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Toddler's Touching Moment With Grieving Grandpa Goes Viral

Friday  19:07,   22 september 2017
Good Housekeeping

Fair warning: You're going to cry.Eighteen-month-old Owen Hacker is no exception. Over the weekend, he tagged along with his mom and grandma on a Target shopping trip. His mom Alyssa told TODAY Parents that her son always greets strangers, but[...]

An 8-year-old just published her first paper in an academic journal about her love of bugs

Friday  19:07,   22 september 2017

Sophia Spencer has done more at the age of nine than most of us will do in a lifetime. Spencer, who lives in Canada, was one of two authors of a paper published earlier this month in the Annals of the Entomological Society of America. She[...]

One Baaad Trip: Goat Wanders Into Hotel After Roaming Town and Evading Capture All Weekend

Friday  19:06,   22 september 2017
Inside Edition

"Every time someone tried to catch him, he got away, but he walked right in our front door," the general manager of La Quinta Inn in Auburn, Mass., said.A goat was caught on security footage trotting into the La Quinta Inn in Auburn at 4[...]

UK airport seeks to reunite lonely teddies with owners

Friday  14:22,   22 september 2017
Relaxnews (AFP)

Hundreds of children separated from their beloved teddy bears are being given the chance to be reunited under an initiative launched by Glasgow Airport on Thursday. The Scottish airport published a video line-up of its lost teddie collection and[...]

Boy's Birthday Wish Comes True When His Dad Proposes to His Mom

Friday  14:21,   22 september 2017
Inside Edition

Dominic, 7, got the birthday gift he wanted. [...]

Mom Calms Son's Nerves On First Day Of School With Cute 'Hug Button'

Friday  14:21,   22 september 2017

To ease her son’s worry about his first full day of school, a mom came up with the idea of a “hug button.” Louise Mallett, a mom of three in Ipswich in Suffolk, England, posted in a Facebook group for The Motherload about her 4-year-old son, Max,[...]

Airport worker 'swapped hundreds of luggage tags'

Friday  11:12,   22 september 2017
Sky News

A baggage handler has been accused of sending passengers' bags to the wrong destinations by swapping luggage tags. Tay Boon Keh has been charged with 286 counts of causing mischief for allegedly swapping tags at Singapore Changi Airport every[...]

Petrified poop: 75-million-year-old dino dung drops bombshell

Friday  11:00,   22 september 2017

Chunks of raw meat? Boring. A plateful of ferns? Ho-hum. Newfound fossil poop shows some dinosaurs preferred exotic fare: crab-like crustaceans and rotten wood. The reptiles in question were thought to be strict vegetarians. But their[...]

Children's Hospital Patients Swim With Dolphins: 'It Makes You Forget What's Going On'

Friday  07:42,   22 september 2017
Inside Edition

One of the SeaWorld dolphin trainers was even a former patient at the same children's hospital.“It makes you forget what’s going on and it just brings you into playful childness that you have in your heart and in your mind," 14-year-old Juliana[...]

Burned-out French chef gives back Michelin stars

Thursday  19:23,   21 september 2017

A chef in southern France with three Michelin stars says he wants to be stripped of the distinction because of the "huge pressure" to dish up flawless fare each day. Sebastien Bras's Le Suquet restaurant in the village of Laguiole joined[...]

Japan FM fends off toughest critic... his dad

Thursday  19:23,   21 september 2017

Japan's newbie foreign minister has a lot on his plate these days with nuclear-armed North Korea firing missiles over his country and US leader Donald Trump threatening retaliation. But Taro Kono is now wrestling with his toughest diplomatic[...]

Motorcyclist ticketed for wearing panda suit

Thursday  15:46,   21 september 2017
CBS News

Motorcyclist was ticketed for driving in a panda suit on a highway in Minneapolis .  MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. -- Police say they have "so many questions" in response to a unique traffic stop that was conducted in late August, which involved a[...]

Ever-Casting Love: Husband and Wedding Party Surprise Bride Who Suffered Broken Wrist Before Ceremony

Thursday  11:46,   21 september 2017
Inside Edition

She dreamed of the day her whole life, but fate had other plans. One newlywed is recounting how her big day didn’t quite go as planned after a sudden injury.“It was 10 days before my wedding day and I broke my wrist,” Jaclyn Summers told[...]

A Couple Asked Their Wedding Guests To Help Pay For The Wedding

Thursday  07:53,   21 september 2017

When you accept an invitation to a wedding, you expect to have to pay for a gift, a new outfit, accommodation, travel and (naturally) a few tinnies to help get the party started on the journey there.&nbsp;<p><br></p>But that's what[...]

London parrot does online shopping by mimicking owner

Wednesday  19:52,   20 september 2017

A pet parrot managed to place an online shopping order by mimicking its owner on a voice-controlled smart speaker, a British newspaper reported Wednesday. Buddy the parrot ordered a £10 ($13.50, 11.50 euro) set of gift boxes via Amazon's Alexa[...]