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18:52  08 february  2018
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Twitter notifies more users exposed to Russian propaganda

  Twitter notifies more users exposed to Russian propaganda Twitter Inc said on Wednesday it had expanded notifications to about 1.4 million people, who were exposed to content generated by a suspected Russian propaganda service. The company had said earlier this month it would email 677,775 people in the United States who followed, retweeted or liked content from accounts associated with the Internet Research Agency (IRA) during the election.The IRA is a Russian organization that according to lawmakers and researchers, employs hundreds of people to push pro-Kremlin content under phony social media accounts.

The research paper analysed social media oversharing with a focus on Facebook, and whilst oversharing on Facebook is usually only content which can be seen by your friends (as long Even on a business account , you need to be human. Working out how much is just right is the hard part.

Learn how you can prevent your student from oversharing online. A common mistake teens make is oversharing online when they first start gaining access to social media . 3. Have students customize the security settings on their social media accounts .

a screenshot of a video game: Fade into the background on social media.<br />© David Nield Fade into the background on social media.
Your social media accounts help you share your daily life with friends. But the mobile apps can go further than that, automatically alerting everyone when you become available online, read a message, or even visit a nearby location.

If you don't want your nearest and dearest to know what you're up to every minute of every day, as a general rule, try posting less frequently. Your photos, check-ins, and text updates can convey more information than you intend. Beyond that, here's how to tweak certain key settings on your apps to leave a smaller digital footprint.

Five migrants shot in Calais brawl blamed on traffickers

  Five migrants shot in Calais brawl blamed on traffickers Five migrants were shot during a giant brawl in Calais, leaving four fighting for their lives Friday in what the French government called an "unbearable" escalation of violence in a port that serves as a gateway to Britain. Twenty-two were hospitalised with injuries after three fights across the city, which drew in hundreds of the migrants camped out in the hope of stowing away on a truck bound for England, according to officials.Four Eritreans, who were shot in the neck, chest, abdomen and spine, were in critical condition, they said.Police were searching for a 37-year-old Afghan suspected of the shooting.

Oversharing information or images on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram likely won't result in a headline-grabbing controversy How ? Those names might be part of your bank account 's security questions or passwords. Aside from identity theft, social media can spark financial trouble in other ways.

Mark Zuckerberg's official LinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest accounts were compromised - but you can prevent yours . Here's how

Disable activity status

Many social apps will show your friends a notification when you're active, and even when you're offline, they can display the last time you visited. If you'd rather not broadcast your presence, many social networks will let you turn off this display.

In WhatsApp for Android, head to the main app menu by tapping the three dots on the top right, then choose Settings. If you're on an iOS device, you can access Settings straight from a tab on the bottom of the screen. Either way, your next step is to select Privacy. From this screen, tap Last seen and then Nobody to prevent anyone from knowing the last time you accessed WhatsApp.

Instagram also recently added an indicator of when you were last active. To turn this off, tap the Profile tab (a portrait silhouette) and then hit the menu button (on Android, it looks like three dots, and on iOS, it's a cog icon) on the top right. Finally, turn off Show activity status. As on WhatsApp, this hides your own activity but also prevents you from seeing when anyone else was last active.

Instagram test lets some share other users' posts in Stories

  Instagram test lets some share other users' posts in Stories Instagram is currently testing a feature that would let users share others' posts in their Stories, TechCrunch reports.&nbsp;

Oversharing On Social Media . But how safe are you when using these websites? Open Status Search allows you to search for status updates of people without even having to log into your Facebook account .

How to Talk to Your Kids About Oversharing on Social Media . As you teach your children best practices for managing their social media accounts , it is a good idea to follow up and ensure they are doing what you taught them.

Similarly, you can hide your active status in Facebook Messenger too, but it stops you viewing who else is currently online. Hit the People icon (the two portrait shapes) at the bottom of the screen, then tap Active, and turn the slider next to your own name to off. All your messages will still come through, but no one else will know when you're actually active in the app.

Turn off read receipts

When you're trying to preserve your privacy, one-on-one messaging options let you stay off the social media radar while still keeping in touch with people. So next time you're ready to post an update, consider pinging a few friends in a group chat on, say, WhatsApp, rather than broadcasting your activities to everyone you know. To preserve even more of your privacy, first turn off read receipts, those notifications that let your friends know when you've read their messages.

In WhatsApp for Android, for example, you can head to the main app menu (tap the three dots to the top right) then choose Settings, then Privacy, and untick the Read receipts box. It's the same on iOS, but you can access Settings straight from the bottom tab bar. With that done, no one will know when you've picked up your messages, but you won't know when your friends have seen theirs, either. On the same screen you can tap Last seen and then Nobody to stop anyone from knowing when you were last active inside WhatsApp. Again, this setting blocks you from knowing the same about any of your contacts, so you can't have it both ways.

