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“I’m not here to back lemonade stands”: Steve Baxter on the best age to become an entrepreneur

Wednesday  05:06,   15 august 2018

When is the best time in your life to become an entrepreneur? Queensland's chief entrepreneur and Shark Tank investor Steve Baxter shares his view.While the correct answer is probably ‘whenever works best for you’, Queensland’s chief[...]
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Look out, Aldi and Woolworths: American supermarket colossus Walmart could be coming to Australia

Wednesday  04:30,   15 august 2018

American retail colossus Walmart could be coming to Australia - ramping up the supermarket wars - experts are predicting.Coles has been earmarked to be demerged and floated on the Australian Stock Exchange as a separate company by its owner[...]

Australia, NZ dollars stay near multi-month lows

Wednesday  04:10,   15 august 2018

By Swati[...]

Construction union ordered to pay $577,500 for unlawful behaviour

Wednesday  03:05,   15 august 2018

Judge lashes CFMMEU over poor behaviour at sites in Melbourne and Brisbane.The Federal Court of Australia fined the Construction, Forestry, Maritime, Mining and Energy Union $245,000 and officials Nigel Davies $19,000 and Alex Tadic[...]

This Australian company’s cheeky dig at Ikea is pure genius

Wednesday  02:45,   15 august 2018

It’s hard to be anything but positive about IKEA – the flat-pack genius who has revolutionised the way we buy and build homewares. At least, that’s the line of thinking as you walk around its enormous yet cleverly laid-out stores, and[...]

Why Coles misjudged the plastic bag backlash

Wednesday  01:56,   15 august 2018

The plastic bags fiasco was doomed from the start - it was a major renegotiation of their bargain with customers and their role in our lives. Companies need to think long and hard before they decide to force a change of norms. It’s a truly strategic [...]

Guzman y Gomez scores $44 million investment to grow to 500 stores in Australia and launch in the US

Wednesday  01:32,   15 august 2018

Mexican fast-food chain Guzman y Gomez has secured a whopping $44 million investment from local investment firm TDM Growth Partners.Founded 12 years ago back in 2006, Guzman y Gomez is Australia’s largest Mexican fast food franchise, headed up by[...]

A robot didn't take Ibrahim's job, but it did fire him

Wednesday  01:06,   15 august 2018

When Ibrahim Diallo arrived to work one day and his login didn't work, no-one knew why. It turned out he'd been sacked by an automated system, and there was nothing his bosses could do about it.He turned up to work one day and his login[...]

Nimble JB Hi-Fi keeps one step ahead of Amazon

Wednesday  01:06,   15 august 2018

The retailer is one of the most adaptable, dealing with the continual shifting of the mix of sales in electronic goods and software and the various tides of competition.The answer to the first question is promising but not definitive. The second[...]

Instagram Hacked: Hundreds of User Accounts Hijacked

Tuesday  20:06,   14 august 2018

Instagram users are flooding the company's Twitter account with requests for help.Frustrated Instagrammers are messaging the official Twitter account to ask for assistance. Each case appears to show the same type of attack, with email details[...]

Musk says talking to Saudi fund, others on Tesla buyout

Tuesday  17:57,   14 august 2018

By Supantha[...]

Nvidia unveils new GPU architecture for computer graphics rendering

Tuesday  16:31,   14 august 2018

The Turing Architecture combines ray-tracing and AI inference for a new kind of hybrid rendering.The Turing architecture combines dedicated hardware acceleration of four core elements: AI, ray tracing, programmable shading and simulation. It[...]

NASA’s sun-kissing spacecraft will go 250 times faster than a bullet when it hits its stride

Tuesday  09:30,   14 august 2018

The Parker Solar Probe is finally on its way. Long before dawn on Sunday, the Delta IV Heavy rocket stood ready again. This is the second most powerful rocket in operation, bested only by SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy. This time, as the engineers[...]

Messenger Kids rolls out passphrases so kids can initiate friend requests themselves

Tuesday  09:30,   14 august 2018

Facebook is making it easier for kids to add their friends on its under-13 chat app, Messenger Kids. Parents can opt to use this feature, which is not on by[...]

How one entrepreneur managed to pour three gold bars in the NT outback with a 130-year-old mill

Tuesday  08:52,   14 august 2018

When the Edna Beryl gold mine opened in Tennant Creek, it had a life expectancy of six to eight months, but production slowed down when a gold mine and mill at Pine Creek closed, meaning there was nowhere to process the[...]