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Facebook's rise in profits, users shows resilience after scandals

Thursday  08:14,   26 april 2018

Facebook Inc shares rose on Wednesday after the social network reported a surprisingly strong 63 percent rise in profit and an increase in users, with no sign that business was hurt by a scandal over the mishandling of personal data. After easily[...]

New Snap Spectacles will be announced later this week

Thursday  08:11,   26 april 2018
The Verge

A new, updated version of Snap’s wearable Spectacles glasses is coming this week, according to a report from Wired. However, there’s almost no actual information as to what the second-generation smart glasses might look like or how they’ll be[...]

The Australian dollar remains under pressure

Thursday  07:45,   26 april 2018
Business Insider Australia

The AUD/USD fell again on Wednesday, hitting the lowest level seen in 2018. Here's the scoreboard as at 7am[...]

Aussies struggling under health insurance price rise

Thursday  07:11,   26 april 2018

Health insurance premiums rose 3.95 percent on April 1 this year. In the last 10 years, there's been a 70 percent rise in premiums. The average Aussie family is now paying around $4000 per year for private health insurance. That's a lot of[...]

AMP chairman Catherine Brenner urged to resign following banking royal commission revelations

Thursday  07:06,   26 april 2018
ABC News

AMP chairman Catherine Brenner must resign or step down immediately and the embattled wealth manager's board needs fresh blood untainted by scandal and unethical behaviour, the Australian Shareholders Association is urging. In its voting[...]

How an NBA No. 1 draft pick went from a $61 million fortune to owing $157,000

Thursday  04:55,   26 april 2018

In a new episode of CNBC's "Back in the Game," Alex Rodriguez helps former NBA star Joe Smith climb out of a deep financial hole."A lot of people think once you sign that contract, you're just an automatic millionaire," Smith tells[...]

31-year-old self-made millionaire: The No. 1 downside to being rich that no one thinks about

Thursday  02:51,   26 april 2018

Self-made millionaire Timothy Kim explains why being rich has its downsides.Kim, 31, immigrated to the U.S. during his late teens with just $500 in his pocket, he says. Last year, he became a millionaire after making successful investments in the[...]

New 3-D map of Milky Way will 'revolutionise astronomy'

Wednesday  19:07,   25 april 2018

Europe's Gaia satellite has produced a 3-D map, hailed as revolutionary, of more than a billion stars in our Milky Way galaxy -- complete with their distance from Earth, colour, and motion through space. The eagerly-anticipated[...]

Cybercrime website behind 4 million attacks taken down

Wednesday  18:07,   25 april 2018

A British and Dutch-led operation on Wednesday brought down a website linked to more than four million cyberattacks around the world, with banking giants among the victims, European law enforcement agencies said. "Authorities in five countries[...]

Dell 2-in-1 has an unknown Intel and AMD 'Pro' graphics chip

Wednesday  17:58,   25 april 2018

The 4.36 pound model is the "world's smallest 15-inch 2-in-1 workstation," it says.Other specs include 32GB of RAM max, up to 2TB of SSD storage, two Thunderbolt 3 and two USB-C 3.1 ports (that also charge it), and an all-new[...]

Telco billing scams are on the rise in Australia again

Wednesday  16:12,   25 april 2018
Business Insider Australia

Scammers impersonating energy and telecommunications with fake bills via email and mail appear to be on the rise in Australia with the ACCC Scamwatch receiving more than 5000 reports of people receiving the attempted scam over the past year. ACCC[...]

Energy-saving TVs could help cut your power bills

Wednesday  16:11,   25 april 2018

If you have an older TV, chances are it's sucking power and racking up extra dollars on your bill. Upgrading your TV might even save you money in the long run.To find out we've put the big brands and the latest technology to the test.Tech expert [...]

Why a 'zero discount' energy bill could be your cheapest option

Wednesday  16:11,   25 april 2018

The confusing nature of energy bill discounts is leading to more "no frills" offers - and they could save you money.Bill shock has become an common occurrence in the last two years as high electricity prices slapped consumers with[...]

China invites overseas investors to propel local chip ambitions

Wednesday  15:11,   25 april 2018

The country's industry ministry said on Wednesday that it welcomed foreign enterprises to invest in its top state-backed semiconductor fund, even as tensions simmer over tech transfers between China and the United States. China is looking to[...]

AMP executive bonuses could be 'clawed back' after scandal

Wednesday  14:06,   25 april 2018
Sydney Morning Herald

Millions of dollars in bonuses for senior AMP executives could be clawed back if revelations of misconduct at the royal commission are upheld.Millions of dollars in bonuses for AMP executives could be clawed back if revelations of misconduct at the[...]