Comedian Jim Carrey urges people to delete their Facebook accounts and dump the stock

  Comedian Jim Carrey urges people to delete their Facebook accounts and dump the stock He's upset with the company for profiting from Russian meddling during the 2016 U.S. election. He asked all "other investors who care about our future to do the same." He added the hashtag "#unfriendfacebook."Facebook has admitted that 10 million people saw Russian-bought ads intended to sway the 2016 U.S. election. Facebook and Jim Carrey did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

And keeping your social media accounts completely private can be an overwhelming task. Prevent users from tagging you in photos. Keep Twitter from adding your location to your tweets. As usual, the default option is for you to be oversharing your details, so here's what you need to know How to Disconnect Your Instagram Account From Facebook You Can Now Use Instagram for Android Offline.

So how can we try and self-regulate ourselves from oversharing on Social Media ? The study accounts for this change because young people are enabling their privacy settings and using other preventative measures due to more awareness around them when it comes to oversharing on

Twitter also lets you disable read receipts in your direct messages, so contacts won't know whether you've read their notes yet. Tap your avatar icon on the top left, pick Settings and privacy, go to Privacy and safety, and untick the Show read receipts button. The usual deal is in place here as well—once you untick that box, you won't be able to see when other people have picked up their direct messages either.

In the Facebook Messenger and Snapchat apps, you can't turn off read receipts. Still, sticking to individual chats in apps like these will preserve your lurker status better than posting on public social media networks.

Stay off the map

Social media apps can use your current location to feed you relevant ads and alert you about nearby events. But they can also broadcast your whereabouts—a feature you might want to turn off.

On Snapchat, for example, tap the ghost or Bitmoji icon on the top left. Then hit the cog icon on the top right, pick See my location, and make sure Ghost Mode is switched on. This mode prevents others from seeing where you are.

Facebook also shares your location with your friends. To disable this feature, tap the menu button (three horizontal lines) on the right-hand side of the screen. On Android, your next step is to pick Account Settings; on iOS, choose Settings, followed by Account Settings. Either way, follow up by tapping Location, selecting Nearby Friends, and setting the main toggle switch to off. This will prevent your friends from looking up your current location or getting alerts when you're in the area.

Social media influencers are shaping the popularity of “clean eating” brands and the trend is set to continue

  Social media influencers are shaping the popularity of “clean eating” brands and the trend is set to continue The rise of influencers and the popularity of promoting healthy eating through social media is changing how brands successfully interact with consumers.The rise of influencers and the popularity of promoting healthy eating through social media is changing how brands successfully interact with consumers, experts say.

This means that friends can easily know if you are ignoring their direct messages. Also, if you decided to turn your account to private after being public for a while, any followers that followed you before you Social Media Oversharing : Why People Do It, Its Implications, and How To Prevent It · 15 Feb.

Employers and colleges often check social media accounts , so your controversial posts could cost You’ll also avoid oversharing since you’re adding one less post to social media . This version of How to Avoid Oversharing on Social Media was reviewed by Paul Chernyak, LPC on June 23, 2017.

These networks can also attach your location to your status updates. On the bright side, Facebook and Twitter make it easy to avoid oversharing: They will only reveal your location if you specifically tap the location-tagging button while composing your post. Still, it's worth double-checking your message before you post, to make sure you're not accidentally revealing too much.

Limit the audience

To use social media networks without broadcasting your presence, we've discussed sending direct messages to a few contacts rather than posting updates for all of them to see. In addition to that method, Facebook lets you limit the audience for your updates on a post-by-post basis.

Whenever you're composing an update, tap the audience selector button just under your name—it will probably say Friends, but it might have another label, depending on the default audience for your posts. Once you tap it, you can limit who will be able to see this update: Simply select More followed by Specific friends. This lets you hide your update from most people on Facebook while still adding to the News Feed of a few select contacts.

No other social media app gives you the same level of control. However, Twitter and Instagram do let you choose between posting public messages and limiting your audience to only your confirmed followers. Boosting your privacy in this way does mean that you'll have to specifically approve any new followers before they can see your posts, but it won't affect your list of current followers.

On Twitter, you can switch to a protected account by tapping your avatar on the top left, then choosing Settings and privacy, Privacy and Safety, and Protect your Tweets.

To do the same on Instagram, tap the Profile icon (the single portrait silhouette) followed by the menu button (on Android, it's three dots; on Instagram, it's a cog icon) on the top right of the screen. Then turn on the Private Account option.

Penrith Panthers seek medical advice to avoid Sydney Roosters mumps outbreak .
The Panthers have asked for medical advice on how to safeguard against the remote possibility of the mumps outbreak that has affected members of the Roosters squad infiltrating their own camp during Saturday's trial game.The Panthers have asked for medical advice on how to safeguard against the remote possibility of the mumps outbreak that has affected members of the Roosters squad infiltrating their own camp during Saturday's trial game.

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