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This parrot does a spot-on impression of Rihanna's hit 'The Monster'

Tuesday  15:41,   21 february 2017

Getting upstaged is never fun, but it's gotta be worse when you're shut down by a bird.Countless aspiring stars have flooded YouTube with Rihanna covers, but a parrot's take on "The Monster" has gone viral -- and once you watch it, you'll[...]

School bus driver builds ramp for student in wheelchair

Tuesday  15:41,   21 february 2017
The Week

It's now easier than ever for Verna DeSpain to wheel her 10-year-old daughter, Lydia, into their Clarksville, Tennessee, home. She used to have to use a folding aluminum ramp that didn't reach the top step to get Lydia inside, but after [...]

Fifth-grader asks police dept. for help with homework

Tuesday  15:40,   21 february 2017
CBS News

Mom posts screenshots of hilarious exchange between 10-year-old daughter and Ohio police officerNot only that: they actually[...]

Caught Red-Hooved: 2 Cows Escape a Farm And Go Door to Door

Tuesday  13:08,   21 february 2017
Inside Edition

They have since been apprehended. Two cows were really milking their escape from a Connecticut farm as they went from door to door in a nearby neighborhood.Police said a Suffield resident called authorities on Sunday morning to report the[...]

This tiny Japanese town has the cutest drone mascot ever

Tuesday  13:08,   21 february 2017

The town of Oji in Japan’s Nara prefecture may not have as many major tourist attractions as Tokyo, or even remotely compare in size at just over four square miles – but it does have what might be the world’s first mascot drone. Yukimaru is a cute[...]

Feast Your Eyes On This Bonkers Doughnut Dress At Fashion Week

Tuesday  13:08,   21 february 2017
The Huffington Post

We often find ourselves pondering why Fashion Week, a largely mysterious and elitist entity, still powers on with gusto, season after season. Then a show like this happens, and we remember: Designer Agatha Ruiz De La Prada showed her collection at[...]

Man Returns Library Book More Than 75 Years After His Late Father Checked It Out as a Boy

Tuesday  08:12,   21 february 2017
Inside Edition

The Osterhout Free Library waived the $554 fee. A Pennsylvania man risked paying a $554 fine when he returned a library book his father checked out more than 75 years ago.Robert Lockman, Jr. of Wilkes-Barre said he was going through his late[...]

Meet Chubby, Halifax's 4.5-metre-high snowman

Tuesday  08:12,   21 february 2017

Some Halifax YouTubers spent 12 hours on Sunday building a 4.5-metre-high snowman that took advantage of all the snow Nova Scotia received last week in two back-to-back storms.His nose is a pylon, his eyes are hockey pucks and if he ever[...]

Indian teenager wakes up on way to his own funeral

Tuesday  08:12,   21 february 2017
The Independent

A teenager in India shocked his parents and relatives when he woke up on the way to his own funeral. Kumar Marewad was rushed to hospital at the weekend after he came to on the way to the ceremony in Managundi Village, Dharwad, in the state of[...]

This 13-year-old is probably taller than you and better than you in basketball

Tuesday  08:11,   21 february 2017

ANN ARBOR, MI -- Emoni Bates, who might be the best seventh-grade basketball player in the United States, is doing amazing things on the court, but he isn’t happy. BBates lives in Ypsilanti and he attends Clague Middle School in Ann Arbor. He is[...]

Driver Caught Riding With Life-Like Dummy in HOV Lane

Tuesday  05:22,   21 february 2017
Inside Edition

He was ticketed for riding with his "friend."On Friday, a Tacoma trooper caught a driver riding with a woman dummy buckled in his passenger seat while driving in the HOV lane, according to[...]

Woman Rescues Cop By Jumping on Attacker's Back: 'This Is a True Hero Right Here'

Tuesday  05:22,   21 february 2017
Inside Edition

Vickie Williams-Tillman jumped on the back of a man beating a cop, authorities. She definitely had his back.A 56-year-old Louisiana woman came to the rescue of a cop being beaten on the side of a road by leaping on the back of his assailant,[...]

Swedish embassy wants to 'inform' Trump after his campaign gaffe

Monday  18:21,   20 february 2017
The Daily Dot

The Swedish embassy in the U.S. is the latest entity to throw shade at Donald Trump over his remarks on Saturday about a terrorist act that did not occur. Speaking at a rally on Saturday in Melbourne, Florida, Trump alluded to an “incident” [...]

Pothole mosaics: Street art that fills a need

Monday  13:06,   20 february 2017
CBS News

Chicago artist Jim Bachor patches up broken pavement with colorful works of artPotholes are the bane of many a driver’s existence this time of year, except for a Chicago man who’s turned them into a ROAD[...]

Rats! New Cars' Soy-Coated Wires Give Rodents Plenty To Chew On

Monday  12:51,   20 february 2017

No green deed goes unpunished. Newer models cars are using soy-based materials to coat wiring. Rodents are feasting - and causing havoc with cars sensors and electronics.Trouble is, so do the rats in her neighborhood.  They’re chewing through wires[...]