Tech & Science Ancient Rock Carvings Discovered in Saudi Arabia Hint at Artists From Faraway Lands

01:16  15 february  2018
01:16  15 february  2018 Source:   Newsweek

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Now, newly discovered stone carvings in Saudi Arabia reveal some interesting tidbits about ancient man’s attempts at canine domestication, and are thought to be some of the very first drawings of very good boys ever etched by humans.

No Video on Demand Ancient wall carvings discovered in Saudi . Recently discovered rock carvings in Saudi Arabia depict prehistoric dogs on leashes. Screen grab from

a close up of a rock: camelrock© Provided by IBT Media (UK) camelrock A rocky outcropping in the sandy desert of Saudi Arabia holds ancient carvings of historically important creatures—camels.

In 2016, archaeologists discovered a site in what appears, at first glance, to be the middle of nowhere. There isn’t much else around for miles: the surrounding desert is bleak and inhospitable.

Which is why archaeologists were surprised to find at least 11 carved dromedary camels protruding from stones at what they call “the camel site.”

The international team of archaeologists has now published their analysis of the site in the Cambridge journal Antiquity.

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Rock Carving Sites are the amazing historical places in the Saudi Arabia . These two places Jubbah and Shuwaymus are known for the rocky archaeological site with many carvings that fascinate everyone who It gives many traces how human population inhabited the land in the ancient times.

Newly discovered rock carvings depicting an ostrich hunter and a person in an ostrich mask have been found in Egypt. [In Photos: Spider Rock Art Discovered in Egypt]. An ancient necropolis.

The archaeologists haven’t discerned the exact purpose of the carvings, but the art helps tell a story of life around Saudi Arabia roughly 2,000 years ago.

During this time, reliefs were common in the near east, Haaretz reports. But they weren’t common in Saudi Arabia, meaning that it’s possible that carvers from faraway lands had stopped at the “camel site” and left their marks.

Some of the carvings have different styles than others, indicating that there was more than one artist.

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The spot he had chosen, amid finger-like valleys that cut through low sandstone hills, was near traces of an ancient waterfall, which hinted that, in millennia past In 2010 and 2011, Olsen joined Majid Khan, a specialist on Arabian rock art , in Saudi Arabia for a kingdom-wide survey of known rock art that

Recently- discovered rock carvings in Saudi Arabia depict prehistoric dogs on leashes. HoiwStuffWorks takes a look at these ancient carvings . Today, feral Canaan dogs still scavenge out in the Saudi Arabian desert.

Many of the pieces are life-sized reliefs, protruding slightly from their stone background. None of the animals appear to be wearing tack—or gear—like halters and saddles, but some have designs on them.

There are also two animals that might be horses or donkeys, which are other beasts of burden from antiquity.

Damage from erosion and vandalism makes interpreting the art more difficult. But Haaretz reports that archaeologists determined that these sculptures were of individual camels, perhaps trusted friends on the road.

The carvings depict anatomically well-proportioned animals, but each one had different physical characteristics, perhaps special to individual camels.

Some of the sculptures were so high up the rock that they must have required ropes or scaffolding. They had journeyed for miles and carved deep lines in the rock to depict their traveling companions.

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Artists and Musicians. Authors. Oil is discovered in Saudi Arabia , and production begins under the U.S.-controlled Aramco ( Arabian American Oil Company). 1991. Saudi Arabia participates in both air attacks on Iraq and in the land force that goes on to liberate Kuwait.

These newly discovered carvings suggest the domestication, while not for herding purposes, occurred earlier, so the ancient people could have some help hunting for other creatures. Ancient rock carvings in Saudi Arabia show hunters and their dogs.

However, as a rocky spot is along a caravan route, the camel site could have been a resting place where travelers created images and reliefs of their four-legged friends carried them and their goods from place to place.

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