his "disturbed" state of mind.Bradley Craig Mottram, now 22, "snapped" at a home in Inverell, in northern NSW, in October 2015 when his 51-year-old mother Simone said something that upset him, the NSW Supreme Court heard on Thursday.

Despite founding a blockchain - based religion , Liston maintains that he is not a "Cryptprophet." NOW WATCH: We tried gaming on the Samsung CHG90 ultrawide gaming monitor.

Guess what? That is not right in the slightest. Obama thinks that you can’t use your Constitutional right of Freedom of religion to practice whatever you want. Now On CDP. Judge Sides With Philadelphia In Heated Sanctuary City Fight. by Martin Walsh.

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Matt Liston would like to publicly refute the claim that he is a "Cryptprophet." He'd also like to clarify that he is not the "Cryptsiah" or the "CryptChrist." ("I grew up Jewish," he points out.)

Despite being the originator of what may be the first blockchain-based religion, Liston is but a humble developer, and doesn't suggest to possess divine knowledge.

"It makes me uncomfortable to think about that," says Liston. "It seems inappropriate. If I'm claiming to start a religion, it's probably disingenuous if I claimed not to be a figure within the religion. But I don't like the sound of that."

The crypto company that lured away CBA's finance chief just raised $4 billion in a record-breaking ICO

  The crypto company that lured away CBA's finance chief just raised $4 billion in a record-breaking ICO has raised more than $US4 billion in a year-long funding round – the largest ICO seen to date. The company launched its EOS.IO blockchain platform over the weekend, but has so far given away few details as to how it will use the funds.The company's ICO process was unique in that it ran over the course of one year. The initial close-date was set for early July but wrapped up the sale over the weekend.

How a joke taken seriously shows the myths behind BitCoin, blockchain and cryptocurrencies. A blockchain - based version of Google or Facebook would end up being no different than what we currently have.

Altcoins Blockchain News Technology. Five Top Blockchain - Based Social Networks. For instance, teenagers now spend at least nine hours per day on social media platforms, especially (60 percent of the time) through mobile phones.

Liston, who recently left his position as CEO of the blockchain project Augur amid a cloud of controversy, has spent the afternoon in Bodega Bay developing what he describes as "mechanisms for worship" for his new religious order, called 0xΩ (Liston pronounces this as "Zero Ex Omega"). The religion, which he unveiled along with artist Avery Singer at New York's New Museum last month, will present both a blockchain system for pre-established religions, and a new faith-based order of its own.

Singer has joined Liston to create the religious iconography for the project. At the New Museum, Singer presented a CGI art piece that she hopes will be used as 0xΩ's first sacred object. The circulation of this object, Singer suggested, might someday be used as "a form of prayer."

'Inexcusable': Brian Jonestown Massacre star slammed over rape comment

  'Inexcusable': Brian Jonestown Massacre star slammed over rape comment The frontman of the touring US rock band has sparked outrage after making a rape 'joke' onstage in Sydney.Video taken from the band's gig at the Metro Theatre on Saturday night shows Newcombe lashing out at a fan who was screaming comments as the singer attempted to tell a story onstage.

First, there will be no “killer app” for blockchain technology. The reason for this is simple: the doctrine of low-hanging fruit. Now , however, that is much less the case, and marginal opportunities in blockchain technology are not nearly such easy grabs.

There is a reason it is the " blockchain ," not bitcoin, that has everyone in finance so excited. This invention is intrinsically valuable the same way the wheel or the internet is valuable. No it's not a joke - Bitcoin would still be plenty valuable with 0 fees.

"We have this avatar I've created who is a narwhal with a doge head, a beret, tattoos, an infinity tail, an ethereum logo," Singer said at the New Museum as she muffled down laughter."There's tokens surrounding it. Anyways..."

Ask Liston what 0xΩ is about, or what this blockchain-based belief system plans to worship, and his answers range from rambling to slightly enigmatic.

"We're incentivizing mindsharing, and eventually mind upload to use consensus to form a structure of collective consciousness," he says. "And then, we'll elevate an individual interaction with a religious structure as a group participation in a collective consciousness where the structure itself is god."

Is Liston trolling us? Maybe.

"People are wondering, 'What the fuck is this?" Liston said."We're very self-aware of the how ridiculous the crypto industry is, and the fact that we've created the most out-there project possible. There's a little bit of self-referential mocking."

Origin's great disgrace: The refereeing scandal BEFORE the game's even begun - as former ref boss says tonight's match officials are a 'dead set joke'

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Any blockchain company wishing to raise money via an ICO in the U.S. or from U.S.- based investors has now been warned that “federal securities laws apply to those who offer and sell securities in the United States

A blockchain with central control and no immutability is a normal, boring old database. I’m writing this from an entirely agnostic perspective, and I am not religious whatsoever. Psychological, neurological, and sociological phenomena related to religion are empirically verifiable.

Singer, too, admitted that the project has invited scepticism from its potential acolytes.

"People seem to think it's a humorous project," Singer told me, her voice serious. "They're confused, and rightly so."

Liston said the similarities between religious belief and the evangelical fervor associated with cryptocurrencies inspired him to create a blockchain-based spiritual system.

"The store value of cryptocurrencies is solely dependent on how much other people believe they should have value," Liston said. "It's in this feedback loop of belief that operates like a religious system."

At the core, the project is centered on a use of the blockchain that Liston hopes will spearhead the technology's potential to enable artists. Liston envisions 0xΩ commissioning art through the blockchain similarly to the way the Catholic church has overseen ambitious artworks in the past.

"We want to bring in new types of thinking and push the boundaries for what the technologies can be used for," said Liston. "I'm obsessed and very driven by what these technologies can do, but I'm bored with it being a space that's dominated by engineers and finance people."

'Sexist pig': Gene Simmons opens up about toxic behaviour .
"If it wasn't for my family and my mother especially, I would be in the deepest, darkest pits of hell."The Kiss frontman recently sat down for an interview with Channel Seven personality Andrew Denton via video link. The chat was broadcast on Tuesday evening, with Simmons discussing how his life almost fell apart due to his actions – including the extraordinary claim that he has slept with more than 5000 women.

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