Tech & Science FRBs: Brightest-ever Mystery Radio Burst Signal Spotted In Space

01:06  14 march  2018
01:06  14 march  2018 Source:   Newsweek

Aliens Would Be Dead Before Their Messages Reach Us

  Aliens Would Be Dead Before Their Messages Reach Us Radio waves are fast, but not fast enough to reach us before a civilization goes extinct.That assessment is the conclusion of an unpublished study posted on arXiv. The study expands on the current mathematical model used to consider the search for extraterrestrial intelligence, or SETI. That model, known as the Drake equation, was created by astronomer and astrophysicist Frank Drake in 1961 to estimate the number of planets in the galaxy that might harbor extraterrestrial intelligence.

Source of mystery space signals tracked to dwarf galaxy 3 billion light years away NOVAastronomieNL. FRBs are mystery radio bursts from deep space that last for just a few milliseconds iStock. Brightest burst of radio waves detected.

Brightest burst of radio waves detected. Fast radio burst lasted less than half a millisecond and FRBs are mystery radio bursts from deep space that last for just a few milliseconds iStock. Indirect estimates of distances have been made by measuring how the radio signal is smeared out.

Parkes Observatory.© Provided by IBT Media (UK) Parkes Observatory. Scientists have spotted three new fast radio bursts (FRBs) in less than two weeks—and one is the brightest ever observed.

FRBs are mysterious signals that appear to come from deep space. Twinkling for just milliseconds, their sources are, as yet, unknown.

Astronomers use the world’s largest radio telescopes to detect the elusive flashes. But even these capture relatively small slivers of sky, so astronomers have to be lucky to catch the bursts. So far, just 33 have been spotted since the first in 2001.

The three latest bursts were spied on March 1, March 9 and March 11 using the Parkes Observatory in Australia, according to the FRB Catalogue. They were recorded in the Astronomer’s Telegram.

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These “fast radio bursts ,” or FRBs , last just a few milliseconds, but they are the most luminous radio signals in the universe, powered by as much energy as 500 million suns. The first one was spotted in 2007 by the astronomer Duncan Lorimer

Up until last year only 17 had been detected. That changed when the brightest FRB ever “ FRBs carry the imprint of the medium that they’ve traveled through. The radio waves from the burst The intergalactic medium or what we think about as “ space ” is made up of plasma, an ionized gas, but it’s

Alien life or astrophysics?

The Breakthrough Listen project spotted the March 1 FRB while hunting for intelligent alien life. “BL is foremostly a search for technologically-capable life beyond Earth; however, a real-time search for FRBs runs in tandem,” the team wrote in the Telegram.

Danny Price of the Berkeley SETI Research Center and one of the astronomers behind the March 1 spot wrote in a blog post that, while the team would love aliens to be behind the signals, they need to “rule out all plausible astrophysical theories first.”

Extremely bright FRB

Last Friday (March 9), saw the brightest FRB ever observed. It had the "highest signal-to-noise ratio" ever recorded, researcher Stefan Oslowski of the Swinburne University of Technology in Melbourne, Australia wrote in a tweet. Oslowski and colleagues also recorded the March 11 FRB, which occurred within 50 hours of March 9's.

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These radio bursts are called the FRBs (Fast Radio Bursts ). They are some of the most powerful but short-lived signals as they last only for about a few milliseconds. A Mysterious Supersonic Space Cloud Was Spotted Screeching Through the Milky Way.

Repeating fast space radio bursts just got more extreme. ASTRONOMERS have edged closer to solving the mystery of distant cosmic radio bursts — which some believe are from an International astronomers have spotted a few dozen FRBs — and as many as 10,000 may occur daily — but only

Unknown source

Although their sources remain unknown, scientists are learning more about FRBs all the time. One of the signals has been found to repeat, which has let scientists take a deeper look at the evasive bursts.

Earlier this year, researchers reported the flashing signal might be caused by a neutron star sitting in an extreme environment like a powerful nebula or the remains of a supernova.

Some astronomers predict that all FRBs repeat, but most of their flashes are just too dim to see. Maura McLaughlin, an astronomer from West Virginia University in Morgantown, thinks the March 9 signal could be a promising target for further bursts, New Scientist reports. She said: “If we believe that all FRBs repeat and it’s just a matter of waiting long enough for one to be bright enough, we should be able to detect more pulses from this one because it’s so bright.”

McLaughlin thinks far more FRB discoveries are on the cards. “Everyone’s sort of jumping on this bandwagon of looking for FRBs in the background all the time no matter what else is going on,” she said. “This should lead to a huge uptick in detections in the next year or so.”

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