Money Many Australians are so fearful for their jobs they're don't want to ask for a pay rise

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  What to do when telephone scammers con your loved ones By the time Jim realised his elderly mum was on the phone with a scammer it was too late.A Italian migrant in her sixties, Jim's mum Gina is the perfect target for scammers preying on people's ignorance and fears when it comes to technology. Claiming to be from Telstra, they convinced Gina her notebook PC was infected with a virus and then talked her through installing remote desktop software, so they could take control to supposedly fix the problem.

And 12% fear losing their job if they do ask for a rise . Another 17% asked for , but were refused, an increase in the past 12 months. A significant number of Australians are so worried about keeping their jobs that they don ’ t want to ask for a pay rise .

They ’ re manipulating us for their own interest'. Decca Aitkenhead. Don ’ t make the mistake of thinking you have free will – a book by a US academic “It found that sad people not only buy more , but they pay more . They ’ re willing to pay more because, basically, when we ’ re sad, we want to change state.”

a group of people walking down the street© Provided by Business Insider Inc A significant number of Australians are so worried about keeping their jobs that they don't want to ask for a pay rise.

A survey of 1000 commissioned by global job site Indeed found 12% would not seek a pay rise this year for fear of losing their jobs.

The worry was greatest among younger workers, those aged 16 to 24.

And over the past 12 months, 17% had requested a pay increase but had been refused. Another 9% had been knocked back on more than one occasion.

Among those denied a rise, 47% said they were told it was because of a lack of budget, while 24% were told their work was of insufficient quality.

Patience defines Reserve Bank of Australia's cash rate position and outlook

  Patience defines Reserve Bank of Australia's cash rate position and outlook The Reserve Bank is expected to reaffirm that it's still in no rush to raise interest rates when its policymakers meet on Tuesday.After a boom year in 2017, the jobs market has begun 2018 falling just short of the near monthly 20,000 job gain needed to lower the unemployment rate, as more discouraged workers take jobs, which in turn has dented hopes for stronger wage growth.

Many # Australians are so fearful for their jobs they ’ re don ’ t want to ask for a pay rise Silicon Valley parents are raising their kids tech-free — and it should be a red flag #tech #family #habits http Elon #Musk’s #Tesla plans a deal to give thousands of homes batteries to South Australian

Women are wary about asking for pay rises because they are worried they will be seen as pushy – and, unfortunately, they ' re probably right. Then ask for a meeting. "It's harder to turn someone down to their face," says Mills. And make sure you know what you want to say.

The study found that 19% would seriously consider changing jobs to secure a pay rise.

Half won't be asking

Almost half (49%) says they won't be asking for an increase this year and only one in five (22%) would “definitely” ask.

Almost 1 million Australians living with ‘mortgage stress’

  Almost 1 million Australians living with ‘mortgage stress’ Around one-third of households are living under pressure to ensure their incomes cover costs of living and mortgage repayments.Across the nation 956,000 households were estimated to now face ‘mortgage stress’ – the circumstances homeowners face when their income struggles to cover ongoing living costs – research released yesterday by Digital Finance Analytics (DFA) shows.

I’ve asked for pay rises in other jobs and I always find it a bit of a psychological challenge – you have to work yourself up to it. I’m in the mid-range for my scale. I’ve never asked for a pay rise . Other people do ask or they ’ re more demanding, so I’ve started asking for different things.

Many Australians are so fearful for their jobs they ' re don ' t want to ask for a pay rise . "Software engineers must now redevelop skills every 12–18 months" - Have you got a framework designed to support your employees and their long term learning goals?

Those aged 25 to 34 were most bullish in seeking pay increases and those aged 55 and over were the least likely to seek a pay rise.

On average, workers would seek a pay increase of 6%, while 35% would ask for a 6% to 10% more. The average last pay increase was 4.25%.

For most Australians, wage rises have been barely keeping up with inflation. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics’ wage price index, wages grew by 0.55% over the December quarter in seasonally adjusted terms, leaving the change on a year earlier at just 2.08%.

Chris McDonald, Indeed's Australia-New Zealand Managing Director, says Australia is experiencing a sustained period of flat to modest wage growth.

“We see that those in the 25-34 age bracket, who have typically gained some valuable skills and experience have the most confidence when it comes to arguing their case," he says.

"In contrast, younger workers feel less secure about their positions in the workplace and are less prepared to push the envelope when it comes to pay.

