Money 'That's not really how it works': AMP's royal commission shambles

03:56  17 april  2018
03:56  17 april  2018 Source:   Sydney Morning Herald

AMP, NAB and Westpac paid 'prohibited' kickbacks

  AMP, NAB and Westpac paid 'prohibited' kickbacks AMP, NAB and Westpac have made payments that breached a ban on wealth management businesses from paying kickbacks to advisers, the royal commission heard.AMP, National Australia Bank and Westpac have all made payments that breached a 2013 ban on banks and wealth management businesses from paying kickbacks to advisers, but failed to tell the royal commission about the full extent of this misconduct earlier this year.

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AMP has stumbled its way through a shambolic first examination at the banking royal commission after the wealth manager admitted senior staff ignored legal advice that the charging of customers for services they did not receive was unlawful.

The royal commission also heard on Monday that AMP’s financial planning arm was riddled with misconduct and that the group’s financial planning arm had identified more than 500 planners who had committed fraud, were dishonest or incompetent.

Stinking AMP reveals our soft line on corporate dishonesty

  Stinking AMP reveals our soft line on corporate dishonesty The cynical behaviour on show at the royal commission underlines the need for changes to enforcement.The fish rots from the head and AMP is stinking. As the royal commission into banking spent the day unpicking the conduct of AMP, some outrageous behaviour was exposed.

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In a lengthy blog post that she published on Friday, Jessica Willis Fisher, now 26, described how the abuse began when she was just three years old and how it 'There' s really nothing else like it ,' said Airstream President and CEO, Bob Wheeler. 'Nest acknowledges Airstream' s lasting legacy, while

AMP also admitted it made 10 false statements to the Australian Securities and Investments Commission and that its scheme to provide a retirement plan for external advisers was designed to incentivise the sale of AMP’s products over those of other banks.

The wealth manager is the first case study for the banking royal commission's second round of hearings into financial advice. Representatives from the Commonwealth Bank, National Australia Bank, Westpac and ANZ Bank will all also be called to give evidence over the next two weeks.

AMP’s day lurched from bad to worse when its head of advice and New Zealand, Jack Regan, was forced to admit that he did not know what he was apologising for when he made an apology for regulatory breaches in his witness statement.

AMP in strife following Royal Commission admissions

  AMP in strife following Royal Commission admissions Monday's revelations by AMP before the Royal Commission are likely to have lasting ramifications for the company and its shareholders.AMP's disastrous foray in front of the banking Royal Commission - including admissions it had misled customers and the regulator - is likely to have lasting effects for the battling wealth manager.

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The Royal Commission focussed a lot around how brokers didn’t verify living expense. "We’re both really happy to have been able to get this sale across the line and are particularly grateful for you finding us a way to make the finance work !

During an excruciating exchange with counsel assisting Michael Hodge, QC, Mr Regan said at various points that the apology related to AMP making misleading statements to ASIC or the breaching the wealth manager’s financial services licence or the Corporations Act.

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However, AMP had made no such admissions in its submission to the royal commission.

When asked for the last time by Mr Hodge what breaches the apology referred to, Mr Regan said: “I’ll have to take that on notice”.

Mr Hodge replied: “I’m afraid that’s not really how it works. Is the answer just that you don’t know?”

Mr Regan responded after a long pause: “Yes, I am uncertain."

Mr Regan moved into the role of head of advice at AMP in early 2017 and immediately instigated a review of the company’s administration of its buyer of last resort scheme after he noticed that customers were being charged fees for services they did not receive.

Morrison warns AMP's behaviour can be punished by 'jail time'

  Morrison warns AMP's behaviour can be punished by 'jail time' Treasurer Scott Morrison says revelations that AMP lied to the corporate regulator are "deeply disturbing," warning that such behaviour can lead to jail time.Treasurer Scott Morrison says revelations that AMP misled the corporate regulator and its own customers are "deeply disturbing," warning that such behaviour can be punished with a prison sentence.

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AMP's head of advice Jack Regan leaving the Federal Court on Monday. © Eddie Jim AMP's head of advice Jack Regan leaving the Federal Court on Monday.

Under the arrangement, known by its acronym BOLR, AMP is the buyer of last resort if an adviser wants to retire. The clients are then placed into a pool but do not receive advice.

Between 2012 and 2017 AMP was charging these customers fees for services they did not receive.

Mr Regan admitted that up until June 2017, BOLR incentivised external planners within its network to sell customers products from AMP’s in-house platforms over those of other platforms.

The royal commission heard that AMP had legal advice since before 2012 that it was unlawful to charge fees to its BOLR clients because they were not providing any service.

Mr Regan told the royal commission a review of AMP’s processes found that staff had approved the ongoing charging of fees against legal advice.

The royal commission also heard that 81 financial advisers within AMP since 2009 had potential serious compliance concerns, while another 440 had lower level compliance issues over the same period.

AMP denies it 'traps' investors in poorly performing funds

  AMP denies it 'traps' investors in poorly performing funds The royal commission also hears that AMP charges companies that want their funds on AMP's investment platforms a $25,000 a month administration fee. The wealth management industry has been racked with rumours that investment managers like AMP and the wealth arms of the big four banks receive fees from other investment houses for including funds, including low performing funds, on their platforms.AMP faced its third day of questioning at the banking royal commission on Wednesday after a bruising session the day earlier where the wealth manager admitted it had misled the corporate watchdog on at least 20 occasions.

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In 2016 alone, 18 financial planners within AMP’s networks faced compulsory examinations from the corporate watchdog and AMP received 85 notices to produce documents during that same year.

I CHARGE DEAD PEOPLE: Royal Commission hears CBA planners billed dead clients for 'advice', including one for a decade after they died .
A New South Wales-based Commonwealth Bank adviser charged a client who died in 2004 for financial advice for more than a decade following her death, the Financial Services Royal Commission has heard. The planner worked for the Commonwealth subsidiary Count Financial and the fees continued until 2015, even though he knew his client was dead.An internal CBA report from December 2015, titled Count Risk & Compliance Forum, was handed to the royal commission today, detailing how several financial advisers charged customers for services they didn't receive, including instances of charging dead people for advice.

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