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Kim Kardashian has very muscular arms in a new hilarious 'Gym Kardashian' meme — and it's going viral

Sunday  10:06,   18 february 2018

"Gym Kardashian" is a version of Kim Kardashian with bigger, buffer arms. And she's here for you.- It started out with a series of Photoshopped pictures that went viral on[...]

Runaway Emu Spotted In Texas City

Sunday  10:06,   18 february 2018
International Business Times

Someone's emu got loose in Fulshear, Texas and was spotted by local police, who tweeted a picture of the flightless bird.Check your yard, you missing an Emu? Call us 281-346-2202.[...]

Oxford Student Wins Prize For Photo Of Atom Taken With DSLR Camera

Saturday  11:42,   17 february 2018

An Oxford University student who captured an image of a single atom has won a top science photography prize. David Nadlinger captured the winning photo of an atom suspended between electric fields using a standard digital single-lens reflex camera, [...]

Dam Clever: Rescue Beaver Builds Barricade Out of Stuffed Animals

Saturday  11:41,   17 february 2018
Inside Edition

Apparently, the beaver does this more often than you might think.Justin Beaver, known to his friends as JB, is 7 months old and was orphaned before he was adopted by the Brouillard[...]

Zebra Named Zinfandel Is in Charge of Herding Goats At This Oregon Farm

Saturday  11:41,   17 february 2018
Inside Edition

“She growed up with the goats and adopted the goats as if they were hers,” farmer Norman Vizina said.A zebra named Zinfandel is in charge of herding the 110 Boer goats living at a farm in Lebanon,[...]

New LEGO Set Lets Harry Potter Fans Apparate to the Hogwarts Great Hall

Saturday  07:37,   17 february 2018
Mental Floss

It's the next best thing to receiving a Hogwarts acceptance letter.After reading the books and watching the movies, you may worry you've run out of ways to experience the world of Harry Potter at home. But soon, apparating to Hogwarts will be as [...]

'Easy on the fries!', Japan scientists tell hopeful bald people

Friday  20:06,   16 february 2018

Japanese scientists have warned that eating french fries will not cure baldness, after research was published suggesting that chemicals used in cooking fried potatoes could help fight hair loss. A research team at Yokohama National University[...]

Milk spas and manicures: A Hong Kong dog's life

Friday  19:07,   16 february 2018

For Hong Kong poodle Cream, grooming goes way beyond a brush and toe-clip -- her deluxe once-a-month pampering includes lavender oxygen therapy and a milk bath. As the city welcomes the Year of the Dog, pet owners are pushing out the boat more than[...]

Pittsburgh Hospital Dresses Newborns Like Team USA Athletes for Baby Competition

Friday  09:51,   16 february 2018
Inside Edition

The categories included "Best Napper" and "Strongest Lungs."The maternity ward staff at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center Magee-Women's Hospital dressed their charges in teeny outfits and knitted caps to celebrate the[...]

Watch a flight attendant save the day by singing to a crying baby on a long-haul flight

Friday  09:51,   16 february 2018

Flight attendant Gina Reyes helped soothe a crying toddler on a long flight, and her act of kindness went viral.- When one of her toddlers got upset, flight attendant Gina Reyes scooped him[...]

X-ray images show woman riding conveyor belt with handbag through security machine

Friday  04:53,   16 february 2018
FOX News

She didn't want it to be unattended.Security footage shows the traveler riding down the conveyor belt and getting out at the other end with her belongings at the Dongguan Railway Station in southern China, the BBC[...]

Double Proposal! Identical Twin Brothers Pop the Question to Identical Twin Sisters

Thursday  19:01,   15 february 2018
Inside Edition

The couples met at a twins festival in Twinsburg, Ohio, of all places.Brittany and Briana Deane got engaged at exactly the same time on Feb. 2 to Josh and Jeremy Salyers. Briana is engaged to Jeremy, while Brittany will marry[...]

Penguins Celebrate Valentine's Day in California

Thursday  15:07,   15 february 2018

Humans aren't the only ones who celebrate their love on February 14.But it also celebrates partnership, which is why biologist Vikki McCloskey helps the penguins at the California Academy of Science Museum's Steinhart Aquarium celebrate the[...]

Daniel Craig puts his Bond car up for auction

Thursday  15:06,   15 february 2018

Aston Martin cars have appeared in Bond films over nearly 50 years, beginning with 1964's "Goldfinger" in which Sean Connery drove a silver Aston Martin DB5. The brand has appeared in all four Bond films starring Craig. Craig's[...]

Dog's Dreams of Joining Kansas Governor's Race Are Dashed

Thursday  09:45,   15 february 2018
Inside Edition

The wired-haired Vizsla, who is 3 in human years, officially entered the race last weekend. After reading about teens who recently entered the race, Terran said he read through bylaws on the requirements for Kansas governor and it wasn't written[...]