Money Calling the Moon: Startup to Put Cellphone Tower on the Moon

10:46  12 august  2017
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The German startup Part Time Scientists plans to put mobile phone communications tech on the moon to help the company's moon rover keep in touch. An astronaut wandering the moon next year could use a smartphone to call home.

Have you ever thought of communicating with someone who's on the moon ? If you haven't, then you can start now because a German startup company is planning to put the first telecommunication structures on the surface of the moon .

PTScientists' Autonomous Landing and Navigation Module, or ALINA, lunar lander.© PTScientists PTScientists' Autonomous Landing and Navigation Module, or ALINA, lunar lander. An astronaut wandering the moon next year could use a smartphone to call home. A German startup is preparing to set up the first telecommunication infrastructure on the lunar surface.

The German company Part Time Scientists, which originally competed for the Google Lunar X Prize race to the moon, plans to send a lander with a rover in late 2018 to visit the landing site of Apollo 17. (Launched in 1972, this was NASA's final Apollo mission to the moon.) Instead of using a complex dedicated telecommunication system to relay data from the rover to the Earth, the company will rely on LTE technology — the same system used on Earth for mobile phone communications.

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And one German startup aiming for our rocky satellite has announced they will set up a kind of cell tower once they get there. But one way or another, it certainly looks like humans will be putting gear and boots on the Moon once again - and very soon.

Calling the Moon : Startup to put cellphone tower on the Moon . It's saliva! A new ultra-thin battery is powered by spit.

"We are cooperating with Vodafone in order to provide LTE base stations on the moon," Karsten Becker, who heads embedded electronics development and integration for the startup, told

"What we are aiming to do is to provide commercial service to bring goods to the moon and also to provide services on the surface of the moon," Becker added.

Part Time Scientists has a launch contract for late 2018 with Space X as a secondary payload on the Falcon 9 rocket. Becker said the company believes it will be the first private entity to reach the surface of the moon, suggesting that none of the Google Lunar X Prize participants are likely to meet the December 2017 deadline for the competition. (Part Time Scientists itself withdrew from the Google Lunar X Prize earlier this year due to the time constraints of the competition.)

A Real Dynamo: Moon's Magnetic Field Lasted Far Longer Than Thought

  A Real Dynamo: Moon's Magnetic Field Lasted Far Longer Than Thought The moon's magnetic field lasted at least 1 billion years longer than previously thought, a new study finds. This suggests that alien moons and planets may also have magnetic fields that can survive for a long time and potentially help shelter extraterrestrial life.The moon today does not possess a global magnetic field. However, prior analyses of moon rocks retrieved by the Apollo astronauts suggested that, between 3.56 billion and 4.25 billion years ago, the moon's magnetic field once ranged in strength from 20 to 110 microtesla. In comparison, Earth's magnetic field is 50 microtesla strong.

Watch Free Online Call The Moon : Startup Putting An LTE Tower On Moon Videos, movie trailers on last updated on August 11, 2017 at 6:07 pm Youtube. A German Startup is aiming a low-cost alternative to communication on the moon as its rover is all set to drive on the moon in 2018.

The German startup Part Time Scientists plans to put mobile phone communications tech on the moon to help the company's moon rover keep in touch. SIGN UP . An astronaut wandering the moon next year could use a smartphone to call home.

The Falcon 9 will carry the team's spacecraft, Alina, to the geostationary transfer orbit, a highly elliptical Earth orbit whose highest point is 26,000 miles (42,000 kilometers). From there, Alina will continue on its own to the moon.

"We will soft-land on the moon and disembark our two rovers, the Audi Lunar Quatro rovers, with which we are going to drive up to Apollo 17," Becker said.

'Damn close' asteroid due to speed past Earth

  'Damn close' asteroid due to speed past Earth A house-sized asteroid due to pass Earth in October is currently "damn close", the European Space Agency says. The asteroid is forecast to speed inside the moon's orbit at 27,300 miles (43,935km) - an eighth of the distance between the Earth and the moon.The ESA says it is far enough to just miss our geostationary satellites orbiting at about 22,000 miles (35,405km)."It will not hit the Earth, that's the most important thing to say," said Detlef Koschny of ESA's near-Earth object research team.The small asteroid, about 15-30m long (49-98ft), has been dubbed TC4.

The global competition invited private bids to build and soft-land a rover on the moon and send back photos and videos. But the call for funds is always out, since the cost of the project is roughly thrice the prize money.

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"The two rovers are essentially mobile phones that will communicate our video stream to Alina, which serves as an LTE base station, and Alina will communicate the data to us," he said.

The two rovers, which appeared in this year's "Alien: Covenant" film, will examine in detail the Apollo 17 spacecraft to see what has happened to it in its 45 years on the lunar surface.

"Using the LTE modem to transmit our data is much more energy efficient than using direct Earth communication," Becker explained.

The rover gets 90 watts of energy from its solar panel, half of which goes to driving, Becker said; previously, the other half would have to go to the modem for communicating directly to Earth. "With LTE, it's significantly less," he said.

Additionally, relaying data via the base station rather than directly to Earth solves difficulties with pointing the rover's antenna in the rough lunar terrain, Becker said.

He said Part Time Scientists does not expect Alina and the rovers to survive the lunar night because of the extreme low temperatures. However, the experience gained during the first mission will be used in subsequent missions that will aim to establish a permanent telecommunication infrastructure on the moon's surface, he said.

Voyager Spacecraft Sail On, 40 Years After Launch

  Voyager Spacecraft Sail On, 40 Years After Launch Nearly 40 years after lifting off, NASA's historic Voyager mission is still exploring the cosmos.  The twin spacecraft launched several weeks apart in 1977 — Voyager 2 on Aug. 20 and Voyager 1 on Sept. 5 — with an initial goal to explore the outer solar system. Voyager 1 flew by Jupiter and Saturn, while its twin took advantage of an unusual planetary alignment to visit Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune.

blog '' is not exists. The history of the moon

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"We are trying to show that you can use the most widespread means of communication, which is the mobile network and particularly the LTE network, on the surface of the moon, to execute missions there," said Becker. "We are aiming to provide cost-effective solutions to problems that are arising in terms of building the lunar village."

According to Becker, Part Time Scientists plans to conduct a second mission around 2020 that would carry LTE terminals designed to survive in the harsh lunar environment for extended periods of time. The company is closely cooperating with the European Space Agency, which has proposed a lunar village concept that would lead to permanent human presence on the surface of the moon. The agency's plan would let all nations and entities contribute to the overall operations with their unique skills and expertise.

The Alina spacecraft can carry up to 100 kilograms (220 lbs.) of payload. During its first mission, the craft will carry three customer payloads, including an experiment designed by NASA Ames.

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