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01:31  13 july  2018
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Nigella Lucy Lawson (born 6 January 1960) is an English journalist, broadcaster, television personality, gourmet, and food writer. She is the daughter of Nigel Lawson , a former Chancellor of the Exchequer

The Queen of home cooking and domestic goddess, Nigella Lawson enters the MasterChef Australia kitchen on Sunday, 22 May for an entire week to inspire

Kristen Sheffield.© Network Ten Kristen Sheffield. This week has been survival week on MasterChef, and with Chloe taking out the ten-year Super Power advantage (the chance to opt out of any tasting), the remaining seven contestants were in for an intense elimination challenge. Of course, when you need to set a Pressure Test of mammoth proportions, you call on Peter Gilmore and his famous Snow Egg, which each contestant had to replicate three (!) times over.

Failing to nail the ratio of her granita and as the one who's dish was the least balanced, it was Kristen's turn to bid adieu to the MasterChef kitchen. Below, she chats about the enormity of the challenge, her favourite moments you didn't see on television, and having high tea with Nigella Lawson in London.

MasterChef: Samira Is Proof That a Quiet Confidence Can Go a Long Way

  MasterChef: Samira Is Proof That a Quiet Confidence Can Go a Long Way We've seen how hard it is recreating MasterChef Pressure Tests dishes with a recipe, so having to go without one? Er, we don't even want to think about it, but our hearts went out to Samira, Jess and Ben, who faced that extremely daunting prospect during Monday's elimination challenge.With a pannacotta and custard that weren't properly set, it was Samira who was sent home. Though she may have been one of the more reserved contestants on the show, the 36-year-old stay-at-home mum has proven that she can cook just about anything, with the heart to go with it, too. Here's what she had to say about her show highlights, putting herself out there and message to all mothers.

It' s Nigella Lawson week on MasterChef and on Tuesday' s episode the food journalist gave a shock result that saw an amateur contestant beat a professional chef . Another shared: 'Beautiful advice to the women in tonight’ s episode.

'Thank you for being such an amazing lady who makes all the contestants feel so good about themselves:' MasterChef fans flood Twitter with praise for 'goddess' Nigella Lawson after her advice moves contestant Chloe Carroll to tears.

POPSUGAR Australia: Sorry to see you go! How did you find the last-one-standing week in general?

Kristen: Yeah, that was a tough one for me, because obviously, I was out on the first day, so you just have to stand by and watch everyone else cook. Every chance you get to cook in the kitchen is important for your development, so it pays to cook as much as you can. So it was a tough week sitting on the sidelines

PS: I can imagine. Looking back on your progress, how do you feel about your development on the show?

Kristen: It was such an incredible time. You're learning from the judges, and more so, each other. Being in that environment where you're with 20-something other people who all have their own skills and experiences was so fulfilling in terms of everything that I learnt. It was just an incredible environment and I really do feel like I progressed as a cook and have a bit more direction. I sort of used to like to cook anything, now I've sort of narrowed it down to my true passions.

MasterChef fans accuse contestant's mum of 'fat-shaming' the 19-year-old

  MasterChef fans accuse contestant's mum of 'fat-shaming' the 19-year-old <p>The mother of a MasterChef contestant has been accused of fat shaming her daughter on the cooking show.</p>Contestant Jess Liemantara's mother made a surprise appearance when it was revealed the finals would be watched by the contestants' loved ones.

Before and after: It' s Nigella Lawson week on MasterChef and viewers have taken to Twitter to Recipes, skincare advice , consumer testing & product reviews - Good Housekeeping. Kristen Stewart shows off her Calvin Klein underwear as she steps out of spa in sweltering Los Angeles.

Nigella Lawson scores MasterChef contestant Kristen Stewart shows off her Calvin Klein underwear as she steps of spa in sweltering Los Angeles Flaunted the famous waistband.

PS: Are you disappointed to have gone out on a dessert challenge?

Why Prince Charles had MasterChef Australia judges quaking

  Why Prince Charles had MasterChef Australia judges quaking For the first time in MasterChef Australia history, Prince Charles and his wife Camilla will make a guest appearance on the cooking show this week.&nbsp;And while you'd expect the contestants to be nervous having to plate up a dish fit for royalty, it was judges Matt Preston, Gary Mehigan and George Calombaris, who were feeling the pressure.