Economists think Australia's jobs boom continued in March

  Economists think Australia's jobs boom continued in March Australia has created jobs in each of the past 17 months, the longest consecutive stretch on record. Economists expect Australia's jobs juggernaut will extend into an 18th consecutive month in March. Unemployment is tipped to 5.5%, still above the 5% level many believe it will need to hit, or even fall below, before wage pressures begin to build.Australia has created jobs in each of the past 17 months, the longest consecutive stretch on record. © Provided by Business Insider IncOver that period, employment has increased by a mammoth 420,700, the second-highest level over a 12-month period on record.

8. "I haven't had a pay raise since " When you' re trying to convince someone to invest in you, it's best to avoid complaining right Raises are about what you've done, but they have more to do with what you'll do in the future. 3. "I want 100 BILLION dollars " Don ' t ask for a ridiculous amount of money.

Many job -seekers are fearful . They are modest in their salary requirements because they don ' t want to get dropped from a recruiting pipeline. If an organization has a budget of ,000-,000 to pay a new person but a great candidate walks in and says "I need to earn

“Many workers however feel that wages are simply not keeping pace with the rising cost of living, but equally they also feel their good performance warrants a pay rise."

A comfortable life

Most still dream of better pay.

The survey shows that 23% believe a pay rise of between $6000 and $10,000 would give them a comfortable life, while 21% nominated the $16,000 to $20,000 range and 17% would be satisfied with $5,000 extra or less.

“The concept of living a comfortable life means different things to different people, but essentially we work to achieve just this," says McDonald.

"One thing that is quite striking from this study is that by and large workers seem realistic in their expectations.

"They are not saying they need $50,000 or more to live a good life, yes a pay rise would be nice, but they are not expecting the world."

The average annual salary of those surveyed was $75,100 with 62.5% in full-time work and 37.5% part-time. The median time in current employment was eight years.

The bills keep coming

Of those hoping for increase, 46% said it was because cost of living had gone up or they felt their performance warranted it.

Chevron announces $5 billion Gorgon gas expansion off WA

  Chevron announces $5 billion Gorgon gas expansion off WA Chevron announces it will proceed with stage two of its multi-billion-dollar Gorgon gas project off WA, which is expected to create hundreds of jobs, as unions urge the company to employ local workers.The latest phase of the large-scale gas project, which is situated 150 kilometres off the WA coast, north of Onslow, is estimated to cost more than $5 billion and create hundreds of jobs in the resources sector.

The trouble is , they keep out the sounds you want to hear, too! A12 18 Sally says Australian cities are different from European ones because 1 they are generally larger. Not only will they gain the experience necessary to get a good job , they will also discover more about their career choice.

Why don ’ t more women ask for a pay rise ? “I think of haggling as a theatre performance,” he says, which seems like a much more benign and upbeat way to think about it than my own fearful and self-conscious One female professor decided she would ask for more money after her job offer.

A difficulty paying bills was why 13% said they needed a pay rise. Another 21% believed it was overdue and 17% felt underpaid compared to peers.

When asked what extra benefits employees would consider instead of a pay rise, 25% said they would not accept any alternative.

However, more than 40% would consider more annual leave or flexible working hours instead. Women were more open to these types of alternatives.

“While higher wages are of course important, increasingly we are also seeing employees place greater premium on more flexible working arrangements, including trading extra hours worked for more annual leave or the ability to work remotely," says McDonald.

"The study in fact shows that more than 40% would consider these types of benefits over a pay rise, with things like health care and paid parental leave also in that mix."

Pictures: These are the world's most stressful jobs

Saiba quais são as profissões mais estressantes: Sua profissão é estressante? O instituto de pesquisas de mercado de trabalho Bureau o Labor Statistic, em parceria com o site americano 'Business Insider', elaborou uma lista com as profissões mais estressantes.Foi feito um índice de nível de estresse, com pontuações que vão de zero a 100. Este índice foi avaliado pelos próprios profissionais. Quanto maior o índice, mais estressante é a profissão.Confira a galeria e veja se você iria gostar de trabalhar nesses níveis de estresse! These are the world's most stressful jobs

Jobs are popping up all across Australia .
Australian employment has increased in each of the past 17 months. In just the past year alone, employment has grown by 420,000. Job openings have risen 12.1% over the past year, including 0.9% in March. Vacancies haven't been this high in over five years.According to the Australia’s Department of Jobs and Small Business Internet Vacancy Index (IVI), online job vacancies rose by 0.9% to 187,200 in March.

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