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Couple Has 17 Kangaroos in Their Home: 'I've Woken Up to One on My Head'

Sunday  14:40,   11 february 2018
Inside Edition

Theresa and Tony Matthews of Victoria, Australia, rescue and rehabilitate kangaroos.Theresa and Tony Matthews of Victoria, Australia, have dedicated their lives to rehabilitating orphaned[...]

Injured Albino Raccoon Rescued, Nursed Back to Health

Sunday  04:35,   11 february 2018
Inside Edition

Some wildlife biologists believe that the chances for albinism are 1 in every 750,000 raccoons, according to the rescue center.The critter was brought to the Humane Animal Rescue in Verona after he was found with an infected wound on his back in[...]

Desperate scientists created a profile for a frog who may be the last of his species

Sunday  04:35,   11 february 2018

There’s a chance a frog who lives in a tank in a Bolivian museum is the last of his species. But he reportedly hasn’t given…Conservation biologists haven’t given up hope either. They tend to hate watching species they study go extinct. So a group of [...]

Topless Tongan's secret weapon against freezing cold: coconut oil

Saturday  19:16,   10 february 2018

The Tongan flag-bearer's secret has been revealed: it was coconut oil that kept him warm when he paraded half-naked at the Winter Olympics opening ceremony. Pita Taufatofua braved bitter cold to go topless at the ceremony, where real-feel[...]

A student failed an assignment because her professor believed Australia 'is not a country'

Saturday  16:02,   10 february 2018

Australia is, in fact, a country. The student, Ashley Arnold, is working towards an online sociology degree with the university. For one of her final assignments, she had to compare a social norm in the United States to another country. She chose to [...]

Atomic kittens: 'Trump and Kim' play nice at Olympics

Saturday  08:56,   10 february 2018

As the Pyeongchang Olympics opened Friday the sight of two bellicose "world leaders" putting aside the threat of nuclear war warmed the cockles on a freezing cold night. As excited spectators filed into the Olympic Stadium for the gala[...]

Bid to find a Valentine for Romeo, world's 'loneliest frog'

Friday  19:05,   09 february 2018

With Valentine's Day approaching, please spare a thought for Romeo the lonesome Bolivian frog. Ten years a bachelor, the childless amphibian has had to enlist human help to mount a last-ditch search for a Juliet which, if it fails, could mean[...]

Uniformly panned: Japan Armani school kit sparks storm

Friday  15:37,   09 february 2018

A Japanese school's plan to introduce Armani-branded uniforms for its students, at a cost of nearly $750 a pop, has sparked complaints and fierce debate, even reaching as far as parliament. The local education board confirmed to AFP that the[...]

Mexican Inspectors Find Tiger Cub in Express Mail Package

Friday  10:37,   09 february 2018
Inside Edition

<p>For some reason, someone tried to express mail a baby tiger in Mexico.</p>A sedated, two-month-old Bengal tiger was found inside a plastic container, padded by newspapers, but with no food or water, Mexican authorities[...]

We're Absolutely Obsessed With This "ICU Grandpa"

Thursday  16:13,   08 february 2018
Good Housekeeping

He's sometimes even called the "Baby Whisperer"!It all began in the early '00s, when Deutchman, retired from his career as a marketing executive, approached the staff at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta and asked about volunteer[...]

Gramma and Ginga Have the Funniest Sibling Rivalry

Thursday  09:57,   08 february 2018
Good Housekeeping

Introducing Gramma and Ginga, your new obsessions.It all started when Gramma's grandson, 50-year-old Frank Fumich, started filming their regular sisterly arguments and putting the videos on his Facebook page. His Facebook friends seemed to find[...]

This Bicultural Couple’s Maternity Shoot Is A Beautiful Blend Of Their Cultures

Thursday  07:22,   08 february 2018

Ever since they got married, Sherine and Alessandro Valverde have done their best to blend Sherine’s Indian heritage with Alessandro’s Hispanic heritage.&nbsp;The Valverdes strove to celebrate what they call their “IndiSpanic” culture during a[...]

London Photographer Captures the Dogs of the World in Their Own Habitats

Thursday  07:21,   08 february 2018
Mental Floss

The unique personalities of the dogs come through, no matter where they live.According to My Modern Met, Schaller started out photographing people he met on his travels. The high-contrast, black-and-white look of his work has earned him widespread[...]

Police on 'poo watch' over drug suspect's loo strike

Thursday  07:21,   08 february 2018
Sky News

A suspected drug dealer who hid a stash of Class A drugs inside his body when he was arrested has been in custody for three weeks because he refuses to go to the toilet, police have said. Essex Police's Operation Raptor West unit arrested the man - [...]

Fourteenth time the charm? Mother of 13 sons expecting another child

Wednesday  17:59,   07 february 2018
FOX News

A Michigan couple with 13 sons in is expecting another child and they won't know the sex until the baby is born.Kateri and Jay Schwandt's baby is due in April but the couple has decided to keep the baby's sex a surprise, just like they did the[...]