Tech & Science A dog’s sense of smell is even more advanced than we realized

06:51  08 march  2018
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Pennsylvania Man With Red Sauce on His Face Arrested for Meatballs Theft: Cops

  Pennsylvania Man With Red Sauce on His Face Arrested for Meatballs Theft: Cops The giveaway was the red sauce on his face and clothes, police said.Leahman G.R. Potter was arrested Monday on burglary, trespassing and theft charges for allegedly walking off with a mess of the Italian mainstay, according to state police.

As impressive as that is, it turns out that a dog ’ s sense of smell may be more advanced than initially believed. According to a new research study published in the Journal of Comparative Psychology

However, most dogs love their masters 100 times more than their masters love them. Similarly, a dog ’ s sense of smell is far greater than a human’s With proper training, some dogs can even be trained to detect bombs. They can sense the emotions of humans and react appropriately in a time of

a brown and white dog looking at the camera© Provided by BGR I have a cute dog that’s something of a beagle mix, and as tends to be the case with canines from the hound family, he’s essentially a nose with four legs. If he picks up the faintest scent of food, no matter the time of day, he makes a beeline for the source in the hopes that he might get a meal, or at the very least, a few scraps. Walking him, as you might imagine, is also something of an adventure. With his nose practically glued to the ground and leading the way, he’ll take his sweet old time sniffing literally any and everything in sight.

Dogs, of course, have incredibly powerful noses thanks to their 220 million olfactory receptors. Human, in stark contrast, only have 5 million. What’s more, dogs can not only pick up scents at impressively large distances, their nostrils can operate independently of one another, thereby allowing them to not only detect an interesting scent, but to glean a sense of its location as well.

HTC U12 leak points to the return of dual rear cameras

  HTC U12 leak points to the return of dual rear cameras HTC said it would return to dual rear cameras in 2018, and we now have an idea as to when that might happen. LlabTooFer, a historically accurate source of HTC-related leaks, has posted what's claimed to be specs for the Imagine (aka U12), and its centerpiece would be a dual rear camera system with 12- and 16-megapixel sensors. It's not explained how this would work, but the size difference is usually meant to allow cropping for portrait or zoom modes without losing detail. The device wouldn't lean solely on this feature, either.

A dog ' s sense of smell is his primary form of communication. What makes that slobbery sniffer so keen? Sometimes, it takes more than one sniff for a dog to accumulate enough odor molecules to identify a smell .

A dog ’ s sense of smell is somewhere between 10,000 and 100,000 times more acute than ours. Even more amazing, cadaver dogs working in open fields and woods can detect a single drop of blood or something as small as the tooth of a victim.

As impressive as that is, it turns out that a dog’s sense of smell may be more advanced than initially believed. According to a new research study published in the Journal of Comparative Psychology, dogs who are hot on the trail of a specific scent can actually form an expectation in their brain of what object they’re looking for and expecting to find. In other words, a dog’s sense of smell is far more nuanced than simply categorizing a specific scent as good or bad.

As to how the research was conducted, dogs were given a scent associated with one of their favorite toys. Predictably, the dogs followed the scent down a path whereupon some of them encountered an object that was foreign to them, thus setting up a scenario where they might exhibit behavior associated with surprise.

HTC U12 To Sport Matte White Glass Colour

  HTC U12 To Sport Matte White Glass Colour The HTC U12 will have a white glass back panel with a matte finishHowever, there is one key difference with the exterior design. Previously the HTC U11 used what was referred to as "Liquid Glass" for that ultra-shiny mirror finish, but for the HTC U12 the high-sheen gloss will be replaced with a matte finish in white, which will still be glass, allegedly.

Dogs ’ noses are so sensitive that they can smell the rain long before it arrives, and possibly even ozone in the air caused by lightning strikes. In general, the storm detecting ability of dogs would seem to be a product of their much stronger senses than ours.

Scientists find dogs sense of smell interesting too, and have been very busy lately finding ever more scents that dogs can detect. He can event detect substances undetectable by advanced technology. But why is your dog ’ s sense of smell so much better than yours?

Gizmodo explains:

The researchers set up one of two possible scenarios for the dogs: After following a scent trail made with one of the two toys, the dogs either found the matching toy (the normal condition scenario) or the other toy (unexpected condition).

In the normal condition scenario, the dogs didn’t do anything out of the ordinary. But in the unexpected condition, the dogs arrived at the toy and exhibited a moment of hesitation—a brief pause that basically said, “What the hell is this?” In other words, they had been searching for a specific object and were surprised to find something different. After the hesitation, however, they went back to searching for the object that matched the scent.

It’s a fascinating study, to be sure, and the next time you happen to see your dog rummaging through the trash, he or she might just actually be looking for something specific.

AFL in crisis in Tasmania .
AFL chief executive Gillon McLachlan will visit Tasmania next week, with the game in crisis in the state. AFL boss Gillon McLachlan has pledged support to Tasmanian football ahead of his visit to the state.While the AFL is coming off another bumper season, the game is in crisis in Tasmania.This season's state league will feature no teams from the north-west region.There is a strong sense among local fans that the AFL is ignoring them at the expense of northern expansion and projects such as AFLX.

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