Tech & Science Curiosity spies 'stick-like figures' on Mars rock

02:11  08 january  2018
02:11  08 january  2018 Source:   MSN

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© Provided by MediaWorks NZ Limited. The Curiosity rover on Mars has photographed strange " stick - like figures " on a rock . The images were shared on the NASA's website and the rover's Twitter page.

The robot’s first batch of 2018 Mars photos includes a puzzling image of bizarre “ stick - like figures ” etched in Martian rocks in a region of the Vera Rubin Ridge, a popular exploration target of NASA’s Curiosity rover.

a close up of a rock© Provided by MediaWorks NZ Limited

The Curiosity rover on Mars has photographed strange "stick-like figures" on a rock.

The images were shared on the NASA's website and the rover's Twitter page.

"Each is about a quarter-inch long. Maybe they're crystals?" the Twitter post read. "Or they could be minerals that filled spaces where crystals dissolved away. Stay tuned!"

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Nasa triggered a wave of wild speculation on 3 January after unveiling an image of mysterious stick - like figures on Mars . The dark formations, which appear to be etched on rocks , were captured by the Curiosity rover on the Red Planet's Vera Rubin Ridge.

Meanwhile, back on Mars I’m checking out these stick - like figures . 2nd when the first Curiosity images of 2018 were being examined and are deemed so interesting NASA has sent Curiosity back to the rock to check them out further.

Curiosity first visited the site earlier in December, but was directed back there on New Year's Eve to check out what NASA called "some very peculiar targets that warranted some additional interrogation".

That's where Curiosity snapped images of the strange markings, each only a few millimetres long but remarkably different to their surroundings.

Followers of the rover on Twitter had the usual out-of-this-world suggestions, including space dinosaur fossils, sandworms and angel turds.

Monty Python comedian Eric Idle pitched in to suggest they were tyre tracks.

Curiosity, the size of a car, was only expected to survey Mars for two years after it arrived on the red planet in 2012. It's so far lasted five-and-a-half years.

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