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Artificial synapse could be key to brain-like computing

Tuesday  18:06,   21 february 2017

If you're going to craft brain-like computers, it stands to reason that you'd want to replicate brain-like behavior right down to the smallest elements, doesn't it?The battery-like hardware is built from two flexible films whose[...]

How to easily keep track of everything you're streaming

Tuesday  15:50,   21 february 2017
The Week

I started Netflix's show about the birth of hip-hop, The Get Down, when it first debuted in August 2016. Six months later, I haven't even finished the first six episodes — not because it wasn't good, but because it got lost among all the [...]

Genius Turns His $200,000 Porsche Into A Giant Controller For Doom

Tuesday  15:07,   21 february 2017
Huffington Post UK

It is widely accepted that there isn’t an object in the conceivable universe that cannot run the classic video game Doom. From iPods to giant advertising boards there is no limit to what people will do in order to play Doom on anything but its[...]

Facebook Messenger Now Lets You Send Money With Transferwise

Tuesday  14:41,   21 february 2017

International money transfer service TransferWise Ltd. has announced an integration with Facebook Inc.’s Messenger that will let people set up foreign exchange transactions over the chat service. London-based TransferWise launched the technology as[...]

This is how the Samsung Galaxy S8 will stay button-free

Tuesday  14:21,   21 february 2017

Samsung is all set to reveal its Galaxy S8 soon and leaks are getting more and more frequent with the latest showing off the phone in action. The image, leaked on SamMobile, clearly shows the phone with that bezel-free screen looking very[...]

Qualcomm chip promises phone data that's faster than fiber

Tuesday  13:42,   21 february 2017

Just because true 5G wireless is edging closer doesn't mean that 4G's peak speeds can't improve in the meantime.There are a few other party tricks. Qualcomm's new chip supports the 3.5GHz airspace used by Citizens Broadband Radio[...]

Disney’s aluminum room charges your phone, no wires required

Tuesday  13:21,   21 february 2017

Researchers have created a way for you to charge your phone wirelessly just by standing in a room. In a paper published to scientific journal PLOS ONE titled “Quasistatic Cavity Resonance for Ubiquitous Wireless Power Transfer,” three authors detail [...]

Uber Taps Eric Holder to Investigate Discrimination Claims

Tuesday  10:52,   21 february 2017

(Bloomberg) -- Uber Technologies Inc. appointed former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder to lead an independent review into claims of sexual harassment by a former software engineer. Arianna Huffington, head of human resources Liane Hornsey and[...]

Health apps could be doing more harm than good, warn scientists

Tuesday  10:52,   21 february 2017
The Guardian

App development likened to the ‘wild west’ as researchers raise concerns over one-size-fits-all targets and absence of sound scienceGreg Hager, professor of computer science at Johns Hopkins University, said that in the absence of trials or[...]

This iPhone app built by teens helps you finish your tasks on time for once

Tuesday  10:51,   21 february 2017

If you constantly find yourself overwhelmed by your daily schedule, maybe it’s time to seek help. Available for iPhone, the app urges you to set a timer for each task that you add to your to-do list. Tap an item to start the clock and it’ll [...]

Grab your unique Nintendo User ID before it’s too late

Tuesday  09:07,   21 february 2017

With its new Switch console just days away from its launch on March 3, Nintendo has introduced yet another ID system to add to its already-confounding system.  The new User ID is separate from your Nintendo Account, but you’ll need one of[...]

The top 12 rumors we're hearing about Apple's next iPhone

Tuesday  05:51,   21 february 2017
Tech Insider

Even die-hard iPhone fans have to admit that the AMOLED displays on other phones, particularly those from Samsung, look better than the LCD screens on iPhones. But if the rumors are true, iPhone fans may no longer need to make that admission, as[...]

NASA Scientists Have A Plan To Make Pluto A Planet Again

Tuesday  05:51,   21 february 2017
Gizmodo Australia

"It's b*******," Alan Stern, principle investigator of NASA's New Horizons mission to Pluto, has said about the demotion of Pluto from the ranks of official planet status. Now Stern is heading up a team of NASA scientists who have [...]

VR’s Hope for Survival Lies Outside the Gaming World

Tuesday  05:22,   21 february 2017

Fortunately, there is already another trajectory that shows amazing promise: job training and education. Redefining ‘Hands On’Simulation of some kind, however crude, has been a mainstay of job training since the early days of employee handbook[...]

Report: Apple might be revamping its iPad lineup in March

Tuesday  05:10,   21 february 2017

Look out for a 128GB iPhone SE and a red variant iPhone 7/Plus as well.That could mean that Apple is replacing the iPad mini 4 with the 7.9-inch Pro, refreshing the 9.7-inch and 12.9-inch models. and introducing a whole new model, the 10.5. However[...]