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14:16  08 august  2018
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Twitter finally deletes some of Alex Jones, InfoWars videos and tweets

  Twitter finally deletes some of Alex Jones, InfoWars videos and tweets Glad to have you on board, Twitter -- every other tech company.This was less than an hour after CNN reported that more than a dozen tweets and videos on Jones' and InfoWars' Twitter accounts were in violation of Twitter's content policy.

The inconsistent embargo on Infowars demonstrates the breadth of tools tech companies have to police speech.

It would appear as if the properties of noted conspiracy theorist Alex Jones are on their last breath, as tech companies and platforms across the internet have begun to remove and ban materials from his InfoWars network.

a group of people wearing military uniforms© Oli Scarff / Getty On Monday, Apple, Facebook, YouTube, and Spotify “banned” conspiracy theorist Alex Jones and his media company, Infowars, from their platforms.

Jones has seized on the moment, selling his show Monday as a “world exclusive” responding to “being banned on the internet,” hashtagged #mondaymotivation as well as #censorship.

But if you went to Apple’s App Store, you could find his company’s app, which contains Jones’s podcasts and shows and which has been “rocketing” up the App Store charts. Or, if you went to Facebook today and shared an Infowars link, it’d post. YouTube still hosts various Infowars associates like Paul Joseph Watson, along with dozens of Jones appearances with other outlets.

Apple has removed Infowars podcasts from iTunes

  Apple has removed Infowars podcasts from iTunes Apple has followed the lead of Google and Facebook after it removed Infowars, the conspiracy theorist organization helmed by Alex Jones, from its iTunes and podcasts apps. Unlike Google and Facebook, which removed four Infowars videos on the basis that the content violated its policies, Apple's action is wider-reaching. The company has withdrawn all episodes of five of Infowars' six podcasts from its directory of content, leaving just one left, a show called 'Real News With David Knight.

If You’re Tired of Seeing the Words ‘Fake News,’ Here’s What Facebook’s Alex Jones Ban Means for Your Sanity. What do you think? Tell us on Twitter @BritandCo. (Images via Pexels + WikiMedia Commons).

Has any poem been more abused, its meaning more twisted with every invocation? “As the poem goes, you know, first they came for Alex Jones . That does not end well,” the Texas senator said. Nicholas Fuentes, another right-wing YouTuber, tweeted that Jones being banned from the platform

And unlike in the case of the neo-Nazi publication The Daily Stormer, which was actually banned from the web by a variety of hosting and internet companies, anyone who wants to can go to and watch Alex Jones sweat.

So, if this a ban, it’s an intentionally porous one. Facebook has explicitly argued for this sliding-scale strategy for responding to divisive users. “What we will do is we’ll say, okay, you have your page and if you’re not trying to organize harm against someone, or attacking someone, then you can put up that content on your page, even if people might disagree with it or find it offensive,” Mark Zuckerberg said in the weeks before the Infowars ban. “But that doesn’t mean that we have a responsibility to make it widely distributed in News Feed.”

Chris Evans Hilariously Responds to Leslie Jones' 'Husband' Comments After Watching 'Infinity War'

  Chris Evans Hilariously Responds to Leslie Jones' 'Husband' Comments After Watching 'Infinity War' The 'SNL' comedian also got a teasy response from Brie Larson about her role in the Marvel universe.The Saturday Night Live cast member watched the superhero flick Avengers: Infinity War for the first time earlier this week, live-tweeting the experience -- and the results were hilarious. During the film, Jones got very excited when Evans' Captain America appeared on-screen and couldn't help but express her thoughts about his rugged new look.

The Alex Jones Show ©copyright, Free Speech Systems.LLC 1995 - 2017 All Rights Reserved. May use for fair use and educational purposes. # AlexJones #Infowars.

Alex Jones (born February 11, 1974) is an American radio host, author, conspiracy theorist and documentary filmmaker. There's a war on for your mind! InfoWars tagline. If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance. The Alex Jones Show tagline.

In banning the Infowars page, Facebook took the next logical step in restricting access to Infowars content, but they still haven’t outright banned the domain, and they have not disclosed how the News Feed algorithm is dealing with URLs from

All of which is to say: There are many kinds of bans, and they each represent a different tool technology companies can use to police speech. Platforms can weaken the distribution of content they don’t like. They can ban the discovery of content they don’t like, as Apple has with Jones’s podcasts. Platforms can decline to host content they don’t like, as YouTube and Facebook have with Infowars videos and pages, respectively. Or platforms can ban the presence of content they don’t like, regardless of where it is hosted or discovered.

