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How to create a folder on apps list screen in Galaxy S8 or S8+

Sunday  19:50,   28 may 2017
International Business Times

The apps list on the Galaxy S8 or S8+ displays all the stock apps and the ones that you have downloaded. Based on your priority, you can organise favourite apps by creating a folder on the apps list screen on your Galaxy[...]

Nintendo is reportedly boosting production of Switch consoles

Sunday  19:50,   28 may 2017
The Verge

Nintendo is ramping up its production order of Switch consoles ahead of the increased demand expected during the 2017 holiday shopping season, reports the Financial Times. The console sold extremely well following its launch in March, and[...]

Samsung accidentally spills the beans on two new phones

Sunday  15:56,   28 may 2017

Samsung references two unannounced Galaxy J phones on its website. Were they supposed to be secret?Samsung's Galaxy J5 (2017) and Galaxy J7 (2017) phones appeared on a an official website for its "Kids Mode" app, spotted by SamMobile. The site's in[...]

‘Smartphone addiction’ seems to only be getting stronger

Sunday  10:56,   28 may 2017
Tech Insider

When it comes to our smartphones, we seem to be more addicted than ever.  Even as the tech industry is trying to figure out what a post-smartphone world will look like, smartphone users are spending more and more time with their handsets.[...]

Google DeepMind's AlphaGo is retiring after beating the world's best human Go players

Sunday  10:56,   28 may 2017
International Business Times

'We hope that the story of AlphaGo is just the beginning,' DeepMind said.The Future of Go Summit, which took place from 23 to 27 May, was organised in collaboration with the Chinese government and the China Go Association focusing on the[...]

Mind-controlled bionic hand can help stroke patients move again

Sunday  10:25,   28 may 2017

Its creators proved that it can speed up a stroke survivor's rehabilitation.The cap picks up on the user's intention to open or close the paralyzed hand, the computer it's attached to amplifies those signals and the Ipsihand follows those[...]

Researchers find a more effective way to test self-driving cars

Sunday  10:25,   28 may 2017

Road-safe driverless vehicles could be ready sooner than you think.The team's own experiments also limited their metrics to the likelihoods of crashes, injuries (including severity) and "conflict[...]

The search for a habitable second Earth

Sunday  06:35,   28 may 2017

We’ve never had a better chance of finding extraterrestrial life -- if it exists.Scientists are torn on whether extraterrestrial life is abundant, rare or nonexistent. With 300 billion stars in the Milky Way, the late astronomer and futurist Carl[...]

How to use Snapchat in 2017

Sunday  05:40,   28 may 2017
The Verge

It’s easier than you’d[...]

Europe’s Mars Schiaparelli lander crashed due to a software glitch

Sunday  05:27,   28 may 2017
The Verge

A series of errors resulted in the parachute being released too earlyThe report highlights reveals a timeline for the crash, noting that “between [Entry in the Mars atmosphere] and Parachute Deployment triggering, an unexpected evolution in the spin [...]

The Australian Home Battery Storage Buying Guide

Sunday  05:21,   28 may 2017
Gizmodo Australia

In sunny Australia, household rooftop solar can be a great way to generate some of your own power, and potentially save money <g class="gr_ gr_5 gr-alert gr_gramm gr_inline_cards gr_run_anim Grammar multiReplace"[...]

How to choose the right laptop for you

Sunday  05:20,   28 may 2017
Popular Science

Everything you need to know. Make an informed choice when picking up your next laptop. You'd be forgiven for feeling a little bewildered by the huge choice of laptops on the market.&nbsp;Make an informed choice when picking up your next[...]

The 6 Greatest Software Innovations Of The Year

Sunday  05:15,   28 may 2017
Popular Science

<p>These are the best of what's new</p> Microsoft Skype Translator, The End of the Language[...]

Are America's Terrible Genetic Privacy Laws Hurting Science?

Sunday  05:10,   28 may 2017
Gizmodo Australia

As companies like 23andMe and help make genetic testing commonplace, you would think that people would become better at ensuring protections for the privacy of that data.&nbsp;But it isn't just a dystopian Gattaca future where[...]

Dubai’s first Robocop is every bit as weird as you’d expect

Sunday  04:10,   28 may 2017

The world’s first operational robot police officer joined the Dubai Police force on Sunday. The world’s first operational robot police officer joined the Emirates 24/7 News reports that the robocop greeted guests at the opening of the 4th Gulf[...]