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16:07  23 may  2017
16:07  23 may  2017 Source:   CNET

Facebook fined $165,645 by French data watchdog

  Facebook fined $165,645 by French data watchdog Facebook (FB.O) has been fined 150,000 euros ($165,645) by France's CNIL data watchdog for failure to prevent its users' data from being accessed by advertisers. CNIL said its fine - which was imposed on both Facebook Inc and Facebook Ireland - was part of a wider European probe also being carried out in Belgium, the Netherlands, Spain and Germany into some of Facebook's practices.The 150,000 euros fine is small in the context of the company which has quarterly revenue of about $8 billion and a stock market capitalization which stands at around $435 billion.

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Mark Zuckerberg © Provided by CNET Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, with a nearly religious zeal, has said for years his mission is "making the world more open and connected."

But in the last few weeks, that more open and connected world has led to headlines about violence, murder and, most recently, revenge porn shared on his social network. People have used Facebook Live, the company's video livestreaming service, to broadcast murder over the internet. Meanwhile Facebook is fighting the problem of revenge porn, defined as nude or near-nude photos shared in order to "shame or embarrass" someone.

In April, Zuckerberg even had to take up stage time during his most important speech of the year, at the company's annual F8 developer conference, to offer condolences to the family and friends of a Cleveland man whose killing was shown in a video posted to Facebook.

Facebook fights bogus live streams with stricter rules

  Facebook fights bogus live streams with stricter rules Ever run into a Facebook Live stream that's little more than an attention grabber for something that could have been done with an ordinary post? The stricter approach is really a reflection of Facebook's ongoing attempts to get its livestreaming under control. Just as it doesn't want people broadcasting crimes on Facebook, it also doesn't want your News Feed cluttered with "live" videos that are merely attempts to stand out from the crowd. The more you can trust the quality of Facebook Live, the more likely you are to use it instead of turning to alternatives like Periscope or YouTube.

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Over the weekend and on Monday, a pair of stories from The Guardian delved into how Facebook handles illicit content on its site. One story detailed Facebook's manual for moderators who review posts flagged as objectionable. The manual gives specific examples of what's OK and what's not. For examples, photos of animal abuse or bullying of children can reportedly be shared, while calling for an assassination cannot. Another story on Monday said Facebook saw 54,000 cases of potential revenge porn in just a single month.

Taken together, the controversies give a us glimpse into the sheer power and challenge Facebook has: deciding what its nearly 2 billion users can and can't see and figuring out how to make those decisions. Facebook doesn't get specific about how many flagged items it reviews a week, but the company has said it's "millions."

Facebook to reimburse some advertisers after discovering bug

  Facebook to reimburse some advertisers after discovering bug Facebook Inc said on Tuesday it would refund some advertisers after finding a bug that wrongly attributed video carousel ad clicks as clicks to the advertisers' websites.When users tried to expand and watch the video carousel on the mobile web browser, the bug inadvertently directed the click to the advertiser's website, leading to incorrect billing, the company said in a blogpost on Tuesday.

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Facebook has come a long way from the tiny website Zuckerberg created in his Harvard dorm room 13 years ago. In the last year, the social network has been criticized for the rise of fake news, which detractors argue tipped the scales in the US election toward President Donald Trump. The site has also been blamed for "filter bubbles," which some argue distort people's view of the world because mostly everything they're fed on Facebook aligns with what they already think.

"The hard part is balancing the goal of being a social media platform -- letting people communicate with each other in a wide variety of ways -- without poisoning the well," said Larry Downes, project director at the Georgetown Center for Business and Public Policy.

Facebook acknowledges that balancing act.

"Keeping people on Facebook safe is the most important thing we do. We work hard to make Facebook as safe as possible while enabling free speech," Monika Bickert, head of global policy management at Facebook, said in a statement. "This requires a lot of thought into detailed and often difficult questions, and getting it right is something we take very seriously."

Mark Zuckerberg shares the moment he was accepted into Harvard

  Mark Zuckerberg shares the moment he was accepted into Harvard It's a flashback Thursday to remember for the king of Facebook.Posting on – you guessed it – Facebook, Zuckerberg shared the "flashback Thursday" entry which was filmed by his dad way back in 2003.

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'Nowhere near prime time'

To curb the problem, Zuckerberg said earlier this month, Facebook will add 3,000 content moderators by the end of the year -- on top of the 4,500 it already has on the job around the world. 

Experts say it's a good start. But it's only a Band-aid for the problem.

Eventually, Facebook wants software to do the work, with artificial intelligence to decide what stays and what goes before posts spread across the internet. But even Zuckerberg admits it's going to take time, saying earlier this month we shouldn't hold our breath. "That will take a period of years, though, to really reach the quality level that we want," he said.

"It would not surprise me that that we're really nowhere near prime-time level," said Jennifer King, a Ph.D candidate at the UC Berkeley School of Information. King co-taught a class on the effects of communicating on computerized platforms. "It's a really tough problem."

She should know. Before Berkeley, she worked at Yahoo from 2002 to 2004, helping moderate Yahoo Groups, which she describes as working "at the front lines of what I call the toxic waste of the internet." The software had a hard enough time identifying content in photos, King said. Videos make the problem even trickier.

Having worked on the ground to battle objectionable content, she's sympathetic to Facebook's burden in having to sort through the millions of posts. But she also said Facebook and Zuckerberg should have thought more about how people would abuse services like livestreaming.

"I don't think there's any excuse in 2017 to say 'Let's just throw it open and see what happens,'" King said. "We know what will happen. It will be bad."

Facebook adds private chat to Live videos to avoid the crowds .
Joining in on a popular live video on Facebook can be a fun way to feel part of a broader online community, but it can also subject you to a myriad of inane comments, which are often too crowded to make any sense of in the first place. The creatively-named Live Chat With Friends is precisely what it sounds like. Instead of trying to sift through a bazillion comments – Facebook says people comment on Live videos ten times more than regular ones – you can simply enjoy it in peace and quiet while conversing with a few of your pals. You can invite both friends who are already watching the stream or others you think may be interested.

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