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How the 'Share Shed' could save you hundreds

Thursday  05:50,   21 september 2017

An innovative library of household items has launched in Queensland, potentially helping families save hundreds of dollars every year. The “Share Shed" enables users to find everything from kayaks, to cooking equipment, to a mower.... and even disco [...]

Aussie dollar hangs on to 80 cents by the fingertips

Thursday  05:41,   21 september 2017

The local currency slipped overnight against the greenback but held onto the 80 cent mark.The Australian dollar is still above 80 US cents despite slipping a little against greenback after the US central bank released its statement following its[...]

Google is acquiring HTC for $1.1 billion

Thursday  05:36,   21 september 2017
Business Insider Australia

Google has signed a $US1.1 billion cooperation agreement with HTC, the technology company said in a statement.The move, first rumoured earlier this month and then re-emerged this week, is the search giant's latest attempt to juice up its growing[...]

Crocs’ billion dollar strategy: Stay ugly

Thursday  02:46,   21 september 2017
The Washington Post

How Crocs roared back to life as a $1 billion brandThe turnaround is no accident, analysts say, but rather the result of four years of strategic changes, following a $200 million investment by private-equity giant Blackstone Group in 2013. Since[...]

Ebay to celebrate its 18th with biggest ever sale

Thursday  02:37,   21 september 2017

Ebay is preparing a special celebration to mark its 18th birthday. The site, which launched in 1999, announced on A Current Affair that the occasion would mark its biggest sale ever."It'll be like having a sale on the whole of Australian retail,"[...]

ANZ Bank tips two RBA interest rate hikes in 2018

Thursday  00:50,   21 september 2017

ANZ Bank predicts the Reserve Bank will raise official interest rates by 0.5 percentage points next year as the economy gradually improves, with the first hike tipped for May.Australia's cash rate has been at a record low of 1.5 per cent since last[...]

Jaw-Dropping Jupiter: Juno Probe Snaps Dramatic Up-Close Views of Planet

Wednesday  19:23,   20 september 2017

New photos by NASA's Juno spacecraft capture the solar system's largest planet in all its complex glory.  The four photos — which Juno took over an 8-minute span on Sept. 1, during its most recent close flyby of Jupiter —[...]

Special Report: The garage science behind the stun gun that changed policing

Wednesday  19:02,   20 september 2017

There is no consensus on the lethality of Tasers. The risk of cardiac arrest is believed to be low, particularly when the weapons are aimed away from the heart and a standard, 5-second shock is discharged. But even after hundreds of studies, an[...]

How to switch from iOS to Android

Wednesday  17:40,   20 september 2017
The Washington Post

Getting tired of iOS? Here's a guide to switching to Android.Whether you’re looking for a little more flexibility or maybe for a cheaper smartphone, switching to Android has its appeal. But switching platforms can be daunting, particularly if[...]

The banks where you can get the highest interest rates on your savings

Wednesday  17:07,   20 september 2017

Australian savers young and old are being squeezed by record low interest rates. While mortgage holders have been enjoying lower repayments because of the low interest rate environment, those trying to get on the property ladder to those living in[...]

Android Banking Trojan Discovered For Sale On Dark Web

Wednesday  15:36,   20 september 2017
International Business Times

An Android banking trojan called Red Alert 2.0 has started appearing in third-party app stores and is targeting Android devices.The malicious attack, discovered by researchers at SfyLabs, has been spreading through Russian-speaking hacking forums[...]

AUSTRALIAN STOCKS STALL: Here's what you need to know

Wednesday  14:47,   20 september 2017
Business Insider Australia

<p>Australian stocks closed marginally lower for the second day in a row.</p>Today’s[...]

Meet Shadowsocks, the underground tool that China’s coders use to blast through the Great Firewall

Wednesday  14:46,   20 september 2017

Shadowsocks is based on a technique called proxying. Proxying grew popular in China during the early days of the Great Firewall.Yet the government was targeting VPN usage well before the latest push. Ever since president Xi Jinping took office in[...]

A Peek at the Glowing Red Shell Around an Aging Star

Wednesday  14:16,   20 september 2017
The Atlantic

The latest picture of a distant star shows more detail than ever before.U Antliae, one of the members of the constellation Antlia, is located in the southern hemisphere of the sky. U Antliae is a carbon star, which means its atmosphere contains more [...]

World’s largest sovereign wealth fund hits $1 trillion for first time

Wednesday  14:08,   20 september 2017

Dollar weakness and equity strength have helped the vast nest-egg balloon in size.Norges Bank, who manages the fund for Norway, said on its website that the rainy-day pot was never expected to grow so[...]