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This Museum Is Hiring Someone to Put Together 18th-Century Puzzles

Saturday  13:35,   11 november 2017
Good Housekeeping

Puzzle enthusiasts, this one's for you.The museum has a collection of 7,500 puzzles from as late as the 1700s - and some of them have missing pieces. According to the Penny Hoarder, the person who gets hired wouldn't complete every puzzle, but[...]

Japanese PM falls in bunker while golfing with Trump

Saturday  08:36,   11 november 2017
New York Daily News

Japanese Prime Minister took a tumble while trying to escape a sand trap as he golfed with President Trump.Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe took a tumble while trying to escape a sand trap as he golfed with President Trump earlier this[...]

Four Women In One Family Wore The Same Handmade Wedding Gown From 1932

Saturday  06:05,   11 november 2017

Over the last 85 years, four women in one family have worn the same silk dress for their weddings. appeared on HuffPost .It all started with Maria Teresa Moreno ― known by her relatives as “Grande” ― who made the gown herself before her own wedding[...]

9-Month-Old Ring Bearer Falls Asleep While Going Down the Aisle

Friday  20:52,   10 november 2017
Inside Edition

"He is always talking and laughing – that’s why it was so funny he fell asleep," said the bride and the boy's mom Roselee Sadek.9-month-old Maxen Pierce was asked to carry the ring down the aisle in a radio-controlled car during his[...]

Couple Floats Dog in Air as Part of Gender Reveal: 'It Was So Magical'

Friday  16:21,   10 november 2017
Inside Edition

The 7-year-old Yorkie seemed to enjoy the moment."We wanted to do something unique," Brook Holton, 29, told "We were throwing ideas around and the craziest one that came up was floating my dog with helium. So we figured out how to [...]

New York City's Gregory Hotel Unveils a Stranger Things-Themed Room

Friday  13:38,   10 november 2017
Mental Floss

Luckily for visitors, it's way cozier than the Upside Down.Thankfully, the room looks nothing like the Upside Down (and is likely warmer, to boot). In addition to streaming service via in-room Google Chromecast, it comes with both a light-up[...]

Otterly scary: Wolf-sized ancestors revealed

Friday  13:37,   10 november 2017
Sky News

Otters have ancestors who were the size of wolves and roamed Earth six million years ago, scientists have discovered. A far cry from the cute-looking animals shared on social media today, Siamogale melilutra weighed about 50kg and had an unusually[...]

This video of people swimming to the edge of a 338-foot waterfall in Zambia is going viral

Friday  13:37,   10 november 2017

Everybody is freaking out about this video that shows people defying death and swimming to the edge of a 338-foot waterfall in Zambia. See what it's like at Devil's Pool.With a whopping 10 million views on Facebook, this thrilling attraction [...]

School asks permission for kids to eat KitKats

Friday  10:51,   10 november 2017
Sky News

A head teacher wrote to parents to ask for permission for their children to eat a KitKat as part of a literacy lesson. Hopton Primary School in Mirfield, West Yorkshire, is teaching pupils about instruction writing during this half-term's classes -[...]

Pope stubs out cigarette sales at the Vatican

Friday  07:35,   10 november 2017

Pope Francis has outlawed the sale of cigarettes at the Vatican in a bid to lead by example on healthy living. "The Holy Father has decided that the Vatican will cease to sell cigarettes to employees as of 2018," the Vatican said in a statement on[...]

Turkish daredevil jumps from Istanbul's Galata Tower in modern first

Thursday  19:08,   09 november 2017

Turkey's best known base jumper on Thursday successfully leapt from the iconic Galata Tower in Istanbul, following in the footsteps of a legendary Ottoman aviator almost four centuries ago. Cengiz Kocak, 44, landed safely and his parachute[...]

Party time in the cemetery as Bolivians fete skulls

Thursday  15:06,   09 november 2017

Some wear glasses. Others have sombreros and a cigar. These are Bolivia's "natitas" -- human skulls with miracle-working powers. On Wednesday thousands of people and their skulls converged on La Paz's oldest cemetery as part of a[...]

Witch doctor spells injury hope for Tuilagi

Thursday  10:53,   09 november 2017

England centre Manu Tuilagi revealed Wednesday that he had consulted a witch doctor in his native Samoa in a desperate attempt to cure the long-standing injury problems which have plagued his career. The 26-year-old Leicester battering ram said his[...]

Filipino artist makes Trump action figure from flip flops

Thursday  07:20,   09 november 2017

A Filipino artist who won fame for his flip-flop sandal carving of a superhero this year has turned his talents to creating an action figure of U.S. President Donald Trump. The American leader is due to arrive in Manila on Sunday to attend a[...]

Move over Mickey: In Germany, Donald Duck reigns

Wednesday  17:37,   08 november 2017

Mickey Mouse may be Disney's top star in most parts of the world, but in Germany Donald Duck is king. More than 50 years after the cartoon featuring the hot-tempered duck arrived in the land of Goethe, it remains one of the bestselling comic[...]