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'Lego emergency' yields hundreds of toy bricks for Italian hospital

Sunday  12:16,   20 august 2017
Relaxnews (AFP)

A pediatric cancer hospital in northern Italy thanked supporters online Friday after a desperate and unusual appeal for toys earlier in the week yielded hundreds of boxes of Lego building bricks.  "What a pleasure to see a child able to[...]

Very Pregnant Pit Bull Enjoys a Baby Shower on the Beach

Saturday  20:55,   19 august 2017
Inside Edition

Winter, a white pit bull, was photographed enjoying dog-friendly treats and a variety of gifts on the beach in a post that went viral on Twitter. The owners of a pregnant pit bull have prepared her for motherhood in the best way possible[...]

Japanese Artist Yayoi Kusama to Launch Her Own Museum in Tokyo

Saturday  20:55,   19 august 2017
Mental Floss

The renowned artist kept the news under wraps to surprise her fans.As The New York Times reports, Kusama has announced that she's opening her own art museum in the city’s Shinjuku neighborhood. Slated to open on October 1, 2017, it’s dedicated to[...]

Boy with Down syndrome bonds with personal trainer

Saturday  15:55,   19 august 2017
CBS News

13-year-old Florida boy may be the student, but the personal trainer says he's the one who's learningOver the past year, the pair from Naples, Florida, have bonded. They play basketball together, share meals and dance to hip-hop like no[...]

Eclipse-chasers trot the globe, addicted to Moon's shadow

Saturday  12:00,   19 august 2017

Eclipse-chasers are a dedicated crew of scientists who travel the globe to catch a few moments in eerie darkness, and even after seeing dozens of eclipses, they say they can't get enough.Also known as "umbraphiles," these self-described addicts[...]

2-Week-Old Orphaned Piglet Comforts Kitten Friend as She Suffers Seizure

Saturday  11:58,   19 august 2017
Inside Edition

Sriracha the kitten was diagnosed with a neurological disorder called cerebellar hypoplasia and suffers from seizures. Sometimes, all it takes is a friend.Batman, an orphaned piglet living at the Rancho Relaxo rescue in Woodstown, N.J., could be[...]

Man Nearly Killed in Bridge Jump Reunites With His Rescuers: 'You Died 7 Times'

Saturday  11:58,   19 august 2017
Inside Edition

Tyler Wright got to shake hands with the two who saved him after he attempted a backflip off an abandoned bridge. The man who was nearly killed after plunging 65 feet off a bridge in Washington State has met with the teenage heroes who saved his[...]

Paramedic Student Saves Choking Man in Coffee Shop Prior to Internship Interview

Saturday  05:42,   19 august 2017
Inside Edition

Will Stewart, 23, said he and a group of other students went to the cafe to calm their nerves before the interview. A California student training to be a paramedic rescued a choking man at a coffee shop on his way to an interview for a job in the[...]

Drone will walk your dog along GPS route

Friday  14:57,   18 august 2017

There's a drone for everything, including one to walk your dog thanks to a U.K. company. Drones Direct, based in West Yorkshire, England, is telling customers: "Give the dog a drone." The company is selling Proflight Walkies Dog Drones, which[...]

This 27-Year-Old Founder Is Helping Sick Children Heal With Video Games

Friday  14:16,   18 august 2017

Zach Wigal's nonprofit Gamers Outreach Foundation provides technology and video games to children coping with long-term medical treatment. And it all began after corrupting the minds of youth with a video game tournament.This is the thinking[...]

Giant Sloth Fossil Discovered In Underwater Cave

Friday  12:02,   18 august 2017
International Business Times

A giant sloth fell into a pit about 12,000 years ago and scientists have found its huge bones.According to the National Institute of Anthropology and History, or INAH for short, archaeologists have managed to collect some of the bones lying about[...]

3-Year-Old Boy With Cerebral Palsy Takes His First Steps, Thanks to Miracle Surgery

Friday  06:56,   18 august 2017
Inside Edition

"He's proud," 3-year-old Dalton's mom said. "You can see how proud he is."Thanks to a miracle surgery, Dalton, of Litchfield, Ill., has taken his first steps around the house, without a walker, a cane or even a helping[...]

Groom's Emotional Reaction To Seeing His Bride Is Just So Romantic

Friday  06:35,   18 august 2017

This groom’s powerful reaction to seeing his bride come down the aisle is hitting the internet right in the feels. This groom’s powerful reaction to seeing his bride come down the aisle is hitting the internet right in the[...]

An Entire County in Florida Just Banned Homework, Says to Read Instead

Thursday  18:22,   17 august 2017
Good Housekeeping

What do you think of this new policy?Instead of homework, Marion County Public Schools families will be encouraged to read to their children for at least 20 minutes each night. According to the Washington Post, students can choose what they want to[...]

Sisters Recreate Maternity Photo After Giving Birth Minutes Apart

Thursday  18:22,   17 august 2017

Two sisters who gave birth minutes apart celebrated the “twin cousins” in an adorable way. Corey Talbott and Katie Morgan gave birth to their daughters on Aug. 10, 2016, just 15 minutes apart. Talbott welcomed Ryatt Rae (her second child),[...]