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Sydney prices to jump 'overnight' as first-home incentives kick in: experts

Sunday  01:05,   25 june 2017
Sydney Morning Herald

Prices are expect to jump "overnight" in Sydney's cheapest areas on the back of first-home buyer stamp duty concessions.Property prices in affordable areas are expected to jump "overnight" on the back of changes to first-home buyer[...]

It will take more than asking for a pay rise to fix Australia’s wages problem

Saturday  23:46,   24 june 2017
Smart Company

There was a time when speeches by central bankers were definitely boring. Lots of talk about the “weight of evidence”, what was thought “on balance”, and how doing nothing was “deemed prudent”.Perhaps it is a sign of the macroeconomic times, but[...]

What the first iPhone tells us about tech's future

Saturday  19:17,   24 june 2017

What will be the simple, practical features and solutions driving the next wave of innovation? One of those drivers already has a head start: voice.The opposite happened, of course. Not only have more than 1 billion iPhones been sold, but,[...]

So, you want to terraform Mars? Here's one way to do it.

Saturday  18:00,   24 june 2017
Popular Science

Climate change could make the red planet livable within 100 years.  © Supertotto102,165 A.D. Sorry dogs: Plants are humanity’s best friend on Mars. After many millennia of photosynthesis, abundant trees, crops, and maybe even decorative[...]

The next big stock market shift could come from an unexpected source

Saturday  15:21,   24 june 2017
Business Insider Australia

In an ironic twist, the most downtrodden part of the stock market could be the main driver of its next leg higher. Even more surprising: the investor base most responsible for this shift won't be flashy Wall Street types, armed with their[...]

CPA terminates contract with chief executive Alex Malley

Saturday  12:00,   24 june 2017
ABC News

The board of scandal-plagued accounting body CPA Australia terminates the contract of its high-profile chief executive Alex Malley,The board of the embattled accounting organisation CPA Australia has terminated the contract of its high-profile chief [...]

Facebook’s latest app is designed just for video creators

Saturday  11:20,   24 june 2017

In a bid to keep its creator community happy, Facebook announced that it's planning a whole new app just for them later this year. Just like Mentions, the new video creation app is said to feature access to Facebook Live plus a new[...]

SA Bank Levy: 'Pandora's Box is officially open'

Saturday  10:20,   24 june 2017

The banks are furious over yet another levy, and may challenge it in court.SA Treasurer Tom Koutsantonis wants to raise $370 million over the next four years from a levy on the big four banks and Macquarie Group, but analysts say lenders could[...]

Google to stop scanning Gmail for ad targeting

Saturday  07:42,   24 june 2017

Google said Friday it would stop scanning the contents of Gmail users' inboxes for ad targeting, moving to end a practice that has fueled privacy concerns since the free email service was launched. A Google statement said Gmail users would still [...]

Careers Australia likely traded insolvent before its collapse: administrators

Saturday  05:30,   24 june 2017
ABC News

Fallen education giant Careers Australia could have been trading insolvent for up to six months before it collapsed, according to a new report by voluntary administrators. Careers Australia's 15,000 students and 1,100 staff across the country[...]

The Woman Behind Trump’s Empire of Swag

Saturday  04:57,   24 june 2017

By Christl Mahfouz’s accounting, the one-millionth official Donald Trump hat will ship this summer from her company’s warehouse in Lafayette, La. Ace Specialties Inc. is the official merchandise distributor for the Trump Make America Great Again[...]

Domino's pizza overvalued by $800 million: Citi

Saturday  04:57,   24 june 2017

Investors worry over the profitability of future franchises.In the same breath, Fairfax Media's CBD column also revealed one of the chain's primary stakeholders Jack Cowin – who owns 26 percent of Domino's – had lost $600 million off his[...]

Lack of wind a big blow for Infigen and power prices

Saturday  04:56,   24 june 2017
ABC News

Eastern Australia is experiencing extraordinarily windless conditions — and that is big problem for electricity prices and wind generators like Infigen Energy.The large wind-focussed generator, Infigen Energy has been forced to downgrade its[...]

SA-style bank tax 'attractive option' to relieve debt, WA Treasurer Ben Wyatt says

Saturday  03:51,   24 june 2017

A South Australian-style bank tax could be an "attractive option" for Western Australia as it grapples with record debt, Treasurer Ben Wyatt says as he prepares to hand down his first budget in September. On Thursday, the South Australian[...]

Citibank reckons it's time to ditch Australian stocks and head to Asia

Friday  20:37,   23 june 2017
Business Insider Australia

International investors own close to half of Australia's stock market, meaning sentiment towards the outlook for the Australian[...]