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News: Tech & Science

On-device AI will help you Google Translate when offline

Monday  09:06,   18 june 2018

Whether lost in Hong Kong's crowds or sitting in a Parisian café without any internet, Google Translate's offline version can more accurately get your point across with on-device AI. Neural Machine Translation (NMT) technology is[...]

NSW Is Dropping $10 Million On Driverless Car Trials

Monday  08:05,   18 june 2018

The New South Wales government has just announced a $10 million dollar investment into autonomous driving trials. The New South Wales government has just announced a $10 million dollar investment into autonomous driving[...]

Mars will come closer to Earth in the coming weeks than it has been in 15 years -- here's how to see it

Monday  07:56,   18 june 2018

Mars will be at its closest point to our planet in 15 years throughout July, making for some prime nighttime viewing. Mars will look brighter in the night sky over the next six weeks than it has appeared in 15[...]

Australian Scientists Just Worked Out Diabetes Could Be Treated With Platypus Venom

Monday  06:31,   18 june 2018

Glucagon-like peptide-1 (or GLP-1) is a metabolic hormone found in both the venom and the gut of one of the most wonderful and unique creatures on our planet - the platypus. Turns out, it stimulates the release of insulin. The hormone will now be[...]

Apple is planning 3 new iPhone models this year

Monday  06:05,   18 june 2018

<p>Apple is planning 3 new iPhone models this year</p> Apple will release a new iPhone lineup this fall with three new models, according to a Friday report from the Wall Street[...]

Moral panic over Fortnite is misplaced

Monday  06:00,   18 june 2018

Society has an unfortunate habit of going a bit bonkers whenever new technology comes out that children consume in droves. But when it comes to violent video games, the evidence is now pretty clear. Research does not show that violent games predict [...]

Apple Manages to Snag Oprah Winfrey to Make Shows, Possibly for Subscription Video Service

Monday  02:46,   18 june 2018

Apple and Oprah Winfrey have teamed up in a winning combination to produce an unspecified streaming content. According to the Wall Street Journal, the signing of Winfrey is expected to play into its long-rumoured launch of a “direct-to-consumer[...]

How to see exactly which Google Chrome tabs, websites, and extensions are slowing down your computer

Monday  02:46,   18 june 2018

It's no secret that Google Chrome is often the culprit behind a slow computer, even if your computer is relatively[...]

Shock horror: screens may not be ruining your children after all

Sunday  03:55,   17 june 2018

We have always worried about the influence of popular culture on our young. Plato believed the craze of poetry would corrupt his students. In the late 20th century, Teletubbies was a danger to our toddlers. Today, smartphones are the villains. So[...]

6 ways tracking tech is changing the world for the better

Sunday  03:55,   17 june 2018

Although designed with the best of intentions, tracking technology has recently garnered a bit of a bad reputation.&nbsp;But what we don’t often hear is that those same hard-working tracking bots and cogs are making some more positive[...]

A Chinese moon satellite took an incredible picture of Earth that will make you feel tiny

Sunday  02:31,   17 june 2018

In May, China launched two small microsatellites, called Longjiang-1 and Longjiang-2, into orbit around the moon. One of the spacecraft took a stunning photo of Earth and the moon using a Saudi Arabian camera system.As a Chinese microsatellite[...]

This Australian bee could revolutionise plastic waste

Saturday  05:40,   16 june 2018

Humble Bee, a biotech startup company founded in New Zealand, may be on their way to reducing the use of plastic in a major way. How?&nbsp;How? By reverse-engineering the nesting material of the Australian masked[...]

Human Activity Has Been Chemically Changing The Earth Since Well Before The Industrial Revolution

Saturday  05:40,   16 june 2018

It's no secret that modern humans, with our fuel-burning cars, massive ranching and agriculture practices, and penchant for disposable goods, have had a huge impact on nearly every environment across the globe.&nbsp;"This is a new lens on[...]

The axolotl—nature’s miracle healer—is on the brink of extinction

Saturday  05:40,   16 june 2018

The axolotl, or Ambystoma mexicanum, is the ultimate survivalist: When an axolotl loses a leg, tail, or a bit of its heart, the body part…The axolotl is also a conservation paradox: The iconic creature is Mexico’s national symbol, and, because it[...]

Young mother thankful her one-year-old son Jackai is alive after Samsung phone exploded in her hands just moments after the child was playing with it

Saturday  01:56,   16 june 2018

A Samsung Galaxy S7 has heated up in a woman's hands before exploding on Wednesday afternoon. The Queensland mother said she was just thankful the explosion didn't injure her one-year-old son.A second-hand Samsung Galaxy S7 has heated up in[...]