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Entertainment Absolutely Everything We Know About Season 8 Of ‘Game Of Thrones’

10:06  04 june  2018
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Emilia Clarke on filming her final GOT scene

  Emilia Clarke on filming her final GOT scene Well now we really want to see the final seasonDespite it not winging its way to our TV screens for a while yet, Emilia Clarke has revealed that she’s filmed her final scene. The actress, who plays Daenerys on the HBO show, has said that the whole experience messed her up.

Unfortunately, " Game of Thrones " fans are still going to have to wait a while before they see new—and final—episodes of the hit series appearing on HBO. However, there is some good news on the horizon, as there have been a few hints of what they can expect to see when the series officially returns.

A great war is looming in the Seven Kingdoms and winter is here, which can only mean one thing — “ Game of Thrones ” is coming to an end. The show returns to HBO for Season 7 in just over two weeks, with the final season to follow sometime after.

Warning: This article contains spoilers for season 8 of Game of Thrones.

Anxious to get more information about 'Game of Thrones' season 8? We've compiled a list of every single spoiler about the characters and show ahead of the 2019 release date.: Absolutely Everything We Know About Season 8 Of ‘Game Of Thrones’© Provided by Bauer Media Pty Ltd Absolutely Everything We Know About Season 8 Of ‘Game Of Thrones’

Winter may be coming for the Australian coasts, but the same can also be said for our favourite ye olden days fantasy world show Outlander, Game of Thrones.

Thrones' showrunners have promised us a 2019 return for its final season, which means it could be just months away from being back on the air again, and we're that much closer to finding out if Bran really is the Night King.

(Spoiler: He definitely is.)

But since we can never resist the siren-call of a spoiler, no matter how many specifically-tailored ad-blockers we install, we thought we'd collate each and every morsel of rumour we can find before it's too late.

Emilia Clarke on filming her final GOT scene

  Emilia Clarke on filming her final GOT scene Well now we really want to see the final season.We’ve just about made peace with the fact that not only is the eighth season of Game Of Thrones going to be the last one ever, but it also won’t be with us until 2019. Eurgh.

Our Brands. Game of Thrones : Bran Doesn't Know ' Absolutely Everything '. Given Bran's recent boost in power, will a fully-formed purveyor of the future return in season 8 ?

But we ’re looking forward to Game of Thrones Season 8 already, so here’s absolutely everything we know about the show’s final episodes, including release date, casting news and trailers.

Here, everything that's been said about season 8 of Game of Thrones.

Daenerys’ ending is quite something

Is winter coming? Game of Thrones stars descend on Monaco

  Is winter coming? Game of Thrones stars descend on Monaco There may not be an iron throne up for grabs, but Game of Thrones stars were on hand to witness the battle at the Monaco Grand Prix.Those feelings could well have been amplified when a trio of Game of Thrones stars took a stroll through the paddock ahead of the season's most glamorous race.

Game Of Thrones season 8 cast. Right now, we don’t know for sure who will be back for season 8 , but we sure as hell know who won’t … (RIP). The boy, who may be in multiple scenes, is described as a poor child who has had to fight for everything he has.

Whether it’s new casting, riveting battle sequences, directors at the helm, major theories, or other new pieces of information that will continue to emerge as we push closer to 2019’s premiere date, here’s everything we know about season 8 of Game of Thrones so far.

Emilia Clarke (Daenerys Targaryen) has been pretty tight-lipped about her character's ending so far. The only thing she's let slip is that her last scene "f----- her up," which is promising.

"It f----- me up," she told Vanity Fair. "Knowing that is going to be a lasting flavour in someone's mouth of what Daenerys is…"

"I'm doing all this weird s**t. You'll know what I mean when you see it."

There will be (another) epic battle

Rumour has it that the season 8 will contain one last huge, epic battle. A producer on the show revealed that the crew endured a "55-day night shoot" for the new season in a field.

Arya might be fighting in the battle

Having returned to Winterfell and sliced some throats already, it looks like Arya (Maisie Williams) is still keen to get her hands bloody. The actress revealed she's been shooting a lot of night shoots and has been spotted flying into the Winterfell/North sets, meaning that she could be playing an integral part in the aforementioned battle.

Emilia Clarke: 'Game of Thrones finale messed me up'

  Emilia Clarke: 'Game of Thrones finale messed me up' Emilia Clarke's final scenes on Game of Thrones really messed her up. The actress, who plays Mother of Dragons Daenerys Targaryen on the HBO show, has already shot her character’s final moments, which will be screened late next year (19), and she tells Vanity Fair that filming has had a long-term effect on her.

