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The 8K UHD future may be nearer than you think

Saturday  03:06,   26 may 2018

Analysts expect 8K televisions to make up one per cent of the global market this year, up to almost 20 per cent by 2024.IHS says OLED panel production for televisions rose from 800,000 square metres in 2016 to 1.6 million square metres last year,[...]

Barely-used Comm Games tech and gadgets go on sale from $1

Friday  23:55,   25 may 2018

It sounds too good to be true - barely used phones, televisions and white goods starting at just $1. But that's exactly what’s on offer at a massive online auction featuring electronics from the Commonwealth Games.Tens of thousands of items are[...]

Are religion and science always at odds? Here are three scientists that don't think so

Friday  16:31,   25 may 2018

<p>Is the conflict between religion and science as deep as some think? We talk to three scientists about how they reconcile their faith with their work.</p>Are you someone who sees nothing but a material world, the workings of which are just[...]

The Essential Phone 2 has reportedly been canceled

Friday  15:30,   25 may 2018

Essential has canceled plans to develop a second phone and is exploring selling off the entire company, according to Bloomberg.&nbsp;One thing that does sound certain is that Essential’s second phone — at least as it was originally planned —[...]

Amazon Music's app adds hands-free listening, courtesy of Alexa

Friday  15:30,   25 may 2018

In September, Amazon announced it was adding support for Alexa voice control to its Amazon Music app for iOS and Android.&nbsp;That means customers can command Alexa to do things like play or pause music, move back and forth between songs, and[...]

How Did Dino-Era Birds Survive the Asteroid 'Apocalypse'?

Friday  15:30,   25 may 2018

Fossil spores and bird family trees suggest that deforestation was a key factor in determining who survived 66 million years ago.The long-standing question, then, is why certain birds lived while others died in the mass extinction event at the end[...]

Apple blocks Steam's plan to extend its video games to iPhones

Friday  11:07,   25 may 2018

<p>Apple Inc has blocked the plans of the biggest distributor of PC-based video games to extend its reach into iPhones, according to the game distributor, a sign that Apple is serious about protecting its ability to take a cut of digital[...]

Hey Alexa, come clean about how much you’re really recording us

Friday  11:07,   25 may 2018

The Amazon Echo and Google Home promise to listen only when we give a “wake word.” But how often do they go off on their own?Putting live microphones in our homes has always been an out-there idea. But tech companies successfully marketed talking[...]

YouTube direct messaging moves from mobile to desktop

Friday  11:07,   25 may 2018

YouTube has been flirting with in-app messaging for a bit on mobile, and now it's finally ready to roll out private video messaging to the web. It looks pretty easy to use too, according to 9to5Google. In the upper righthand corner where your[...]

A NASA photographer caught the perfect SpaceX launch shot. Then his camera melted

Friday  10:08,   25 may 2018

For photographers, the Robert Capa adage “If your photographs aren’t good enough, you’re not close enough,” is a guiding principle. For NASA photographer Bill Ingalls, it can be updated to, “Even if your photos are good enough, and you’re[...]

Here's why you're getting so many emails about changing privacy policies

Friday  09:31,   25 may 2018

A big new European privacy regulation called GDPR goes into effect on May 25. But, because the internet crosses borders, many of their protections apply to people around the world, including Americans. GDPR says internet companies need to ask their[...]

Game Critic Totalbiscuit Has Died

Friday  07:39,   25 may 2018

After retiring from games criticism at the start of the month, YouTube personality John "Totalbiscuit" Bain has passed away.Bain’s wife, Genna, posted about his passing on[...]

Amazon Echo recorded, sent couple's private conversation

Friday  07:38,   25 may 2018

"Unplug your Alexa devices right now - you're being hacked," a voice on the other line said.Portland mother Danielle (last name not reported) told Seattle network KIRO 7 her family used the smart-speaker to control everything in their[...]

NBN 'kills' 100mbps fixed wireless product

Friday  07:31,   25 may 2018

Australians won't be able to get speeds of 100 megabits per second under the national broadband network's fixed wireless product.NBN chief executive Bill Morrow made the revelation to a Senate hearing late[...]

Mark Zuckerberg responds to Elon Musk's warnings against AI

Friday  05:07,   25 may 2018

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg was interviewed at the 2018 Viva Technology conference in Paris, where he talked about privacy and his thoughts on artificial intelligence.During an interview at the 2018 Viva Technology conference in Paris on Thursday,[...]