Tech & Science Google's CEO kicked off the big Google event by apologizing about the inaccurate burger emoji on Android -- then he showed off the new design

12:00  09 may  2018
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Google Pay makes its way to the web

  Google Pay makes its way to the web Google Pay is no longer confined to smartphones. As promised, Google is rolling out its rebranded shopping experience available on the web for both PC and iOS device users. As on your phone, this is as much about cementing Google's presence in e-commerce as it is ordering . It's partly an answer to Apple Pay, which has been available on the web since 2016. This puts Google's foot in the door when dealing with newcomers, and gives existing fans a reason to stay inside the ecosystem.

Author and media analyst Thomas Baekdal started a debate when he revealed how Google and Apple place the ingredients on their burger emoji . New Android update fixes Google ’ s appalling burger emoji (updated).

Google ’ s CEO has promised to clear his plate and immediately address a major beef raised by the company’s Android users, who are complaining that their burger emoji isn’t assembled as well as the one from Apple. Sundar Pichai recently tweeted that he will “drop everything else” on Monday

a person standing in front of a computer screen© Provided by Business Insider Inc Google CEO Sundar Pichai showed where emoji-accuracy lies on Google's list of priorities.

At Tuesday's annual Google I/O conference, where developers gather to hear about upcoming products or plans and to recap progress that the tech giant has made since the last event, Pichai kicked off his keynote speech by addressing an important change in 2017.

"Towards the end of last year it came to my attention that we had a major bug in one of our core products," he said on stage. "It turns out, we got the cheese wrong in our burger emoji."

The burger emoji debate was sparked back in October 2017 by a tweet from author Thomas Baakdel, who pointed out the placement of the cheese on Apple's emoji versus Google's. Most agreed that the cheese below the burger, as was found in the Android emoji design, made less sense. The tweet went viral and Pichai responded with a good humour, tweeting that Google would "drop everything else we are doing and address on Monday."

Google adds more Assistant features to Wear OS

  Google adds more Assistant features to Wear OS You'll be able to control connected devices, use conversation suggestions and get audio feedback.© Google You can already tell Google Assistant to control your smart home devices like, say, setting the temperature of your LG fridge. Now this feature is coming to your Wear OS device, too, which means you'll get to talk to you wrist to set your thermostat or turn on the Hue lights in your bedroom.

And so is whoever designed Google ' s take on the "hamburger" emoji (it's technically a cheeseburger), because theirs is literally the only one that features such erroneous cheese Some prefer tomato then lettuce atop their cheese, others prefer lettuce then tomato.) Who knew burgers were so controversial?

Google burger emoji has been unfavourably compared to the Apple version. Thomas tweeted an image of the analytics for his tweet, showing that over four This groundbreaking new smartphone is the biggest update Apple has released in years and it' s sure to be a hugely popular device.

Google I/O Burger© Provided by Business Insider Inc Google I/O Burger Pichai went on to say that, after that emoji was fixed ("I never knew so many people cared about where the cheese is," he joked), something else came to attention: The beer emoji was a half-full mug with foam coming out of the top.

"I don't even want to tell you the explanation the team gave me as to why the foam is floating above the beer, but we restored the natural laws of physics."

Google I/O Beer emoji© Provided by Business Insider Inc Google I/O Beer emoji With the burger and beer mug fixed, Pichai went on to address matters that extended beyond the internet's interest in emoji accuracy.

"So all is well, we can get back to business."

YouTube TV turns on 'voice remote' feature for some users .
YouTube TV and Google Home have worked together to give you voice control over your live TV since last October. First spotted by Android Police, the feature does not require an app update, but is only showing up to some users.

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