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'Doom’ for the Nintendo Switch feels exactly like it’s supposed to

Thursday  18:04,   21 september 2017

The jury’s still out on how good the final game will look, howeverTo start, Doom on the Nintendo Switch feels identical to Doom on other platforms. The same fast-paced, demonic shooter action that embodied the spirit of the classic game is there,[...]

Crown Resort bosses lose $7.5m in bonuses, ex-CEO Rowen Craigie to walk away with $9m

Thursday  15:16,   21 september 2017
The Age

Executives at James Packer's casino operator, Crown Resorts, have found out the hard way that the house doesn't always win.The top five executives, including executive chairman John Alexander, lost $7.5 million of incentive payments for the[...]

25 signs you have a terrible boss

Thursday  14:36,   21 september 2017
Business Insider Australia

If you contemplate handing in your two weeks' notice every time you talk to your boss, you're not alone.A global poll from job-search site Monster found that 32% of employees say they have a "horrible" boss, while only 15% say they have an[...]

Tesla and AMD are working on an A.I. chip for self-driving cars, source says

Thursday  14:31,   21 september 2017

Tesla is in the process of perfecting a new chip for the Autopilot autonomous driving system in its vehicles.The carmaker has received back samples of the first implementation of its processor and is now running tests on it, said a source familiar[...]

Thinking of Quitting Your Job? Read This First

Thursday  13:12,   21 september 2017

New survey of 1,000 professionals shows why leaving is (sometimes) the wrong choice.That still leaves you a three-out-of-four chance of being happy if you do quit your job. But it's worth taking a look at why people are sorry about quitting, and[...]

Sydney auction clearance rates sink to the lowest level since late 2015

Thursday  11:36,   21 september 2017
Business Insider Australia

Auction clearance rates in Sydney have fallen to the lowest level in close to two years, coinciding with a sharp deceleration in price growth over the past three months. According to figures released by CoreLogic, Australia's largest and most[...]

$10 note rollout: RBA, businesses expect 'smoother transition' to new notes

Thursday  10:26,   21 september 2017
ABC News

The new $10 note is being rolled out featuring a number of improved security features designed to protect the note against counterfeiting. But will they work in vending machines?However, the rollout of the new $5 notes last year experienced a number [...]

Commonwealth Bank sells CommInsure Life and Sovereign to AIA for $3.8b

Thursday  10:08,   21 september 2017

<p>The Commonwealth Bank has sold its troubled insurance business CommInsure Life to a China-owned group for $3.8 billion.</p>The deal with AIA Group also covers the sale of the CBA's New Zealand life insurance arm[...]

Apple concedes new watch has connectivity glitch

Thursday  10:08,   21 september 2017

<p>Several prominent reviewers said Wednesday they could not recommend the device because of a wifi glitch that causes cellular connectivity problems.</p>Several prominent reviewers said Wednesday they could not recommend the device because of [...]

Fed to hike U.S. rates again in 2017, balance sheet seen cut to $3 trillion: Reuters poll

Thursday  09:00,   21 september 2017

The US Federal Reserve will resume rate hikes in December and raise borrowing costs three more times in 2018, a Reuters poll has found.The US central bank will also reduce the size of its asset stock pile by about $1.4 trillion over the next several [...]

How this entrepreneur went from a crack addict to a self-made multimillionaire

Thursday  08:21,   21 september 2017

MyPillow founder Mike Lindell almost lost everything to his drug addiction before he turned it all around to achieve incredible success."It can be done, people," he[...]

Comment: CBA shows businesses will pay for disrespecting customers

Thursday  08:21,   21 september 2017
Sydney Morning Herald

If companies battling scandals want a glimpse at the financial and reputational cost of treating customers poorly, look no further than the Commonwealth Bank. On Thursday it ran up the white flag on its scandal-ridden life insurance business,[...]

iOS 11's Control Center doesn't let you turn off Wi-Fi or Bluetooth

Thursday  07:06,   21 september 2017
The Verge

Apple’s new Control Center in iOS 11 is a lot more fully featured, with a customizable layout and a number of new added controls accessible with Force Touch. One aspect of it that may have, at least at first, appeared like a big plus is now proving [...]

Breaking: Google acquires HTC’s Pixel talent for $1.1 billion

Thursday  06:06,   21 september 2017

It’s happening, folks. Following reports from as late as yesterday, HTC has announced that Google is acquiring talent from the Taiwanese phone maker to further its product development efforts, in a $1.1 billion deal.&nbsp;Rick Osterloh, Senior[...]

Opaque home loan pricing an 'impediment' to competition: RBA

Thursday  05:51,   21 september 2017
Sydney Morning Herald

Unadvertised mortgage discounts make it harder to know if you're getting a good deal from your bank, holding back competition, the RBA says.The RBA also backed the view of smaller banks that their higher funding costs had constrained the[...]