News: Offbeat

People are leaving hilarious reviews on Amazon for this $100 inflatable ball that's way bigger than they expected

Wednesday  17:57,   07 february 2018

A giant beach ball that measures 12 feet in diameter is the latest product on Amazon to go viral, thanks to its reviews. While Amazon users have been trolling products like this $9,000 Swiss Army Knife, or this banana slicer, for years, they've only [...]

'What are you talking about?': Rogue robot upstages Turkey minister

Wednesday  13:36,   07 february 2018

Being interrupted by impatient audience members is a headache -- but part of the job -- for most politicians. But for Turkey's Transport and Communications Minister Ahmet Arslan, the heckling on Tuesday came from an unusual source -- a stubborn[...]

World's Hairiest Man Has Hair Covering 98 Percent of His Body

Wednesday  13:36,   07 february 2018
Inside Edition

“Some people ask if it’s itchy," Larry Gomez says. "No, this is my normal life."With 98 percent of his entire body covered, the California man is officially the world’s[...]

It Just Snowed In the Sahara for the Second Time In Less Than a Month

Wednesday  09:18,   07 february 2018
Mental Floss

<p>Though it’s often referred to as “The Gateway to the Sahara,” the 137-year-old province in northwest Algeria is currently digging out from a rare—and unexpected—snowstorm that left the desert town covered in several inches of snow and battling [...]

Family Who Looked Like Cartoons in Professional Pictures After Photoshop Fail Gets a Do-Over

Tuesday  19:16,   06 february 2018
Inside Edition

Inside Edition arranged a re-do for the Zaring family, who were left unrecognizable in photos they received last month.The Zaring family, of St. Louis, Mo., went viral after their photographer attempted to edit their portraits earlier this[...]

Twitter Mocks Doritos "For Ladies That Don’t Like To Crunch Too Loudly"

Tuesday  19:16,   06 february 2018

Whenever big brands launch unnecessarily gendered products – with the women's version naturally costing more – they are roundly ridiculed online, so it's a wonder that companies are still at it, bringing out pointless women-only versions of[...]

McDonald's French Fries Might Cure Hair Loss, Reports Best Study Ever

Tuesday  13:31,   06 february 2018

Any well-versed French fry connoisseur will know that there are a lot of deep-fried potatoes out there. Some call ‘em chips. Others travel to the far corners of the Earth for the best "pomme frites.” But even the most elite of all fry experts will[...]

Hunter knocked out by goose falling from sky

Tuesday  11:20,   06 february 2018
Sky News

A hunter was knocked unconscious after being struck by a dead goose that had been shot and fell from the sky. Robert Meilhammer, 51, suffered a "severe head injury" after his hunting group fired at a flock of Canadian geese in Easton, Maryland.One[...]

Environmental percussion piece to mark New York festival

Monday  20:05,   05 february 2018

"Inuksuit" composer John Luther Adams' innovative percussion piece, played outdoors by dozens of players, will return for a free performance at New York's Caramoor summer festival.Adams, one of the leading living US composers whose [...]

Venice Carnival takes wing with 'flight of the angel'

Monday  16:12,   05 february 2018

Twenty thousand revellers, wearing masks and colourful period costumes, packed into St Mark's Square on Sunday for the "flight of the angel" marking the traditional opening of the Carnival of Venice.&nbsp;Tourists and Venetians[...]

Man Owns 6-Foot-Long Pet Crocodile: 'He Became Part of the Family'

Monday  16:11,   05 february 2018
Inside Edition

He has had it for 20[...]

Photo Of Mysterious Sea Creature Confuses Internet

Monday  08:51,   05 february 2018
International Business Times

The photo taken Friday at Duranbah Beach near Tweeds Heads showed a young surfer paddling very close to the aquatic animals.The photo taken Friday at Duranbah Beach near Tweeds Heads showed a young surfer paddling very close to the aquatic[...]

An artist is reimagining England’s national parks in the style of J.R.R. Tolkien’s maps

Monday  04:20,   05 february 2018
The Verge

He’ll be working on other national parks soon as wellDan Bell says that he began reading Tolkien’s books when he was 11 or 12 years old, and fell in love with them. “The most appealing thing about them is that they allow your imagination to run[...]

Nevada Division of Tourism Offers Travel Guide For UFOs

Sunday  19:41,   04 february 2018

The state is welcoming all aliens and alien-seekers with a fresh itinerary.In response to the news that UFOs may indeed have visited Earth, TravelNevada published a fresh itinerary welcoming extraterrestrials into the state; or more[...]

Dutch moo-ved to save Hermien the escaping cow

Sunday  19:05,   04 february 2018

Fame and fortune have smiled on Hermien the Dutch cow, who escaped as she was being sent to slaughter, and has become a social network star after a month on the hoof. Thanks to her tenacity and a crowd-funding campaign which has raised 48,000 euros, [...]