Money Migrant underpaid 93 weeks' pay, worked seven days and took rubbish home

07:56  17 april  2018
07:56  17 april  2018 Source:   Sydney Morning Herald

Truck dumps potentially contaminated rubbish in driveway

  Truck dumps potentially contaminated rubbish in driveway A large truck has been caught on camera dumping a large pile of waste potentially containing asbestos on the driveway of a family home in Sydney's north-west.The tip truck was caught on CCTV a 9.17pm passing the house in Oatlands before turning around. It drives past the house a second time before stopping.

The debts take years to pay off and can also set the pattern for exploitative working conditions: afraid that they will lose their jobs Week pass, months pass, and then, in early June, Tutik’s contract comes to an end. Every day , migrants will leave the country; and every day , migrants will come back.

Convert annual salary of $ 93 ,000 to the equivalent hourly wage to calculate take home pay after holidays and vacation time. ›› $ 93 ,000 salary working 2,000 hours. As a simple baseline calculation, let's say you take 2 weeks off each year as unpaid vacation time.

An employee who worked at Save and Deliver Sydney pharmacies was underpaid the equivalent of 93 weeks' wages.© Virginia Star An employee who worked at Save and Deliver Sydney pharmacies was underpaid the equivalent of 93 weeks' wages.

A migrant worker who was underpaid the value of 93 weeks' wages over four years worked seven-days-a-week without time for lunch breaks or getting sick so he could support his family.

The Federal Circuit Court also heard evidence that he was threatened with the sack when he asked for a pay rise and twice a week he took the rubbish home because the pharmacy he worked for did not have a bin.

The court has fined the operators of four Sydney "Save and Deliver" pharmacies $45,000 after underpaying the Egyptian migrant worker who spoke little English. The total fine amounts to $62,010.59 over four years.

Vue de monde restaurant staff overworked and underpaid, some former employees say

  Vue de monde restaurant staff overworked and underpaid, some former employees say Some former staff at one of Melbourne's most exclusive restaurants, Vue de monde, say they worked up to 30 hours of unpaid overtime each week, leaving their pay packets short by hundreds of dollars. The Vue Group denies the allegations, saying staff are "at times rostered to do reasonable overtime".ABC Radio Melbourne has spoken to six staff members who worked at Vue Group's flagship restaurant, and the now-closed Cafe Vue on St Kilda Road, between 2009 and this year.

Colorado Legal Services’ Migrant Farm Worker Division (CLS), with Professor Thomas Acker of Mesa State College, surveyed 93 herders over a two-year period to document a variety of issues, including their pay , their employers’ control over their lives seven days a week . Also, unlike other H-2A work

Most are in construction, working up to ten hours a day, seven days a week . Migrant workers are often underpaid , and are frequently subjected to hard labour and long working hours.

Sydney men Nader Bastawrose, Amgad Samaan and Ashraf Youssef were each fined $15,000 after the Fair Work Ombudsman investigated and took legal action.

Judge Robert Cameron said the migrant worker had been underpaid “the equivalent of about 93 weeks’ wages” between September 2009 and June 2013.

The worker gave evidence that he often worked more than 40 hours per week without taking breaks for morning tea, lunch or afternoon tea. He said he usually ate his lunch while making deliveries. He attended work when he was sick because he was never paid for the days he did not work.

He gave evidence that he mostly worked 10 to 12 hours per day, four days a week.

Whale killed by 29kg of human rubbish in stomach

  Whale killed by 29kg of human rubbish in stomach Plastic bags and rubbish sacks were among 29kg of waste found in the digestive system of a dead sperm whale washed up on a beach in Spain. The 32ft mammal was found near a lighthouse in Cabo de Palos, southeast Murcia, in February, with an investigation by the El Valle Wildlife Rescue Centre having now found that it died because it had been unable to digest a huge amount of human waste in its stomach and intestine. © Other The whale weighed just seven tonnes.

How Australia's biggest pizza chain has underpaid workers , squeezed franchisees and exploited migrant labour while its investors have made millions. She worked at the store six days a week , clocking off at 3am some nights.

I’m underpaid and underappreciated. My grandpa used to tell me, “when you think you can’t take another step, you can.” I like to think he’s I will work 100 hours a week if you pay be 0k/year. I’m sure loads of people would do it. I run my own company and I work from 7 days a week .

An employee who worked at Save and Deliver Sydney pharmacies was underpaid the equivalent of 93 weeks' wages© Provided by Sydney Morning Herald An employee who worked at Save and Deliver Sydney pharmacies was underpaid the equivalent of 93 weeks' wages He often asked for a pay rise but Mr Youssef always refused and told him that if he disclosed his pay rate to anyone his job would be terminated.

The worker was allegedly paid flat hourly rates of between $12 and $14, but was entitled to between $16 and $43 per hour, depending on his shifts.

The employee said he eventually started working at another pharmacy outside the Save and Deliver group for three days per week to supplement his pay so he could support himself and his family. This meant he worked seven days a week, with no days off.

His duties included preparing methadone doses for about 30 customers each week, delivering medications to homes, transferring supplies between pharmacies in Liverpool and Mt Druitt and various duties at the Mt Druitt Save and Deliver pharmacy. He said he even took the rubbish home because there was no bin at the pharmacy.

Ipswich Council backflips on dumping recycling

  Ipswich Council backflips on dumping recycling The Ipswich City Council, west of Brisbane, says it intends to reverse its decision to send recycling to landfill. 

There are at least 146,000 migrant domestic workers in the UAE, most of them from Asia and Africa. Some of the women were forced to work up to 21 hours a day , some were not allowed to “My boss started hitting me after two weeks of being there,” another worker from Indonesia said.

So, I wanted to take a brief moment and discuss five opportunities that virtually anyone should be able to tap into to begin making extra money this week . For a long time I would come home from work , have supper, and then sit down for two hours to make an extra . When my day job started having

Another employee was allegedly underpaid $5296 as a pharmacy assistant at a Save and Deliver pharmacy at Shellharbour. Fair Work inspectors found pay slip and record-keeping laws were also breached.

The employees were back-paid after the Fair Work Ombudsman started legal action.

The Ombudsman said it had previously put Bastawrose, Samaan and Youssef on notice to pay minimum wage rates after it investigated earlier allegations of underpayment from pharmacy workers.

Judge Cameron found no reason to suspect that Mr Bastawrose, Mr Samaan and Mr Youssef were not aware of the legal entitlements of employees.

He said the partnership "was largely unconcerned with anything other than its own business needs and was largely uninterested in how those demands were affected by the requirements of industrial law”.

Judge Cameron said earlier complaints to the Fair Work Ombudsman had demonstrated the partnership must have had some knowledge of employee and employer rights and obligations and “points to a degree of culpable recidivism in the contraventions”.

Acting Fair Work Ombudsman Kristen Hannah said a small number of unscrupulous employers still needed to get the message that it is unlawful to pay overseas and migrant workers a "going rate" that undercuts legal minimum rates.

“Cases such as this one should drive home the point to employers that lawful minimum rates apply to all employees in Australia and are not negotiable,” she said.

Israel's Migrant Problem: It's Not Just About Africans .
The futures of tens of thousands of African migrants hangs in the balance as Netanyahu flip-flops about their fate. At this point, no one knows what will happen to them. The cancellation of the U.N. deal means they’ve been left undocumented with no clear solution. They face bias and racism here where they’ve been branded as criminals and rapists.“If Netanyahu only knew, we’d rather be in our own country,” Hailemicheal said. “It’s unbearable for us here and we’ll never be accepted. But we have no choice. We love our country but we have a very bad government and we’ll be killed if we go back.

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