These platforms sit atop the web in two different ways. One is that they enclose a piece of the internet, hosting the content; YouTube and Facebook Video are good examples of this. But in other circumstances, the platforms act as a skin over the top of the web. Apple’s podcast app is just a big directory of podcast feeds; Apple puts the hosting costs on podcasters. So, to “ban” the Infowars podcast in this case is to remove the pointer to that feed from the app.

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Yes, that's exactly what socialism does . Hollywood liberals want Trump to fail even if it means tearing the country apart. U.S. News. Get the latest breaking news & specials from Alex Jones and the Infowars crew.

Just don't take Alex Jones at his word. Jones told his audience that necessity is the mother of invention, and that he had plenty of recourse should YouTube ban him, including legal action, uploading videos to his own website, and his popular radio show.

In Apple’s podcast app, all you have to do to keep listening to Jones is manually add the URL. It takes 10 seconds, and voila:

a screenshot of a cell phone© Provided by Atlantic Media Company

This overlapping set of bans and distribution slowdowns can be framed as incoherence on the part of the platforms, especially in Apple’s case: allowing an app with the same content they’ve pulled from their directory of podcasts. While they cut Jones’s top-line distribution, they’ve also driven people to a more lucrative platform for Infowars. These moves can also be framed as underhanded, as in (unfounded) complaints about Facebook “shadow banning” conservative pundits by reducing their distribution within News Feed.

All these headaches are why the tech platforms historically have made the argument, as Twitter continues to, that these platforms are the embodiment of the “marketplace of ideas.” Facebook’s version is that they want to “give everyone a voice.” It might not be pretty, an executive might grimace, but this is how the world works. Think about what this position gets the tech companies: They take no responsibility for which ideas, public figures, and publishers succeed because those people “naturally” or “organically” rose to the top of their algorithmic systems.

New lead could put Qld cold case to rest

  New lead could put Qld cold case to rest Tony Jones' loved ones say they have a new lead that could solve his disappearance near Townsville almost 40 years ago but police won't speak to them.Mr Jones disappeared in November 1982 while hitchhiking from Townsville to Mount Isa.

What it does mean is that the decision to pull Jones , while leaving Louis Farrakhan untouched indicates this is less about “community standards” than it is about politics. The Alex Jones InfoWars Ban & Why We Need To Talk About It (Video).

Alex Jones And Tommy Robinson Discuss Current Situation In United Kingdom - Продолжительность: 40:11 OpenMind 15 301 просмотр.

Alex Jones and his followers are probably right to be mad. They took the tech world at face value, played the game as it was sold to them by a generation of internet entrepreneurs, and they succeeded.

But the abstraction of the marketplace of ideas has always been embedded in a very particular set of technical operations. To be good on YouTube wasn’t just to make a good video, but to make good YouTube videos—that is, to optimize them to get distributed on the platform, so that your other videos would get served up, so that your channel would get recommended. Sure, some of the ideas were contained in the content people produced, but many of the ways to win in the marketplace were independent of anything inside the content. The key strategies were sociotechnical, based on understanding of the platforms’ preferences and algorithmic signals.

The “internet” may have been a marketplace of ideas, but the way to gain the largest following was to understand the topology of social distribution and the most important ideas were how the platforms thought of themselves.

As the “organic” functioning of these content systems has churned away, the big platforms have found some uncomfortable truths about what succeeded according to their extant rules. What they built is at odds with what they thought they were building. So, bit by bit, they are abandoning the abstractions of free speech, however that might be construed.

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To add insult to injury: so i got an unsolicited statement just now that the adult site YouPorn is banning Alex Jones and Infowars content from its platform (what? ok.) What it does mean is that the decision to pull Jones , while leaving Louis Farrakhan untouched indicates this

So where does Alex Jones ’s money come from? The Downloadable Gun Is Dead — for Now A federal judge issued a temporary nationwide ban on blueprints for untraceable 3-D-printed firearms just hours before they posted online.

This is going to be an ugly, fraught process, but let’s be real: this is just the latest of many tweaks they’ve made to the structural conditions of the media. These same technology companies methodically disassembled the media industry in the course of less than a decade, snatching up most of the profits in digital advertising for themselves, and sending media companies careening downdead-ends. Papers are struggling. Magazines are struggling. There are thousands fewer reporters than there used to be.

In the scheme of these things, it’s hard to get worked up over Alex Jones’s right to be discovered in the Podcasts app. Many far better journalists and pundits have been buried by the behavior of the platforms than this particular conspiracy theorist. But he and his fans have one thing right in their lamentations: these platforms have tremendous power, they have hardly begun to use it, and it’s not clear how anyone would stop them from doing so.

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