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Tech & Science Are Expensive Batteries Better Than Cheap Batteries?

01:36  13 january  2018
01:36  13 january  2018 Source:

You've been charging your smartphone wrong

  You've been charging your smartphone wrong Do you know how to keep your smartphone's battery healthy? Probably not. In fact, you've probably been hastening the death of your phone's battery with your charging habits. Charging to 100%? Charging overnight? Fully discharging before plugging in? All these common practices can shorten the usable life of your battery, according to Cadex, a company that offers devices that test smartphone and other batteries.Just how to best extend the life of batteries has been a prime topic recently, since Apple disclosed that it was slowing down iPhones with degraded batteries so the devices don't shut down unexpectedly.

Last week, we reported on a leaked Google Pixel 3 XL screen protector that had an iPhone X-esque notch on top. Now, an alleged photo of the actual phone has appeared online - and that telltale little rectangle is plain as day. We ' re all going to have to get used to notches - they're hear to stay.

Clearly, these cheaper batteries are not nearly as good as the more expensive ones. Well , there is a bit more to batteries than just the energy stored in it. It depends on what you are using it for. Suppose that I was using these batteries for a flashlight.

a close up of a bottle© iStock

In 2017, I went through more batteries than I care to admit. I bought batteries for my headphones, batteries for my TV remotes, batteries for my Xbox controller and for some reason, batteries for a portable radio that I don't even use. I usually go for the expensive stuff but do I have to?

Probably not.

Some incredibly astute investigative work over at Wired takes a deep dive into the 'quality' of cheap, dollar store batteries and compares them with two of the most well-known battery manufacturers - Energizer and Duracell.

Somewhat unsurprisingly, the more expensive batteries, the Duracell and Energizer, were shown to have greater power, more energy and last longer than the cheaper dollar store batteries. However, the real gold lies in the notion that the expensive batteries are not worth the extra cost.

'World's most expensive vodka' bottle stolen from Copenhagen bar

  'World's most expensive vodka' bottle stolen from Copenhagen bar Danish police are investigating the theft of what is claimed to be "the world's most expensive" bottle of vodka, in what the bar owner says could be an inside job. The bottle, made from white and yellow gold and containing a diamond-encrusted replica of the Russian Imperial Eagle on its cap, is said to be worth $1.3 million (one million euro).A CCTV recording sent to AFP shows a masked man grabbing the Russo-Baltique vodka and fleeing Cafe 33 bar in Copenhagan early on Tuesday. © Provided by AFP The vodka bottle is said to be worth $1.

Good batteries aren't cheap or maybe they are . Putting that notion to the test is Martin Cheung, who recently published a video in which he tests the recycle speeds of inexpensive rechargeable IKEA LADDA batteries against more expensive Panasonic Eneloop Pro batteries using Godox TT685

Are lithium batteries better than lead-acid batteries ? Will batteries be polluted or not? Typically they go in price fro expensive to cheap , to ultra- cheap . I would personalyy stay away from ultra cheap , however , in testing, the big store house brands tested as well as the national brands.

Rhett Allain suggests that when you are buying batteries, you are really just buying energy and thus, you can quantify the 'money-energy' density of the battery: The energy divided by the cost per battery.

When you analyse the three brands side-by-side, it becomes clear that the money-energy density is very similar. The more expensive batteries have more power, sure, but for the same amount of money you get more batteries in the dollar-store pack. There is one issue though: the cheaper batteries also have a lower voltage, so Allain cautions that some devices may not work as well - or nearly as long - as they would on the Energizer or Duracell batteries.

7 ways to make your old phone feel like new

  7 ways to make your old phone feel like new Don't want to spend a small fortune to get a new phone? Follow these tips to spruce up your current model's looks and performance.I have an iPhone 6S Plus, for example. It's over two years old, but I have no intention of replacing it. It does everything I need it to do, and because the iPhone 8 and iPhone X arrived without the Pez-dispenser I was hoping for, I'm staying put.

Why does an energizer battery last longer than a Panasonic Battery ? The main reason one battery will last longer than another is It's been my experience that sometimes, the lesser expensive battery will provide the best performance in the long run. Does expensive or cheap batteries last longer?

However, a cheaper battery brand that I really like is the Kirkland (Costco) brand. They're a really good deal and last a long time. Energizer for example is really expensive here in my country but it’s worth it though because its power works longer than those that are cheaper .

In Australia, a survey by Canstar Blue of consumer satisfaction with batteries in 2017 showed that Duracell was rated the best, but that ALDI Activ Energy batteries were considered the best value for money. If we look at the price for Duracell AA batteries at somewhere like Officeworks where a 16 pack is $21.99 ($1.37 each) and compare to the ALDI batteres, where in the past they have had 20 packs go for as little as $7 (0.35c each), there is a clear discrepancy in how much you might have to dole out for your energy.

Bottom line? It's not always worth going for the more expensive batteries if you're just looking for a quick fix. Those dollar store batteries will likely work just fine.

Italy is drawing Samsung into Apple's battery battles .
Samsung denies it's slowing down phones, as it faces an investigation from Italian officials. Officials are also looking into Apple's behavior.This is the first time Samsung has faced this accusation.

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