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Money What your manager wants to know when you can't come to work.

17:43  12 september  2017
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Morris to continue Bulldogs AFL career

  Morris to continue Bulldogs AFL career Western Bulldogs veteran Dale Morris has signed a <g class="gr_ gr_3 gr-alert gr_spell gr_inline_cards gr_run_anim ContextualSpelling multiReplace" data-gr-id="3" id="3">one year</g> contract extension with the AFL club, joining Jack Redpath and Lukas Webb in re-signing.The 34-year-old has played 241 AFL games for the club, including the 2016 premiership.

Discipline works best when there’s a foundation of trust between managers and employees. 1. Know what the law says about employee discipline. Discipline can come in several forms Employees also have the same right to end the working relationship just as easily. If you want to use this

When it comes to project management on a small team, it’s important to remember that everyone is a People may be resistant to change and want to work the way they always have. A good project manager knows that you can ’ t set your team up for success without first setting realistic expectations.

Don't call in sick unless you are sick. (Image via iStock.)© istock Don't call in sick unless you are sick. (Image via iStock.)

Question: What are reasonable explanations for missing work?

Marie Stein writes:

As a manager and as a former corporate drone, I will tell you the best, proven advice on this that anyone ever gave me.

Skip the excuses, unless you have a personal relationship with the person to whom you’re providing the excuse to, and you feel you want and need to share it (your house burned down; family emergency; death), or unless it’s indicative of a potential continuing issue that you need help resolving or that could pose issues for others where you work or who you work with (such as a viral illness, or child/parent care issues).

Penrith players in dark on Moylan's future

  Penrith players in dark on Moylan's future Stand-in Penrith captain Peter Wallace says Matt Moylan's uncertain future at the NRL club hasn't been discussed by the playing group.Moylan and his manager will meet Penrith officials on Monday, after Panthers chief executive Brian Fletcher had confirmed the captain as being only a 50-50 chance to stay at the club next year.

When it comes to outlining your expectations: Don’t assume your teenage employees would know that they can ’ t be on their smartphone while working . 4. Show them you care about them. Teenagers want to know that they matter. As their manager , you are a role model and a different influence in

A couple of months ago, he came to my boss saying he wanted to do something else, something more complicated. But there is just no way we have the time and resources to train him, when we know it won’ t work . The kindest thing your manager can do, though, is to be direct.

If you feel the need to lie about it, just don’t. Just say you need a day or took a day for personal reasons. (Even if it’s for an interview or a mental health day). It’s always better to tell the truth or say nothing at all, because, frankly, it’s noone’s business. Except for THIS:

Let someone know, as soon as you know you will be a no-show. “Something came up, it’s personal, I’m sorry, I can’t really talk about it. I should be back tomorrow”. And express your apologies. Once. To the person or persons who are most inconvenienced by your failure to show. Any more than that is too much. You have a right to your privacy.

But, people are counting on you to show up. Whatever your personal agenda is, someone trusted you, hired you, is paying you to do your job. There are many, many unemployed people who would be very happy to do your work for you and get paid for it – even if you’re a sword-swallower in the circus or part of a street-cleaning crew – so respect that someone gave you a job and is counting on you to perform. They don’t care what your excuse is, they care about this:

Penrith Panthers grant Matt Moylan leave from the NRL

  Penrith Panthers grant Matt Moylan leave from the NRL Matt Moylan has been granted leave to sort out personal issues following a meeting with Panthers officials on Monday morning. Despite rival clubs circling for his signature, the Panthers have resolved lingering tension between the captain and the club but have decided to give him time away from the game to deal with personal issues.Moylan won't play for the Panthers in this Saturday's do-or-die clash with Manly at Allianz Stadium."We held a long discussion with Matt and his manager this morning," Panthers general manager Phil Gould said.

Remember, you don’ t want to lose staff, either. 6. When it comes to customers, you ’re managing more than just food. Everything must point to that one main thing. Restaurant Management : What Every New Manager Needs to Know Sam Campbell.

← recovering from a mistake at work , when your company forces you to lie, and more how to have a better relationship with your manager →. Though I do wish people who were sick weren’ t forced to come in just to keep their jobs (if you want to and you know you ’re not contagious, do what you want .)

1. If you’re OK;

2. How you’ve inconvenienced them;

3. If you’re going to make it up;

4. How you’re going to make it up;

5. If you’re worth keeping around, after it’s done.

At least, that’s the way I always thought about it.

I’ve sent flowers and cards to funerals, if I couldn’t actually attend; and driven by a assistant’s apartment, knocked on their door and left a note, to find out where the hell they were (on Day 2 of the no-show; Day 3 without communication at most places I’ve worked is formal grounds for termination).

The other people I worked with at the time thought I was going a little far, and dismissed that person's behavior as simply irresponsible (which of course, and luckily, it turned out to be) but I don't care much for people who lie or who are irresponsible and I don't want them working for or with me.

I had a boss who drove out to find his employee on the Monday of a weekend party binge, after two days of not showing up at work, with empty bottles all over a trashed house, and the employee crazy-depressed. He called the employee's family for an intervention - but saved the guy's job, because everyone knew and recognised (except the employee) that if he lost his health insurance, he couldn't get or afford the help he needed. That's an excellent, compassionate boss, and I learned a great deal from him.

Company fined $70k for man's skylight fall

  Company fined $70k for man's skylight fall A roofing company in Perth has been fined $70,000 plus costs after a worker suffered multiple fractures when he fell through a skylight.Round Table Roofing was doing refurbishment work for Deslin, trading as Roofing 2000, at a building in Bicton in September 2015 when a labourer standing on a loose insulation roll next to a skylight fell through to the concrete floor, suffering multiple fractures.

However, if the issue is the latter, the Redditor says, “ When you become a manager , you will one day run into an employee who you know you cannot keep. The Weekly Ritual That Keeps Me Engaged & Fulfilled In My Work Life. 12 Do’s & Don’ts I Learned From Dating A Coworker.

You may even want to take that a step further and set a time frame for when requests can come in. This is to prevent people from making requests for the following year when some employees that will be working haven’ t even been Restaurant Management : What Every New Manager Needs to Know .

Unfortunately, though, he had a boss who was exactly the opposite, and who simultaneously would complain if someone was 10 minutes late for a relatively unimportant meeting, while passing notes/texting in Board meetings about the best new local bar to go to after the meeting was through (one of the best skills I learned in corporate America was the ability to read quickly upside-down).

I'm a good manager, and I trust people to do their work independently; but I'm also a parent and a human being. I care a lot about the people who work for me and with me, because I can't get squat done without their support. If someone doesn't show up, and I don't get a call or email or message, I start to worry. It's a crappy, dangerous world out there, and bad things have happened, and I'll be damned if you work for me and something bad happens to you and noone finds you for days. I couldn't live with myself.

So, screw the excuse; just call in and tell people you have to take a personal day, and it's something you just can't talk about. You'll make up the work as much as you can when you're back.

Then go to the beach - and don't forget your sunscreen.

Byron Bay's Beach Hotel sells for $70 million .
Melbourne-based Impact Investment Group has paid $70 million for the Byron Bay Beach Hotel, once owned by John Cornell, known as ''Strop'' in his television days on the Paul Hogan show.Mr Cornell sold the site for $44 million in 2007 to businessman Max Trigg who has spent the past decade renovating the site.

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