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14:35  08 january  2018
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Hisense’s 2018 smart TVs are getting Amazon Alexa

  Hisense’s 2018 smart TVs are getting Amazon Alexa Hisense — the world’s third-largest TV manufacturer — is starting to preview its 2018 lineup of smart TVs that’ll be announcing at CES this year. The big addition this time around seems to be Amazon’s Alexa smart assistant, which is coming to some existing models, including the 100-inch 4K laser TV that the company announced late last year. In addition to the usual suite of Alexa features for music playback, smart home controls, and third-party skills, Hisense says that users will be able to directly control their TV’s hardware, using Alexa to do tasks like change inputs or control volume with voice commands.

At CES, Nvidia debuted technology that could allow carmakers to develop AI virtual assistants for smart and self- driving cars . Meanwhile, AI co-pilots built on Drive IX would be able to use facial recognition to identify the driver in order to accomplish tasks like starting the car or detecting whether

GDPR is coming. Here are four simple steps to help you prepare. 4 hours ago. The road to tomorrow: streets need to be as smart as the cars driving on them. It’s not enough for future Like smart vehicles, smart roads will use a variety of embedded sensors, Wi-Fi connectivity, AI algorithms

a yellow car parked on a beach: Volkswagen's I.D. Buzz prototype, which will use Nvidia's AI© Ingo Barenschee—Ingo Barenschee Courtesy of Nvidia Volkswagen's I.D. Buzz prototype, which will use Nvidia's AI At this year’s CES, chipmaker Nvidia is showcasing new technology that could enable automakers to develop AI virtual assistants that are far smarter than the in-car versions of Alexa and Siri we’re used to interacting with today.

Nvidia announced two new software platforms for self-driving cars during a press conference on Sunday: Drive IX and Drive AR. The former allows carmakers to create artificially intelligent co-pilots that take advantage of sensors both inside and outside of the car to provide assistance. Volkswagen will be one of the first partners to begin experimenting with Drive IX in its I.D. Buzz prototype.

Amazon Fire TV Stick Basic Edition review: Aussie debut lacks bite

  Amazon Fire TV Stick Basic Edition review: Aussie debut lacks bite Paying more than Americans while getting less in return, Australians get a rough deal with Amazon's Fire TV.You can drive the Fire TV Stick from your smartphone or tablet, plus — unlike the Chromecast — there's a physical remote control to live on your coffee table. This makes life easier for people who don't always have a smart gadget at hand.

AI Onboard. Today’s connected cars also use another tool seemingly out of science fiction: Artificial Intelligence. In-vehicle AI can be powered not only by onboard processors, but supplemented by cloud computing. Other cities are also chasing the smart - driving trend.

· Using Smart Car to drive and avoid obstacles. An overview of driving . When designing AI for our characters Besides needing Smart Car , we'll need an environment for our AI cars to drive in. We'll use Car Tutorial v1.3 that is made by Unity, which you can download for free from the Asset Store.

Meanwhile, AI co-pilots built on Drive IX would be able to use facial recognition to identify the driver in order to accomplish tasks like starting the car or detecting whether or not the person behind the wheel is too drowsy to drive. The platform will also let automakers create gesture and voice-based controls for vehicles.

The new software offers another safety-boosting feature: By using the car’s internal and external sensors, Drive IX-based virtual assistants would be able to tell whether the driver is looking the other way when a pedestrian steps off the curb. Nvidia’s other new software platform, Drive AR, makes it possible for auto companies to create augmented reality-based interfaces for cars that display notifications and points of interest.

Amazon’s 2018 Product Roadmap: What To Expect

  Amazon’s 2018 Product Roadmap: What To Expect What will 2018 bring from the tech giant?As is evident from its Whole Foods purchase, Amazon isn’t afraid to splash down some serious cash for big name companies. Some analysts are saying Amazon might do that again in 2018 with a purchase of US retail giant Target. Will that happen? We honestly wouldn’t be surprised.

The future of your commute is standing (for now). 1 day ago. A cloud that serves AI will obey the same law. The more people who use an AI , the smarter it gets. In the past, we would have said only a superintelligent AI could drive a car or beat a human at chess.

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Nvidia’s new Xavier processor will be powering these new capabilities. The Santa Clara, Calif.-based firm initially unveiled Xavier in 2016, but only just revealed at CES that its partners will begin receiving the new processors this quarter. Xavier is part of Nvidia’s broader computer system for self-driving cars called Pegasus, which the company says is about the size of a license plate and allows for Level 5 autonomy — meaning vehicles would be able to operate without a steering wheel, gas pedal or mirrors.

The announcement is also yet another indication that the car is the next major platform technology firms will be scrambling to dominate. Nvidia says it’s already working with 320 companies and organizations on self-driving vehicles.

But the competition is quickly escalating: Qualcomm, which develops the processors used in most of today’s smartphones, recently obtained a permit to test self-driving cars on public roads in California after it unveiled its own chipset for self-driving cars in September. Intel also said in August that it plans to test self-driving technology on a fleet of 100 cars.

Comment - Pretty Soon A Smart Assistant Won't Be A Choice .
I recently bought three Google Home Minis =- two for me, and one for my lovely parents. At home, my pair works like a deeply discounted Sonos setup. I can tell Google's Assistant to play a song on "both speakers," and it will pipe tinny, still-decent-sounding music into my bedroom and living room. At my parents' house, its a goofy gift that, I hope, will ultimately help my mum listen to Paul Simon while she's upcycling furniture.For the price I paid, I think my Minis were an excellent deal, at least until I grow sick of Google's digital assistant.

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