Offbeat Swim With a Pineapple Under the Sea at America's First Museum for Scuba Divers

09:30  11 may  2018
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1500 s - Leonardo da Vinci designs the first known scuba . 1828 - Lemaire d'Augerville patents a " swimming belt" designed to enable divers to swim in mid-water and ascend or descend as needed for their 1869: Jules Verne popularizes the concept of scuba in 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea .

And the answer is YES – non- swimmers CAN scuba dive Phuket! Do I need to be able to swim to Scuba Dive ? It is not unusual that someone who is fearful of being in the sea still has a compelling urge to go scuba diving .

  Swim With a Pineapple Under the Sea at America's First Museum for Scuba Divers © iStock At the first underwater museum in the U.S., you’ll find a motley crew of characters. There's an oversized skull, a deer, a pineapple, and a model of undersea explorer Jacques Cousteau's scuba mask.

Seven sculptures in total are coming to the Underwater Museum of Art—UMA for short, pronounced like the actress—which will make its debut off the coast of South Walton, Florida, in late June.

a close up of a tree: A skull sculpture© Provided by The Week Publications A skull sculpture

Unlike most museums, visitors don't need to buy tickets. But they will need their own scuba or freediving gear, plus a boat to get to the diving spot, which is located less than a mile off the coast of Grayton Beach.

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The Aquarium offers two dives the first in a freshwater tank with local fish such as carps, walleye The National Aquarium, Baltimore’ s Guest Diver Program is an opportunity for scuba divers to The Dive and Swim with the fish programs take place in the Aquariums “ Under the Sea ” tank, while the

Snorkel dive in the Under the Sea exhibit. One ( 1 ) Aquarium Admission Entry Pass, for the participant (that day). Swim with the Fish T-shirt. The use of all Snorkeling Equipment. Dive guides from A- 1 Scuba & Travel Aquatics Center who will assist you throughout your entire experience.

The sculptures lie at a depth of 60 feet in an area containing an artificial reef, which has grown over the years in an effort to encourage marine life. And statues certainly aren't the only thing to admire underwater—divers have a good chance of spotting turtles, snappers, groupers, and all types of reef fish, according to Andy McAlexander, president of the South Walton Artificial Reef Association (SWARA), which founded the museum in collaboration with the Cultural Arts Alliance of Walton County (CAA).

"It's the Gulf of Mexico. Anything could swim by you," McAlexander says.

underwater view of a swimming pool: A turtle reef© Provided by The Week Publications A turtle reef

McAlexander played a key role in helping UMA get off the ground, and organizers plan to continue expanding their underwater art collection. "We plan on doing it every year, so we'll select between five and seven [artworks] a year from now on," he tells Mental Floss.

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Rather than pop to the surface, as most divers do after entering the water, I stay under and spin There are three of them circling me . Cuba' s Secret Scuba Dive Site Is One of a Kind. Ripe guava, papaya, and pineapple cover the table almost every meal in the airy salon where we eat together.

They may not be a pineapple under the sea , but these underwater attractions will have you diving into some wild times. To visit an underwater museum that doesn’t require a scuba suit, head to Baiheliang in Fuling, China.

When the CAA put out the call for artists who wanted to submit (and submerge) their artwork, they received about 20 entries. Above all else, the sculptures had to be environmentally-friendly and toxin-free, so materials were limited to steel, concrete, and aluminum. That was no problem for artist Rachel Herring, whose father owns a metal fabricating shop. She had taken a few welding lessons from him in the past and put that knowledge to use to construct a large, metal pineapple.

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Now retired, she continues to follow her passion, teaching and motivating students in a different classroom – under the sea . This year Lori will celebrate her 20 th year as a Scuba Instructor, teaching both beginners and advanced divers .

While it is obvious that things like boats and other water vehicles can be heard by marine life under the water, what about human activities like swimming , canoeing and scuba diving ? During the 175th Meeting of the Acoustical Society of America , being held May 7-11, 2018, in Minneapolis, Minnesota

a person standing in front of a tree: A pineapple sculpture© Provided by The Week Publications A pineapple sculpture

"The pineapple is the symbol of friendship and welcoming, and what better way to welcome wildlife and tourists alike to the Underwater Museum of Art?" Herring writes on her website. "It is intentionally hollow to shelter small fish and wildlife. From above, the leaves splay out to create the view of a sun from above, which is the symbol of life."

Another sculpture mimicking Aqua Lung, a scuba mask invented in the '40s by Cousteau and Émile Gagnan, was created with help from local school students.

The museum may be the first permanent underwater sculpture exhibit in the U.S., but there are other places to see submerged art. In Key Largo, Florida, an underwater sculpture dubbed "Christ of the Abyss" depicts Jesus with outstretched arms.

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