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20:21  04 december  2017
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Google offers real-time search data for news, images and video

  Google offers real-time search data for news, images and video Finding out what people are searching for in real time is a trivial matter these days, thanks to Google Trends. Online since 2015, the service is useful for discovering what the world is paying attention to, like why Donald Trump was elected last November or which Halloween costume will be the most played out. Heck, Mac users can even get a screensaver to visualize searches as they happen. Now Google is exposing even more of its real-time data to include news, images, video and even shopping results in your topical search area.The example Google gives is a search for Taylor Swift.

2016 was a year many would rather forget. From the never-ending stream of bad news to a brutal election that seemed like it would never end to the dozens of celebrities — including a few in the tech world — that passed on, it was a tough year.

However, want to get a specific idea about the predicted top technology trends of 2018 ? And, 2018 is most likely to bring a magnificent technological change in the concept of e-commerce shopping.

a screenshot of a video game: 9 Technology Mega Trends That Will Change The World In 2018© Provided by Forbes Media LLC 9 Technology Mega Trends That Will Change The World In 2018 Some tech trends fizzle out and die a quiet death, while others are so significant that they transform our world and how we live in it. Here are the top nine tech mega-trends that I believe will define 2018 and beyond.

Trend 1: The increasing datafication of our lives

From chatting to friends in a messaging app or buying a coffee, to tapping in and out with an Oyster card or streaming music, today almost everything we do leaves a trail of data breadcrumbs. And this increasing datafication of our world has led to an unprecedented explosion in data.

BHP expects to deliver $2.2b in cost cuts in next two years

  BHP expects to deliver $2.2b in cost cuts in next two years BHP Billiton expects to lower costs in its Australian mining operations by a further 10 per cent and has forecast the division will deliver $US1.6 billion ($2.2 billion) in productivity gains over the next two years.But while the miner expects to lower unit costs by 10 per cent over the medium term, BHP is also hoping to lift its Australian iron ore production "run rate" to 290 million tonnes a year by the end of fiscal 2019.

Here's our list of five technology trends that we'll be watching in the New Year. As the world gets more populated, and in turn our natural resources and our climate are stretched to the limit, how and what we eat will change as the year rolls on.

Technology trends never stop to amaze me, and we hope for the best technology trends come 2018 . Though technological innovation changes fast eventually, we can notice the trends in which it changes .

Just in the average minute, Facebook receives 900,000 logins, more than 450,000 Tweets are posted, and 156 million emails and 15 million texts are sent.With numbers like that, it’s no wonder we’re essentially doubling the amount of data created in the world roughly every two years.

Trend 2: The Internet of Things (IoT) and how everyday devices are becoming more ‘smart’

The IoT – which encompasses smart, connected products like smart phones and smart watches –is a major contributing factor in this exponential increase in data. That’s because all these smart devices are constantly gathering data, connecting to other devices and sharing that data – all without human intervention (your Fitbit synching data to your phone, for instance).

Telstra revises down 2018 earnings after NBN delays, no change to dividend

  Telstra revises down 2018 earnings after NBN delays, no change to dividend Telstra has slashed its expected earnings for fiscal 2018 by $600 million four days after NBN Co announced delays for millions of broadband consumers. Telstra announced its earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortisation (EBITDA) had been revised from a $10.7 billion to $11.2 billion guidance to a $10.1 billion to $10.6 billion range. There were no changes to the 22¢ a share dividend. Its total income for 2018 has been slashed by $700 million, bringing it in the range of $27.6 billion to $29.5 billion.

Brand marketing will never be the same either in the phygital world . We're already seeing a dramatic change from traditional methods through digital However, these six mega - trends collectively comprise a good roadmap for the food and grocery industry as we end 2017 and launch into 2018 .

Seeing the Future: Advanced Prophetic Conference Thu, 02/08/ 2018 - Sat, 02/10/ 2018 . The premise of my last Prophetic Bulletin on the five trends that would change the natural world in 2016 began unfolding faster and with more impact than I expected.

Pretty much anything can be made smart these days. Our cars are becoming increasingly connected; by 2020, a quarter of a billion cars will be hooked up to the Internet. For our homes, there are obvious smart products like TVs,and less obvious ones, like yoga mats that trackyour Downward Dog. And, of course, many of us have voice-enabled personal assistants like Alexa – another example of an IoT device.