WARNING: This article contains spoilers for Game of Thrones season eight . Obvious. Game of Thrones is an absolute pop-culture phenomenon, so it’s hard – not to mention Feel unprepared? Here’s everything you need to know about the end of the saga, from cast to plot spoilers to air dates.

Related: Game of Thrones ' Kit Harington " knows everything " about the final season . "I heard that theory, and it absolutely makes sense," Coster-Waldau said. "Maybe it's too neat, but who knows ?"

"I am currently on my way to a night shoot, which is week 4 of 12 weeks of night shoots. It's just huge. The task is huge. But, there's no better way to leave the show, to be honest," Willaims told Metro.

Winterfell will probably not survive

They can keep scripts, costumes and baby bumps under wraps, but they can't keep people from finding out they set an entire set on fire.

As if the Starks haven't been through enough, pictures across Twitter in January revealed that there was a long shoot where the set of Winterfell was set ablaze. And we're talking big, bye-bye-castle big.

Neither will King’s Landing!

It seems the GoT powers that be are really enjoying destroying sets. According to rumour, the crew built a King's Landing set and were seen doing some "controlled fire tests" on it. Oh no.

Jon and Cersei will duke it out

More set pictures revealed that Jon and Cersei (Lena Headey) have a scene together in King's Landing, meaning that he travels back there and attempts to negotiate with her further. We're not sure how much good can come of this, considering Cersei likes killing people and Jon likes sleeping with people he shouldn't sleep with.

Morgan Stanley just used Game of Thrones to explain which Australian stocks will feel the winter chill ahead

  Morgan Stanley just used Game of Thrones to explain which Australian stocks will feel the winter chill ahead Researchers at Morgan Stanley Wealth Management are clearly fans of the hit TV show Game of Thrones. In a note released this week, they used the show's catchphrase, "Winter is coming", to describe the Australian large cap stocks likely to feel the chill ahead. It says many investor favourites are among those that are facing the toughest outlookThere's no shortage of Games of Thrones fans out there, eagerly awaiting the final series of the hit TV show.Nathan Lim, Alexandre Ventelon and Wayne Chatterjee, Researchers at Morgan Stanley Wealth Management, are clearly among them.

Game of Thrones season 8 news. We might not know what will happen in season 8 just yet, but we now know just who will be shaping it for us when it does. Everything we know about the ‘ Game of Thrones ’ prequel spinoffs.

Everything we know about Game of Thrones ’ final series. And in the meantime we have just one thing to sustain us – feverishly trying to find out everything we can about Game of Thrones season eight , from the storyline and returning characters to exactly when we ’ll actually see the last battle for

Jon and Daenerys may also go back beyond The Wall

Kit Harington (Jon Snow) and Emilia Clarke (Daenerys Targaryen) were spotted touching down in Iceland earlier this year, which is where scenes "beyond The Wall" are typically shot. This could mean that the two will travel back that way next season, potentially to have some sort of battle against the White Walkers.

Emilia Clarke, Kit Harington smiling for the camera© Provided by Bauer Media Pty Ltd

There might be some baby news coming

If you thought there weren't going to be any consequences for Jon and Daenerys' weird boat sex, allow us to direct you to this rumour.

According to TV Line, who probably know all about this stuff, season 8 will see a "major pregnancy plot twist." And since the season did end with Jon and Daenerys banging their little, related hearts out, our money is on a Targaryen-Snow-Targaryen baby.

Drogo might be coming back (kinda)

Even though the sun hasn't risen in the west and set in the east, and the seas haven't gone dry and mountains haven't blown in the wind like leaves, rumour has it Khal Drogo could still be returning to Dany.

Jason Momoa caught fans attention when he was seen in David Benioff and DB Weiss, and near GoT sets. Could a dream or flashback sequence be on the cards?

There will be more Rhaegar Targaryen

If you didn't get enough of Rhaegar Targaryen and his terrible wig in season 7, we've got great news. Actor Wilf Scolding, who plays Daenerys' brother and Jon's father, was spotted at a hotel in Belfast, where the show is filmed.

Will we be getting more of the backstory behind Jon's parentage?

Sophie Turner Got a Mysterious Game of Thrones Tattoo, and We Have QUESTIONS .
Caution: Sophie Turner's newest tattoo will intrigue and possibly frustrate you. The 22-year-old actress and her fiancé, Joe Jonas, recently got some new ink in Sydney, and if you're a Game of Thrones fan, you might have some questions. While Jonas went for fun-loving cartoon characters, Turner's elegant tattoo features the House Stark emblem, honouring her character Sansa, but it's the wording below that sends a mysterious message. "The pack survives," her tattoo reads, according to a photo shared by tattoo artist Lauren Winzer.

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