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Apple's Tim Cook Calls for More Regulations on Data Privacy

Saturday  09:55,   24 march 2018

Apple Inc. Chief Executive Tim Cook has called for stronger privacy regulations that prevent the misuse of data in the light of the controversial leak of Facebook user information. Cook called for “well-crafted” regulations that prevent the[...]

Musk deletes Facebook pages of Tesla, SpaceX after challenged on Twitter

Saturday  05:51,   24 march 2018

Verified Facebook pages of Elon Musk's rocket company SpaceX and electric carmaker Tesla Inc disappeared on Friday, minutes after the Silicon Valley billionaire promised on Twitter to take down the pages when challenged by users. "Delete SpaceX[...]

Facebook as an election weapon, from Obama to Trump

Saturday  05:51,   24 march 2018

The use of Facebook data to target voters has triggered global outrage with the Cambridge Analytica scandal. But the concept is nothing new The unauthorized gathering of data on 50 million Facebook users by a British consulting firm that[...]

How to keep your Facebook data from being leaked

Saturday  04:12,   24 march 2018

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg's admission of a "breach of trust" over Cambridge Analytica's misuse of user data has sparked a flurry of fear as Australians wonder just how vulnerable they are online. Experts have warned that social[...]

Don't Delete Facebook -- Just Be Smarter On Facebook

Saturday  03:11,   24 march 2018
Lifehacker Australia

Facebook is kind of a mess right now. And there are plenty of equally messy reaction pieces cajoling you and everyone you know, to delete your account in a massive middle finger to the web's prevailing social network.  Facebook is kind [...]

Slower Than Advertised NBN Speeds? You May Be Entitled To A Refund

Saturday  03:11,   24 march 2018
Lifehacker Australia

The ACCC has been super hot on misleading claims about the speeds consumers can receive on NBN plans and announced the Dodo, iPrimus and Commander customers will be compensated for receiving subpar service.  The ACCC has been super hot on[...]

Driverless cars are now tested on our roads, so should we be worried?

Friday  13:31,   23 march 2018

<p>The news of the first pedestrian killed by a self-driving Uber makes us question how far should technology develop.</p>Driverless vehicles are already being tested on Australian roads, but in the wake of the first pedestrian death in a[...]

World's first 3D-printed car due on roads in 2019

Friday  10:26,   23 march 2018
Relaxnews (AFP)

And we're not just talking about a one-off prototype here either, as next year is when this world-first is actually set to go into production.&nbsp;&nbsp;The car is a Smart-sized model called the LSEV that's made almost entirely using[...]

AI can quickly and accurately analyze heart scans, study says

Friday  10:16,   23 march 2018

Researchers find machine learning can classify heart anatomy on an ultrasound scan faster, more accurately and more efficiently than a human.A study published Wednesday found that advanced machine learning is faster, more accurate and more efficient [...]

China Building Most-Powerful Hypersonic Wind Tunnel

Friday  07:51,   23 march 2018
International Business Times

The new tunnel will measure 265 meters in length and blow high-speed blasts of air to simulate conditions of an actual hypersonic flight.  It will be faster than any other tunnel currently in operation and allow avionics researchers to test[...]

Scientists have some pretty outlandish ideas for cooling the planet down

Friday  06:06,   23 march 2018
Popular Science

Check out these interesting ideas scientists have thought of to lessen global warming.Climate change is a big, ugly, unwieldy problem, and it’s getting worse by the day. Emissions are rising. Ice is melting, and virtually no one is taking the carbon [...]

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 To Feature In-Display Fingerprint Sensor

Friday  05:36,   23 march 2018
International Business Times

Industry sources are claiming that Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Note 9 phablet will come with an in-display fingerprint reader. Samsung Electronics failed to launch a flagship smartphone with an in-display fingerprint scanner last year. This year’s[...]

EU plans tougher consumer laws for Facebook, Gmail

Friday  04:51,   23 march 2018

Under the draft proposal first considered last year, authorities could levy fines of at least 4 percent of turnover. Currently, EU consumer authorities can only levy small fines and some lack power to sanction companies at all for breaking consumer [...]

Apple confirms it will fix bug that caused Siri to read out hidden lock screen notifications

Friday  04:51,   23 march 2018
The Verge

Apple says it will fix a bug that caused Siri to read out hidden lock screen notifications to anyone who asks.&nbsp;The original bug allowed Siri to read out lock screen notifications for third-party apps, even if you turned off message previews [...]

Nuclear war may not kill cockroaches, but the toxin from this 55-metre worm can

Friday  03:15,   23 march 2018
Brisbane Times

The bootlace worm is the world's longest animal and has been put under the microscope by Queensland and Swedish researchers.Queensland and Swedish researchers discovered the toxin was also strong enough to kill a crab and believe it could be[...]