Niantic’s first AR game Ingress is getting a massive overhaul in 2018

  Niantic’s first AR game Ingress is getting a massive overhaul in 2018 Niantic may be best-known for the massive hit Pokémon Go, but for its next major release the studio is going back to the beginning. Today the developer revealed that it’s working on a significant update to its debut augmented reality game, Ingress. Called Ingress Prime, the overhauled version of the game will be launching next year, and will change virtually every aspect of the experience — from the art, design, and narrative, to the underlying technology that powers it.

Peter Ankerstjerne, head of group marketing at global facilities services provider ISS, talks about the mega trends that will Technology as the enabler of increased collaboration and change in the workplace. Upcoming Events. Clean India Technology Week 18th of January 2018 Mumbai, India.

Seeing the Future: Advanced Prophetic Conference Thu, 02/08/ 2018 - Sat, 02/10/ 2018 . A geopolitical shift has taken place at the end of 2015 that could change the world more than we have seen since the collapse of the Iron Curtain.

That’s already a lot of devices, but the IoT is just getting started. IHS has predicted there’ll be 75 billion connected devices by 2020.

Trend 3: Exponential growth in computing power is fueling massive tech advances

None of this incredible growth in data, nor the billions of IoT devices available,would be possible without the enormous leaps in computing power that we’ve made. Between 1975 and 2015, computing power doubled at a rate of every two years, before slowing to the current rate of approximately every two and a half years.

But we’re reaching the limits of what traditional computing power can handle. Thankfully, on the horizon, we have quantum computing. Probably the most significant transformation of computing power ever, quantum computing will see computers become millions of times faster than they are right now.Tech leaders are in a race to launch the first commercially viable quantum computer, capable of solving problems that today’s computers can’t handle. Capable, even, of solving problems that we can’t even imagine yet.

Trend 4: The incredible rise of artificial intelligence (AI)

Wall Street analyst predicts Apple will launch a supersized iPhone X next year

  Wall Street analyst predicts Apple will launch a supersized iPhone X next year <p>Apple could release three new iPhone models in 2018, according to a note distributed to investors on Monday by Nomura analysts.</p>Several of the predictions line up with a forecast from renowned KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo issued last month.

One section outlines four mega - trends that are poised to create the greatest impact in the years to come in society, healthcare Which are the world ’s fastest-growing economies? These are the top 10 emerging technologies of 2017. The global economy in 2018 , according to a Nobel laureate.

Conclusion. It is a world of technology ; the only constant is change . Blink and you might just miss it. Recent Interesting Posts. How Artificial Intelligence will Influence the Digital World in 2018 ? Are security apps really effective for smartphones?

Computers are now able to learn in much the same way as we humans do, and this leap in AI capabilities has been made possible by the massive increases in data and computing power. It’s the incredible explosion in data that has allowed AI to advance so quickly over the last couple of years; the more data an AI system has, the quicker it can learn and the more accurate it becomes.

This huge step forward in AI mean computers can now undertake more and more human tasks. In fact, it’s AI that allows computers to see (e.g. facial recognition software), read (e.g. analyzing social media messages), listen (e.g. Alexa standing by to answer your every command), speak (e.g. Alexa being able to answer you) and gauge our emotions (e.g. affective computing).

Trend 5: The unstoppable freight train that is automation

The more intelligent machines become, the more they can do for us. That means even more processes, decisions, functions and systems can be automated and carried out by algorithms or robots.

Eventually, a wide range of industries and jobs will be impacted by automation. However, for now, the first wave of jobs that machines are taking can be categorized using the four Ds: dull, dirty, dangerous and dear. This means humans will no longer be needed to do the jobs that machines can do faster, safer, cheaper and more accurately.

China hosts global forum featuring own take on human rights

  China hosts global forum featuring own take on human rights <p>Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said the recently concluded Communist Party <g class="gr_ gr_3 gr-alert gr_spell gr_inline_cards gr_run_anim ContextualSpelling ins-del multiReplace" data-gr-id="3" id="3">congress</g> had "identified the goal of forging a new field in international relations and building a community of shared future for mankind.</p>The "South-South Human Rights Forum" drawing some 300 participants from over 50 mostly developing countries follows a conference of political parties last weekend in Beijing attended by hundreds of delegates, some of whom sung the praises of Communist Party rule.

Technology developments such as artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things (IoT), blockchains and 3D printing are changing the way we live and work. Here we look at the 9 top technology mega trends for 2018 .