Nigella Lawson chided Harry Foster on MasterChef Australia and told him to 'hurry up' with his midnight snack. As Kristen Stewart kicks off heels at Cannes FEMAIL rounds up stylish foldable flats so YOU can avoid same footwear faux pas.

Nigella Lawson scores MasterChef contestant Geoffrey Rush pulls out of production citing 'current circumstances and medical advice ' after allegations he 'inappropriately touched a co-star'. Kristen Stewart flashes a peek at her toned tummy as she rocks crop top under check shirt on lunch date with

Kristen: [Laughs] Yeah, it's a bit bittersweet going out on a dessert challenge, and particularly the snow egg. I've been such a big fan of the show forever, and I very clearly remember the snow egg in the season two finale. So when Peter Gilmore lifted that cloche, I was so thrilled to get a chance to cook it, but then to not do it justice and go home on it, wasn't great!

PS: What went wrong for you?

Kristen: I started off pretty well, I was going really quickly. I went into the cook very conscious of the fact that we had 50 minutes less than they did in the finale of season two, and we had to produce three snow eggs where they only had to do one. I went in there guns blazing knowing that I'd have to go fast, and I felt like I was in control, until I saw the recipe and realised that the ice cream that I'd just got in the churner had the wrong amount of egg yolks in. But it just shows how much we've progressed over the last eight years because I still managed to get the second batch of ice cream done and all three snow eggs completed within the time. And in fact, it wasn't my ice cream that ended up sending me home, it was my granita, which was the first element that I did before anything went wrong. So within five minutes of that challenge, I really was the one going home because my granita was runny.

MasterChef Australia's Jess on handling online criticism

  MasterChef Australia's Jess on handling online criticism She’s just 19 and the youngest of this year’s MasterChef Australia contestants, but Melbourne waitress Jess Liemantara has had to deal with some of the harshest criticism on social media. "It's really hard not to look at the haters, and it does put you down," she admits. "But you have support from the MasterChef family who say, 'Don't look at it.' It's really gut-wrenching."But being on the show is such a great opportunity. You have to forget about what other people say."Jess was caught up in controversy last month when judge Matt Preston tasted her fried sandwich before she'd finished making it.

'Watching Nigella Lawson eat is really gross': MasterChef fans took to Twitter to mock the guest judge' s 'awkward' table manners. During the episode, Nigella could be seen licking her fingers and talking with her mouth full - but she admitted that she is a 'messy eater at the best of times'.

'Thank you for being such an amazing lady who makes all the contestants feel so good about themselves:' MasterChef fans flood Twitter with praise for 'goddess' Nigella Lawson after her advice moves contestant Chloe Carroll to tears.

PS: Were you surprised to go or did you kind of see it coming?

Kristen: I knew I had messed up and hadn't stayed calm and focused like the plan was. I didn't know for sure that it was me, but I had an inkling that I definitely was one of the few on the chopping block.

a person standing in a kitchen© Network TenPS: The Snow Egg keeps appearing on MasterChef. How hard is it to recreate?

Kristen: I went into it feeling confident about it, because when you break down the individual elements — there's ice cream, there's meringue — it's things that I'm quite familiar with because I'm a dessert person. However, when you put all of them together in that kind of time pressure and more importantly, the construction of it, it is really a mammoth challenge. My hands were shaking as I was putting the eggs out, I remember them just trembling!

PS: Can you imagine if it broke as you were plating up? I would die.

Kristen: Yeah, it was pretty close! [Laughs] I dropped it into the glass and my heart was like, oh my gosh, it's going to break!

PS: What's been your biggest takeaway from the show?

Kristen: I think the biggest takeaway has been what I realised at the beginning in applying for the show. You have to do what makes you happy. You have to follow your dream, because look what's come out of it. I wasn't going to apply because I was scared, but something tipped me over the edge and I did it, and I don't regret it for one second. I think I'm going to take that forward with me. If you're ever thinking about doing something, or want to do something, do it, you won't regret it.

MasterChef Australia's Khanh reveals he felt like an outcast

  MasterChef Australia's Khanh reveals he felt like an outcast 'Masterchef' contender Khanh Ong speaks about growing up as a gay man within Vietnamese culture."Being gay in our culture isn't really a thing, so that was hard for me," Khanh, 25, tells TV WEEK.

