Tech & Science Giant tooth of ancient 15-metre shark stolen from secret world heritage site

00:40  13 march  2018
00:40  13 march  2018 Source:   ABC News

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with shark teeth as big as a hand and each weighing a pound, from giant prehistoric killers When the bone bed formed between 15 .2 and 15 .9 million years ago, the climate was warming, sea "This deposit is an outstanding national heritage ," Lipps said. "It could be a wonderful tourist site and

The location of the fossilised tooth in the Cape Range National Park was kept under wraps.© Provided by ABC News The location of the fossilised tooth in the Cape Range National Park was kept under wraps.

An ancient tooth belonging to one of the largest sharks ever to roam the ocean has gone missing from a secret location on the remote Ningaloo Coast World Heritage area of Western Australia.

Wildlife officers and police are investigating the disappearance of the Megalodon tooth, which could be worth thousands of dollars to collectors.

Arvid Hogstrom from Parks and Wildlife in Western Australia said the fossilised tooth had been unearthed in the Cape Range National Park, with its precise location kept under wraps.

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"It was definitely a secret," Mr Hogstrom said.

"There was only a few key local people who actually knew where it was.

"But it only takes one person to tell the wrong person and we end up where we are now.

"It could be someone who doesn't know what they've taken. It could be an amateur collector who wants to add to their collection, or it could be someone who wants to trade it on the black market."

Perth boys bitten by animal not a shark

  Perth boys bitten by animal not a shark A shark warning at Perth beaches has been downgraded after authorities found bites inflicted on two 10-year-old boys were not caused by a shark.Whatever creature bit two 10-year-old boys on their legs at a Perth beach was not a shark, authorities have confirmed.

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National Geographic News, Reporting Your World Daily. PHOTO: Giant "Terrible Fish" Packed Most Powerful Bite (November 29, 2006). The prehistoric shark may have grown to lengths of over 50 feet (16 meters ) and weighed up to 30 times more than the largest great white. Sources and related web sites .

No 'bulletproof' shark tooth cage

Mr Hogstrom said his team had been working on protecting the fossil.

"We've been looking at everything from bulletproof glass covers and other sorts of cages to enclose it," Mr Hogstrom said.

"But obviously someone's got in there before we've been able to [secure it]," he said.

"There's another [Megalodon tooth] that is quite well known, and a lot of tour companies and buses go in there and have a look at it.

"Whereas this one was specifically hidden away because we realised it was a better specimen and we were looking at ways of protecting it."

Giant shark extinct for 1.6 million years

Megalodon grew to more than 15 metres long and weighed around 20 tonnes, about three times as heavy as a Tyrannosaurus rex.

Mr Hogstrom said it is believed that the ancient shark species became extinct at least 1.6 million years ago.

"The tooth has been floating around on the seafloor for quite some time. It's been pushed up into the ranges and was sitting there undisturbed for however long," he said.

"Now someone's come along with a bit of a chisel and simply taken it away."

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