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L.A. subway construction unearths treasure trove of fossils

Saturday  10:11,   24 march 2018
CBS News

One of the largest subway construction projects in the country is providing a window into Los Angeles' prehistoric pastLeger is still deep in the[...]

5 times people swore that dogs looked like celebrities

Saturday  06:31,   24 march 2018

We rounded up all the times that the internet thought they'd found a doggie doppelganger for a celeb.<br>We rounded up all of our favorite times that dogs have gone viral because of their star power and similarities to[...]

Adorable kindergartener's weather report cracks up the internet

Friday  13:57,   23 march 2018

You saw it here, folks. Carden Corts clearly has a future in broadcast journalism.&nbsp;The 6-year-old kindergartner, who hails from Nashville, Tennesse, has gone viral for his adorable weather report. With the help of his father, who is head of [...]

Shot of cognac sells in London bar for £10k

Friday  13:56,   23 march 2018
Sky News

A shot of cognac has sold in a London bar for £10,014, setting a new world record. A shot of cognac has sold in a London bar for £10,01 The 40ml serving of Rome de Bellegarde sold on Wednesday night after it was discovered in the cellars of cognac [...]

Video of monkey with human face goes viral, has social media in splits

Thursday  17:37,   22 march 2018
International Business Times

The viral video shows the monkey in a Chinese zoo having very human-like features especially its eyes and its mouth.In the video, a black small monkey is seen sitting close to the glass wall of the enclosure and looking for something on the[...]

Ivanka Trump Has Her Own Dog Doppelganger, Twitter Says

Wednesday  17:17,   21 march 2018

Twitter users juxtaposed a picture of the dog with a photo of Ivanka Trump getting her makeup done before the Met Gala.The social media phenomenon was started by a post from Twitter user Francesca, who shared a photo of a dog with brown eyes, a long [...]

You're not legally allowed to die in this remote Norweigan town

Wednesday  17:16,   21 march 2018

People don't die in this remote Norweigan town.&nbsp;Longyearbyen may be pretty mystical-looking, but (disappointingly) this bizarre quick is not due to  an ancient Arctic magic gifting the 2,000 town residents with[...]

People Are Struggling to Find the Hidden Bunny in This Colorful Easter-Themed Puzzle — Can You Spot It?

Wednesday  13:22,   21 march 2018

For Easter this year, online retailer Lenstore UK created a spring-inspired image with flowers, Easter eggs, and a hidden bunny. See if you can spot it.For Easter this year, online retailer Lenstore UK created a colorful, spring-inspired image[...]

Prepare to Be Stumped By This Math Problem Meant for Fifth Graders

Wednesday  13:22,   21 march 2018
Mental Floss

Numbers are[...]

Firefighters Rescue Puppies From Gutter Only to Find They Were Actually Foxes

Tuesday  17:17,   20 march 2018
Inside Edition

A veterinarian revealed it was a litter of red foxes when they arrived at a shelter.A fireman from the Colorado Springs Fire Department was caught on camera pulling out at least eight black-colored pups from a storm drain last[...]

Jesse James jackpot: Outlaw photo bought on eBay for $10 could be worth $2 million

Tuesday  14:02,   20 march 2018
FOX News

A mysterious 19th-century photograph bought on eBay for just $10 could be worth $2 million after experts identified it as an extremely rare portrait of infamous outlaw Jesse James. Justin Whiting, who lives in Spalding, U.K., bought the tintype for[...]

Nicaraguans appeal to St Lazarus to cure pet dogs

Tuesday  14:01,   20 march 2018

Forget the vet -- worshippers in Nicaragua appealed to a higher power to cure their beloved canine friends Sunday, during an annual festival in honor of Saint Lazarus. Dressed up as angels, sports players, sailors and princesses, dogs in the western [...]

Missing giant yellow duck found in Australia

Tuesday  07:01,   20 march 2018

A giant yellow inflatable duck named Daphne that made a break from its moorings in Australia has been located after a week on the lam, its swimming club owners said Monday. Daphne -- the oversized mascot of the Cockburn Masters Swimming Club in[...]

A Dinosaur Skeleton Up For Auction

Tuesday  06:59,   20 march 2018
International Business Times

The species of the fossilized skeleton going under the proverbial hammer has not been identified, and it belongs to an unnamed British businessman. It could fetch over $2 million.French auction house Aguttes is putting an actual dinosaur skeleton on [...]

Mystery Sea Creature Washes Up on Georgia Beach

Monday  18:23,   19 march 2018

There's confusion over what exactly the strange animal that washed ashore actually is.Jeff Warren said he found the strange sea creature after going boating at Wolf Island National Wildlife Refuge in Golden Isles, Georgia, reports Action News[...]