Offbeat Ancient Egypt: Secret Room Discovered in Great Pyramid

19:51  07 august  2017
19:51  07 august  2017 Source:   Newsweek

A 3500-Year-Old ‘Lunch Box’ Discovered in Switzerland Once Contained Bronze Age Cereal

  A 3500-Year-Old ‘Lunch Box’ Discovered in Switzerland Once Contained Bronze Age Cereal The find could help experts learn more about how farming developed in Europe during the Bronze Age.Around 3500 years ago, a traveler forging their way through a mountain pass in the Swiss Alps may have dropped their lunch box. As the International Business Times reports, archaeologists studying a Bronze Age wooden container discovered some 8500 feet above sea level found molecular traces of ancient "cereal": wheat and barley or rye grains. These contents could help experts learn more about how farming emerged in Europe during the Bronze Age, according to the researchers' new study published in the journal Nature Scientific Reports.

Great Pyramid 's secret rooms revealed: Two mysterious 'cavities' are uncovered in Egypt 's 4 Great Pyramid of Giza is one of the seven wonders of the ancient world Experts have now confirmed the existence of hidden space in the pyramid using radiography scanning Another 'cavity' was discovered on the pyramid 's northeast flank, said the researchers who are

Ancient Egyptian Temples. Karnak Great Court for MAC and Windows FREE. The Giza pyramids were erected on a rocky plateau on the west bank of the Nile in northern Egypt and were connected, by covered causeways, to mortuary temples in the valley below the plateau.

  Ancient Egypt: Secret Room Discovered in Great Pyramid © Provided by IBT Media An international team of archaeologists believes it is on the cusp of pinpointing the location of a secret room hidden within the Great Pyramid of Giza as it uses cutting-edge laser technology to map the 4,500-year-old ancient Egyptian wonder.

Medhi Tayoubi, president of the Heritage Innovation Preservation Institute heading the ScanPyramids project, said that the team, which use infrared thermography to map sub atomic particles, had confirmed there was a hidden room inside the structure. Now the archaeologists need to find its exact location. We know there is a secret room, but not where it is," Tayoubi said according to the Italian newspaper La Stampa.

Under ICBM's red glare, Pyongyang pretties up its 'pyramid'

  Under ICBM's red glare, Pyongyang pretties up its 'pyramid' While North Korea's second launch of an intercontinental ballistic missile dominated headlines late last week, Pyongyang quietly unveiled renovations around the capital's biggest landmark: a futuristic, pyramid-shaped 105-story hotel , the world's tallest unoccupied building.After decades of embarrassing delays and rumors that the building may not even be structurally sound, could this be Kim Jong Un's next pet project?If nothing else, it at least has a new propaganda sign: "Rocket Power Nation.

According to the article, in 1988, French Egyptologist Louis Caparat, discovered this mummy in 1988 in a secret room of the Great Pyramid and, "was If the intelligence agencies want to get their hands on a device or documents, it means they think that the civilization of ancient Egypt was, in some areas

The Great Pyramid , also known as the Pyramid of Khufu is Egypt 's oldest and biggest pyramid . Scan Pyramids : Secret passages and rooms in ancient Egyptian structures to be revealed. 'No God except Allah': Medieval grafitti by ancient pilgrims discovered in Egyptian cave.

However, other archaeologists collaborating on the project are being more cautious in their projections. Egypt's former Minister of Antiquities Zahi Hawass characterized what had been discovered thus far as “anomalies” or “small voids” between the stones.

In October last year the group announced their discovery of a previously undiscovered cavity 105 meters high in a north eastern section of the pyramid. It was hoped the discovery could be a corridor.

The Great Pyramid is also known as the Pyramid of Khufu for the fourth dynasty pharaoh who built it between  2580–2560 B.C. The modern tourist attraction has a rich and storied history of adventurer explorers searching for an elusive Pharaonic treasure inside. They often used methods less sensitive than lasers. In 820 A.D. the Caliph al-Mamoun began digging tunnels into the walls of the mammoth building in search of its secrets. The British and Italian 19th century Egyptologists Richard Vyse and Giovanni Battista Caviglia blasted holes in the pyramid using dynamite.

Egyptologists go high tech to unlock ancient mysteries

  Egyptologists go high tech to unlock ancient mysteries From the Giza pyramids to the pharaonic tombs of Luxor, Egypt's ancient monuments are holding onto mysteries which researchers now aim to unravel with cutting edge technology.  For more than 200 years since Napoleon Bonaparte landed in Egypt with a retinue of scholars who laid the groundwork for modern Egyptology, experts have used science to unlock the secrets of the country's ancient treasures.

Have scientists discovered two secret chambers ? Image Credit: CC BY-SA 3.0 Nina Aldin Thune. Two previously-unknown cavities have been identified within the walls of Egypt 's Great Pyramid of Giza. Ancient Hippocrates text discovered in Egypt 7-17-2017.

Discovering Ancient Egypt . Ancient Egyptian Kings & Queens. Cleopatra. Egypt ’s Ten Greatest Discoveries . John Romer Ancient Lives. Queen Nefertiti. Newsletter 50 Unearthed Dark Secrets of the Pyramid July 20, 2016.

"Just like X-rays pass through our bodies allowing us to visualise our skeleton, these elementary particles, weighing around 200 times more than electrons, can very easily pass through any structure, even large and thick rocks, such as mountains," Tayoubi told Discovery News in 2015 when describing the 21st century techniques being used at Giza.

It is hoped the success of the new technology will lead to further discoveries. British Egyptologist Nicholas Reeves believes the remains of the 14th century B.C. Egyptian queen Nefertiti were hidden in a secret chamber in the tomb of Tutankhamun. A team from Politecnico University in Turin, Italy will use methods used in medical scans creating magnetic fields to investigate the site in the Valley of the Kings once again.

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