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Sport Comment: Of course NFL players would dominate world rugby

18:05  06 june  2018
18:05  06 june  2018 Source:

John Eales statue at Suncorp Stadium ruffles a few rugby league feathers

  John Eales statue at Suncorp Stadium ruffles a few rugby league feathers The Wallabies legend and Reds captain will be honoured at the Milton Road end, Queensland's premier will announce today.But Nine News can exclusively reveal that Queensland Rugby Union will scoop its rival code, and receive its first bronze immortalisation at the iconic venue.

These are, after all, world -class professional athletes. Of course NFL players are making far too NFL players would be better suited to Rugby League perhaps I think this comment violates the Community Guidelines. Chat or rant, adult content, spam, insulting other members,show more.

ESPN senior American football writer Kevin Van Valkenburg has attracted vitriol after declaring that the USA would dominate world rugby if the NFL 's top talent were to be made available. In a tweet, Van Valkenburg said

a man playing a game of football© Provided by MediaWorks NZ Limited

He may have been ambitious in his timeline, but ESPN writer Kevin Van Valkerburg was right on the money when he tweeted earlier this week that football players would dominate if they played rugby. Naturally, he got hundreds of angry responses from rugby fans all over the world and successfully found the true national psyche of New Zealand: insecurity.

If NFL players decided to play rugby, America would dominate at world level. Of course they would. The argument isn't whether American Football or rugby produces better athletes (though the answer is still American Football with a few exceptions) it's simply a question of whether the athletes who excel in the NFL would also excel playing rugby. And the answer is of course.

Comment: Springboks naming Siya Kolisi as first black Test captain is one step on long road to change

  Comment: Springboks naming Siya Kolisi as first black Test captain is one step on long road to change <p>Most rugby teams in South Africa are even today still largely the preserve of white players and coaches.</p>As well as offering optimism for its future.

NFL football players sometimes gets criticized by non-fans of the sport for not having the stamina as other sports players do, but a lot of I think Jim Brown would have been a good rugby player .the era of football he played in was particularly tough and gritty, and he dominated that landscape.

NFL Agent Jack Bechta at Rugby World Cup to find next Jarryd Hayne. “In Hayne’s case, I hired the best NFL former coaches and surrounded him with former players and gave him a crash course on the basics before we decided to sign him to a team.

It's not even a question.

Americans train different. With the way kids are raised through their sports in America, there are very few sports they wouldn't dominate if they simply chose to pursue it. The way that Americans train means that by the time athletes get to the top leagues, their athleticism is unmatched.

New Zealand simply doesn't mass produce athletes like that because we don't train the same. Kenny McFadden knew this while coaching basketball in Wellington for two decades. He finally found someone he could train like an American and now Steven Adams is paid $20 million to play with the Americans. If Americans wanted to invest in and play rugby, they'd be the best in the world.

a screenshot of a cell phone© Provided by MediaWorks NZ Limited

Back in New Zealand, we live off the success of the All Blacks. World Champions. Greatest rugby team in history. The Best. Just as basketball, baseball and football players seek out America to be the best, rugby players from all over the world come to New Zealand to prove their worth. It's incredible. We're the greatest rugby nation in the world. And yet our insecurity around what that really means leads us to anger when someone dares suggest that our beloved rugby players aren't the most impressive athletes the world's ever seen.

He's free! Wallabies and New Zealand reach agreement on Pete Samu

  He's free! Wallabies and New Zealand reach agreement on Pete Samu Pete Samu will be free to play for the Wallabies against Ireland this week after Rugby Australia struck a deal with New Zealand.Rugby Australia chief executive Raelene Castle said: “I want to thank New Zealand Rugby for their consideration in releasing Peter for international duties.

There are different rugby leagues within England and around the world , but the most common type of rugby involves 15 players from each side. If NFL players were taught how to properly play rugby , they would dominate the international scene. Comments .

Imagine an NFL player playing Rugby , he'd dominate . Of course , guys like Jonah Lomu or the Tuilagi brothes are probably big, strong and athletic to make I think this comment violates the Terms of Service. Harm to minors, violence or threats, harassment or privacy invasion, impersonation or

The reality is, rugby is not a skillful sport. The All Blacks are clearly skilled players (as expected at the top of any sport) but the game itself is remarkably simple. There's a reason it's such a popular social sport; it's easy to pick up. Basketball is a sport that requires a very specific skill set. Soccer is the same. Rugby simply requires great athletes.

a rugby player on a field© Provided by MediaWorks NZ Limited

American football players are already more athletic than rugby players across the board and have all the necessary skills it takes to be great rugby players. Why? Because there aren't many skills. Catching, passing, kicking, spatial awareness, movement off the ball. They're all skills required in a number of other sports and to a higher degree. Few top athletes in other codes would require additional skills to play rugby. Any AFL player could beat the best rugby player under a high ball. Wide receivers would be just fine.

