News: Offbeat

The inventor of Roomba has created a weed-slashing robot for your garden

Saturday  20:00,   24 june 2017
Tech Insider

Fifteen years later, Roomba creator Joe Jones may have come up with the next ground-dwelling superstar, only this time the machine works outside. Here's what Tertill is all about. require(["inlineoutstreamAd",[...]

Meal program bridges cultural divisions, 1 plate at a time

Saturday  19:20,   24 june 2017
Associated Press

The meal was part of "Breaking Bread; Breaking Barriers," a yearlong program that brings people of different backgrounds together for a meal featuring their cultural favorites, bridging differences one plate at a time. "People cooking and[...]

Hundreds celebrate 'mud people' festival in the Philippines

Saturday  15:26,   24 june 2017

Filipino devotees muddied their faces and covered themselves with dried banana leaves on Saturday to celebrate a religious festival which also has roots in Japan's occupation of the country during World War II. The annual "Taong Putik" or "Mud[...]

French entrepreneur changes children's lives — one cheap book at a time

Saturday  15:21,   24 june 2017

It’s not everyday you meet a literary miracle worker like Safrat, who’s able to sell books like they’re bread rolls — and at the same price as a baguette. Having grown up in the suburbs of Essonne, this self-educated book enthusiast came into[...]

Pets Strut Down the 'Cat' Walk During Festival's Furry Fashion Show

Saturday  10:05,   24 june 2017
Inside Edition

Cats and dogs were dressed in a variety of accessories and costumes to impress the crowd during a Pet Festival in the Philippines. This fashion show has gone to the dogs.Furry models were dressed to the canines as they came together at Pet[...]

2 Therapeutic Miniature Horses - in Full Uniform - Sworn In as New Deputies

Saturday  10:05,   24 june 2017
Inside Edition

Sammy and Gunner were sworn in as deputies at the Pitt County Sheriff's Office to comfort crime victims. Meet the newest deputies in the Pitt County Sheriff’s Office in North Carolina, proudly wearing the badge along with their manes and[...]

Man's Personal Ad from 1865 Goes Viral More Than 150 Years Later

Saturday  10:05,   24 june 2017
Mental Floss

The listing is proof that courtship rituals come and go, but the power of a good smile endures forever.This newspaper listing from 1865 spotted by Elite Daily lists the qualities of a single, 18-year-old man from Maine, including "a good set of[...]

Cardinal cut: Italy's tailor to the stars of the Church

Saturday  05:31,   24 june 2017

Raniero Mancinelli cannot afford to drop a stitch. Pope Francis is creating five new cardinals next week and the race is on to have their scarlet robes ready in time. The Italian tailor's family shop, located just outside the walls of Vatican City,[...]

Mexico City Launches a Competition for Official Emoji

Saturday  05:31,   24 june 2017
Mental Floss

How do you capture an entire metropolis in just a few tiny images?The competition, organized by Laboratorio para la Ciudad, the city government’s civic innovation lab, will help government officials understand how people relate and respond to the[...]

Boy Apologizes to Little Girl Like a True Gentleman — the Internet Rejoices

Saturday  05:31,   24 june 2017
Good Housekeeping

His mom has taught him[...]

Top marathon runner robbed of shoes at gunpoint

Saturday  05:30,   24 june 2017
Sky News

A top South African athlete has been mugged at gunpoint while out on his morning run. Nine-time Comrades Marathon winner Bruce Fordyce was robbed of his trainers and watch by two men who pulled up in a car near his home in Parktown,[...]

California man visits Disneyland 2,000 days in a row

Friday  20:01,   23 june 2017

As one of the world's largest entertainment companies, Disney is used to adoring fans but one man has topped them all, visiting its California theme park 2,000 days in a row. Jeff Reitz marked the milestone on Thursday, using his Disneyland[...]

This Politician Might Be The First To Deliver A Speech While Breastfeeding

Friday  19:42,   23 june 2017

After being the first woman to breastfeed on the floor of Australian parliament last month, Larissa Waters is making news for yet another first. The senator is now also the first politician to deliver a speech while breastfeeding. Last night, a[...]

It's a girl: Japan zoo's star panda baby gets a checkup

Friday  15:25,   23 june 2017
Associated Press

Tokyo's Ueno Zoo said Friday the panda, born June 12, was ruled a female by examining experts. The still nameless cub has been doing well, drinking mother ShinShin's milk. Panda cubs gradually get black markings on their ears, eyes and paws,[...]

Colorado researchers are putting microchips in rattlesnakes

Friday  15:25,   23 june 2017
CBS News

Researchers are attempting to track prairie rattlesnakes' every moveJoseph Ehrenberger of Adaptation Environmental Services said the goal of the research is safety for mountain visitors and their dogs, which can be at risk from encounters with[...]