'It helps people in the right way': Nigella Lawson praises MasterChef Australia as she prepares to film 10th anniversary show. Kim Kardashian calls Kanye 'such a good dad' as she posts Father' s Day pic of him with North on his shoulders Main man.

Shock result! Nigella Lawson scores MasterChef contestant Loki Madireddi HIGHER for his fish dish than professional head chef Alanna Sapwell as the British

A post shared by Kristen Sheffield (@_kristensheffield_)

PS: What sort of fear was holding you back from applying?

Kristen: I think it was the fact that it was a television show, so you'd be watched and judged. I'm my own worst critic and I used to be quite harsh on myself, so I thought the rest of Australia was going to be harsh on me. That's what stopped me, but I had to throw caution to the wind because it was what I wanted to do. It was such an incredible opportunity so I thought, just apply. I didn't even think I would get in, I just thought, "Put the application in and you won't regret it. Even if you don't get in, at least you tried." And then I happened to get in and kept going, and every day I was there, I woke up happy. That was the best part about the whole experience.

PS: How have you found the public support?

Kristen: Oh it's been incredible! You walk into the shops and people are like, oh my gosh, are you that girl from MasterChef? It's really awesome, there's been so much love and support. I get messages every day saying that I've inspired people to cook and follow their dreams as well, which is really cool.

PS: What was the hardest thing about being on the show?

Kristen: Being away from your friends and family. It's necessary, I think, in terms of allowing you to focus and not losing sight of what you're there for. I think if you got to see your family throughout the process, it'd be a lot harder. But still, there were days where you want to sit on the phone for an hour and chat to your friends, but you can't, and you can't for months. That was pretty hard.

MasterChef's Brendan on Cooking for Royalty, His Biggest Strength and More

  MasterChef's Brendan on Cooking for Royalty, His Biggest Strength and More It was praise hands emoji all around when Brendan managed to land a second chance in the MasterChef kitchen after being previously eliminated. Since being back, he's shown that both his time back in the real world and show learnings haven't been for naught, constantly impressing and winning everyone over with his warmth — seriously, don't you just want to give the guy a hug? But alas, all good things must come to an end, and after taking a bit of a risk with his fish during Thursday's elimination cook, Brendan's MasterChef run was up.

One enthusiastic Twitter user posted : 'I love how Nigella eats like a real person!' And another added: 'The problem with having Nigella Lawson on MasterChef AU is I no longer care what the other judges are saying.'

NIGELLA Lawson has left MasterChef Australia viewers disgusted with her "gross" eating habits. The British cook and TV personality was a guest judge on the cookery show Down Under during ' Nigella Week'.

PS: What are you doing with the $10,000 Coles money?

Kristen: I'd love to invest it in my business. I'm opening up my own business called The Flourist, which is going to be dessert catering for weddings, events, and there'll be a few pop-ups as well. I'll be investing it into that.

PS: Who did you see as the strongest cook in the competition and would like to see win?

Kristen: There are so many strong cooks. It'd hard because you don't really see it on screen, we see everyone cooking in the house, get to taste everyone's food and man, everyone can cook some delicious food. Dinner was my favourite part of the day, because we'd cook on a roster and there'd just be all these amazing dishes. So everyone's really strong, and I honestly feel that anyone left can win it from here, it's just about belief in themselves. If I had to narrow it down though, I think Reece, Sashi and Jess are just insanely talented and so good with flavour.

PS: What was it like having high tea with Nigella Lawson in London?

Kristen: Winning that prize in the first place was such a pinch-me moment. I didn't even think anything like that would happen to me, so to get over there and do it was so amazing. She's so lovely, genuine and warm, and it felt like I was just catching up with a friend. We sat there chatting about everything and nothing and eating delicious food.

PS: Did she impart any wise words of wisdom?

Kristen: She reiterated what I was talking about before, about doing what makes you happy. I talked about wanting to pursue pastries and desserts, and she said, whatever it is that makes your heart sing, that's what you've got to do.

Anthony Bourdain was worth $1.2 million when he died .
Anthony Bourdain left most of his money to young daughter.Citing new legal filings, Page Six reports the acclaimed TV chef was worth $1.21 million ($AU 1.64 million) when he died. Previous estimates had put this estate more toward $16 million. Bourdain's will was filed in Manhattan Surrogate's Court on July 5.

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