Folau sheds light on meeting with Pocock after anti-gay comment

  Folau sheds light on meeting with Pocock after anti-gay comment The two high-profile Wallabies do not see eye to eye on Folau's religious beliefs but will join forces against Ireland in Brisbane next Saturday.Folau and Pocock, two of Australian rugby’s biggest names, will link up together in Wallabies camp in Brisbane on Monday ahead of Australia’s three-Test series against Ireland.

Comments . Totally nonsense. AF athletes are conditioned to be stronger and bigger, sure, but that is a trade-off with the endurance needed to play rugby . Most retarded thing I've ever seen written. Put someone like greg inglis at RB and watch him dominate - visitor (9/6/2012). NFL Players hurl the ball

Source: Associated Press. In a tweet early yesterday morning, ESPN's senior American football writer declared that the USA would dominate world rugby , if the NFL 's top talent were to be made available.

A common argument against NFL players is that they wouldn't last 80 minutes. If rugby was truly played over 80 minutes, its players wouldn't last either. Football has regular stoppages between plays but each play is run at full capacity, with mental and physical engagement peaking. To think that those same players who can stay focused and perform short bursts of extreme speed and power over three hours wouldn't last 80 minutes of rugby is naive at best.

Rugby is full of stoppages. Putting aside lineouts and scrums, rugby players, especially backs, spend surprisingly little time engaging at full capacity. A 17 phase possession across a half may be an impressive rugby feat but for the backs who feature once or twice, it's a rest.

a close up of a person holding a baseball bat© Provided by MediaWorks NZ Limited

The funny thing about athletes is that while they train for their code, their athleticism isn't limited to the duration of their matches. Just because someone is a world-class 200m sprinter doesn't mean they're suddenly useless over 400m. American football players might play a game full of stoppages but that doesn't mean they train full of stoppages. They're some of the most impressive athletes in the world.

Australia wins sevens world series title

  Australia wins sevens world series title Australia's women's sevens rugby union team have won the world series title even before they step on to the field for the final against New Zealand.Australia reached the final on Saturday with a 21-17 win over the host nation France.

A Rugby team of the worst NFL players be trouncing any other Rugby team in the world . Guys like Adrian Wilson who are 6'3'' 230+lbs and runs a 4.5 would dominate . Adrian Peterson huge and fast.

The United States has been a fledgling rugby nation for 30 years, but one ESPN analyst has a quick fix that would see the Stars and Stripes dominate the world . Senior writer Kevin Van Valkenburg is adamant that if you plucked the best talent in the NFL and added in a few scrubs

The 'improvised' nature of rugby has similarly been touted as a perceived barrier for football players. But it's that same ad hoc nature of rugby that would make it so easy for athletes from other codes to excel. To think football players can't improvise is to reveal a real ignorance of the game. Watch any intercept play in the NFL and see improvisation at its finest. Defensive linemen become offensive blockers. Wide receivers become the first line of defence. It's the equivalent of the forward pack suddenly having to form a backline, all in a split second.

As for the pads thing. Rather than balk at the lack of padding, football players would have to tone down their explosiveness when playing rugby. Going from the massive impact of football where collisions happen from both players moving at speed, the near static nature of rugby's defensive line will be a drop in physicality. The transition to a less physical form of tackling would take some time but a full transition wouldn't occur. Instead, I believe if American football players started playing rugby, they'd change the game to suit themselves and everyone else would have to adjust. There are four sports that attract similar athletes with related skillsets. Rugby, Rugby League, Australian Rules, and American Football. Of the four, rugby is neither the fastest, longest, toughest or most skillful.

There are some rugby players who very well may have made great football players if raised in America. But the stream runs down from football to rugby, not the other way around.

If rugby became a lucrative sport in America, they wouldn't even need their best NFL athletes playing to dominate. Spend a decade transitioning some of the top high school running backs into a backline and some handy linebackers into a scrum and they'd be away running with the World Cup. While we as a country might be too insecure to admit it, we should just be grateful that America will probably never care enough about rugby to try.

New Zealand, England to fly players' union rep to Denver .
The competing nations have asked the RLPA's general manager of stakeholder relations Clint Newton to travel to Colorado.Despite the protracted debate over the merit of the mid-season Test, the New Zealand Rugby League and the Rugby Football League have dipped into their own pockets to allow the players' union's Clint Newton to see first hand the measures each country will take to ensure player welfare.

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