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17:27  13 march  2018
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Man declared dead 'wakes up' after spending night in morgue

  Man declared dead 'wakes up' after spending night in morgue A man who 'died' in a car crash in India reportedly woke up just moments before his autopsy. The autopsy was just about to begin on Himanshu Bharadwaj, who had been pronounced dead by doctors, before a pathologist detected a pulse. Bharadwaj had been seriously injured in a car accident. After his condition worsened in hospital, he was first declared brain dead and then medically dead. He was kept in the mortuary overnight before the planned post-mortem, reports Daily Bhaskar.

While in space, we can try and blow them up with nuclear missiles however these could be picked up and destroyed by the aliens before they even reach If they conveniently excluded those details in their message , it would be a tip off that they don’t think we ’re entitled to know that information, which

Hence, even if aliens knew where we were located, had a desire to get to us , and didn’t care about ever returning home (after all, their own civilization might be extinct by the time they returned) we would be waiting an enormous amount of time before they got here.

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Is there anybody out there? No one knows. And according to a new study, if we ever do receive a signal that intelligent alien life existed somewhere across the galaxy, those aliens would probably be long dead by the time their message reached us.

That assessment is the conclusion of an unpublished study posted on arXiv. The study expands on the current mathematical model used to consider the search for extraterrestrial intelligence, or SETI. That model, known as the Drake equation, was created by astronomer and astrophysicist Frank Drake in 1961 to estimate the number of planets in the galaxy that might harbor extraterrestrial intelligence.

Dead Rat Found Inside Red Bull Can

  Dead Rat Found Inside Red Bull Can A video shared on social media shows the can being cut in half with a pair of scissors to reveal what appears to be a dead mouse in it. According to Josh Henley, he bought the energy drink can from a gas station Sunday night. The man said he drinks Red Bull energy drink all the time but had never experienced something like this."I don't know if it's factory or what but there's a dead rat in here," Henley said in the video as he opened the can. Henley reportedly said he didn't finish the drink when he opened it first.

But by the time we do, they’ll be dead . A new Drake Equation calculation suggests ghost signals haunt parts of the Milky Way. Sponsor Message . If signals from an alien civilization ever reach Earth, odds are the aliens will already be dead .

Given that some are theorizing and finding evidence that there's yet another planet within our own solar system we have yet to discover I think the theory that aliens are dead has little merit and breadth let alone imagination.

The new study, led by Claudio Grimaldi, a scientist at the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, in Switzerland, considered several factors contributing to the likelihood of receiving a message and the age of any civilization that would be sending it. Like ours, that distant civilization could use radio signals to transmit messages. These signals travel quickly, at 300,000 kilometers, or roughly 186,000 miles, per second.

But these signals must cover a lot of ground—or space, rather—before they could hit another habitable planet with intelligent life on it. Our galaxy alone spans 100,000 light years across. Humans have been sending radio signals for 80 years, but the first radio waves ever sent could only have traveled a maximum of 0.001 percent of the galaxy, Science News reports.

Auckland actress one of two found dead at halfway house

  Auckland actress one of two found dead at halfway house The bodies of Tania Ellwood, 39, and 36-year-old Timothy Kerr were found on Tuesday.Auckland woman Tania Ellwood, a former Shortland Street actress, was one of two people found dead at a Grey Lynn address earlier this week.

A much easier way of reaching an answer is to ask not "How will they contact us ?" but "How will we contact them?" It was very carefully chosen by Drake, who wrote the message itself before sending it to his colleague Since the aliens will already have the inert probe to study at their leisure, the

Let's take a look at some of the messages that I hope our alien neighbors have received. The point is , we 'll be long dead before that hits any star systems with cable. And these War of the Worlds aliens fly down here in their giant tripods and vaporize entire urban centers with their windows down.

On top of that distance, however, is another consideration: civilizations don't last forever. In their new calculation, the researchers, which included Frank Drake, assumed that each civilization might last a maximum of 100,000 years. That means that if that civilization was sending radio signals for its entire lifetime, it would have reached 1,250 times as far a distance as Earth’s radio waves have reached. But that’s still only 1.25 percent of the galaxy.

If alien races were to send a signal, those waves would disperse and ripple through the galaxy, making spots of mixed “ghost signals.” If they reached us at all, the signals would take well over 100,000 years to arrive on Earth.

That means that by the time we receive any radiation that might have come from an alien race, that race would be long dead. There's another somewhat depressing corollary here that the researchers point out: Any signals that we send into space would not reach another form of intelligent life, if it exists, until humanity was long been extinct.

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