SA Rugby confirms test venues for 2018 England tour. Sport. Playmaker Silva extends Man City contract. It’s full of both grim predictions and hopeful insights about the world that humans will inhabit within the next two decades. One section outlines four mega - trends that are poised to create

Beyond the four Ds, machines, robots and algorithms will replace – oraugment – many human jobs, including professional jobs in fields like law or accounting. From truck drivers to bricklayers to doctors, the list of jobs that are likely to be affected by automation is surprising. One estimate reckons that 47 percent of US jobs are at risk of automation.

Trend 6: 3D printing opens up amazing opportunities for manufacturers (and others)

Related to increasing automation, the invention of 3D printing is disrupting manufacturing, and other industries, in many positive ways. In traditional (subtractive) manufacturing, objects are cut or hollowed out of material, such as metal, using something like a cutting tool. But in 3D printing (also known as additive manufacturing), the object is created by laying down, or adding, layers of material. The materials used in 3D printing can be pretty much anything: plastic, metal, concrete, liquid, powder, even chocolate or human tissue!

With 3D printing, far more complex shapes can be created than in traditional manufacturing – and using less material, too. It also allows for much greater customization of products, without worrying about economies of scale.

a close up of a keyboard: 2018 Technology Trends© Provided by Forbes Media LLC 2018 Technology Trends

Trend 7: We’re interacting with technology in very different ways

The way we interact with technology has changed dramatically in recent years – and is still changing. Thanks to smart phones and tablets, we can carry out a whole range of tasks on the move simply by touching a screen. Mobile web usage has increased to the point where, in 2016, it overtook web usage through traditional computers. Google has also confirmed that searches on mobile devices now outstrip desktop searches.

Researchers found a way to tuck AR objects behind real ones

  Researchers found a way to tuck AR objects behind real ones The work could make AR look more realistic.The project was led by Hong Hua, a professor in the College of Optical Sciences, and she told MIT Technology Review that trick is getting precise control of the real-world light. Her prototype does this with a series of lenses and mirrors, not totally unlike a telescope. In the image above you can see a digital teapot is sitting both in front of a can of compressed air and squeeze bottle as well as behind a can of spray paint.

Ten in TenTen Technology Trends thatWill Change the World in Ten YearsDave EvansCisco’s Chief Futurist and Chief Technologist for CiscoInternet Business Solutions Group (IBSG)CiscoLiveJuly 12, 2011.

These Mega - Trends are going to change the world soon. “An analysis of the history of technology shows that technological change is exponential, contrary to the common-sense “intuitive linear” view.

We’re also talking to our devices, using voice searches via Siri and the like. Estimates suggest that, by 2020, 50 percent of all searches will be voice searches, and around 30 percent will involve no screen whatsoever. As a result, all kinds of businesses are gradually integrating their products with the likes of Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant. For example, Alexa is being integrated into BMWs from 2018.

Virtual reality and augmented reality represent the next huge leap in interface innovation, transforming how businesses interact with customers.

Trend 8: Blockchains: An invention that could change our world

Blockchain technology is a very practical solution to the problem of storing, authenticating and protecting data. Think of a blockchain as a decentralized, extremely secure database. Or, to get slightly more technical, it’s a distributed, peer-to-peer ledger of records. While nothing is ever totally ‘hack-proof’, blockchain represents a huge leap forward compared to our current data security technology as, unlike a centralized database, there’s no one single point of failure.

The records in a blockchain are called ‘blocks’ and every block is connected to the previous block (hence, ‘block’ and ‘chain’). The whole chain is self-managed, which means there’s no one person or organization in charge of the entire chain. If that sounds familiar, it might be because the virtual currency Bitcoin functions on blockchain technology.

Financial services, insurance and healthcare are just some of the sectors where blockchains are likely to be heavily adopted. In fact, 90 percent of major European and North American banks are exploring blockchain solutions.

Trend 9: Platforms are the way forward for businesses

A platform is essentially a network (digital or physical) that creates value for participants by facilitating connections and exchanges between people for services, products or information. The platform is rarely the actual service provider; instead, it acts as a facilitator for the crowd, making interactions possible, easy, and safe for participants.

Platforms have given rise to businesses like Airbnb, Uber and Amazon, and are also the foundation of what Facebook and Twitter do. However, platforms offer growth opportunities across all kinds of businesses, industries and sectors – not just tech companies. Even long-running businesses with more traditional business models, like Ford, are beginning to develop platform strategies.

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