Entertainment MAFS’s Gab blasts: “Nass shamed me for my alopecia!”

03:20  05 march  2018
03:20  05 march  2018 Source:   TV WEEK

Davina Reckons She Regrets Nothing From Her 'MAFS' Betrayal and Ugh

  Davina Reckons She Regrets Nothing From Her 'MAFS' Betrayal and Ugh You know, you've got to hand it to Davina Rankin. The Married at First Sight contestant, who left the show tonight after a . . . tumultuous few weeks, doesn't back away from her opinions, no matter how much people might question them. We may not all agree with said opinions, but hey — there's no denying the woman has some gumption. In Sunday night's not-quite-as-dramatic-as-we'd-hoped commitment ceremony episode, Davina and Ryan both opted to leave the experiment after their relationship went sour last week. During the couple's time on the couch, experts Melanie Schilling, Dr.

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MAFS ' s Scarlett hits back with sassy Instagram post after Andrew denies romance rumours between them -- rea On Thursday, Scarlett, 30, took to Instagram to blast Andrew for appearing to have an account on Tinder.

Things aren't looking good... © Provided by Bauer Media Pty Ltd Things aren't looking good... A match made in heaven? Sounds like it's anything but for Married At First Sight's Gabrielle Bartlett and her hubby Nasser Sultan!

Despite Nass, 50, warmly accepting news of his wife's alopecia hair loss on their honeymoon, Gab, 44, tells us he had quite a different reaction once the cameras stopped rolling.

"He was telling producers, 'I don't wanna know about that, it's her stuff to deal with,'" an emotional Gab tells NW. The fallout on the honeymoon was so extreme, we hear Nass even packed his bags to leave for good – until producers convinced him to stay!

Nasser Sultan apologises over his epic meltdown

  Nasser Sultan apologises over his epic meltdown After a disastrous home stay with wife Gabrielle Bartlett, Married At First Sight's Nasser Sultan admits he should have handled himself better for the sake of their relationship.But things seem to have fallen apart for them during the home stays.

EXCLUSIVE: MAFS ' s Nasser busted with Ash And Gab doesn't know. After confirming they're still in contact to this very day, when pushed if he stills loves her, Nass hesitated, explaining, "I care for her", before admitting "she's the one that got away".

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And since then? Well, things have gotten even worse…

Things aren't looking good...

Married At First Sight’s Gabrielle Bartlett says Nasser Sultan had a whole different reaction once the cameras stopped rolling, shaming her alopecia.: Married At First Sight’s Gab blasts: “Nass shamed me for my alopecia!” © Provided by Bauer Media Pty Ltd Married At First Sight’s Gab blasts: “Nass shamed me for my alopecia!” Hey Gab! How are you finding the public response so far?

I've been so overwhelmed! So many people have been contacting me about alopecia and saying how it's affected them or their children or family members. I had no idea the sheer volume of people I'd reach.

It was a lovely moment when you shared your story with Nass!

Well, there were two reactions from Nasser. There was his initial one [on camera] and then another one the next morning – and they were quite in contrast, to be honest, which was really upsetting.

Whoa, really?

Yes, his tone was just so... It made me feel shame all of a sudden for having alopecia.

A rowdy boys’ night lands MAFS' Dean Wells in hot water again

  A rowdy boys’ night lands MAFS' Dean Wells in hot water again The Married At First Sight 'boys night' has landed more than one groom in hot water.Just when you think you've seen and heard it all, Married At First Sight drops yet another bombshell.

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That's not the Nasser we've seen on TV!

He's always so affectionate and present when the cameras are there, but his behaviour is so different when they aren't. The on- and off-camera Nasser are very different. As soon as the crew packs up for the day, Nasser stops being affectionate. It's very lonely.

Do you think he applied to MAFS for fame?

I've questioned that from the start as he always talks about his public profile. When I first met him, we'd walk into a room together and he'd be arms out, walking ahead of me at all times, yelling and hugging and kissing everyone, and I'd be behind him feeling like the quiet librarian! He just loves to be the centre of attention constantly.

How did you feel when Charlene [Perera] told you Nass had been discussing his lack of attraction to you with Telv?

I'd worked so hard to maintain Nasser's dignity during that cocktail party and not speak out of turn. So to hear him happily talk like that, and position himself in a place of power by saying, "I'm not into her, but she's into me," when I was struggling so much was very difficult to hear.

This MAFS bride has turned up on Real Housewives!

  This MAFS bride has turned up on Real Housewives! It's the reality TV crossover we didn't know we needed.While in the MAFS episode that aired on Three last night the vivacious 38-year-old was spending time with husband Telv and her family, one hour later Sarah was spotted hanging out with the housewives on Bravo.

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So you don't fancy him?

[Laughs] In the real world I wouldn't even have lasted one glass of wine on a date with this man! My usual type is quite blokey and masculine – that's what I told the experts I wanted! So to meet someone with a lot of feminine qualities was a challenge. I've really struggled with my attraction and tried to summon it as I have faith in the experts, so it's frustrating when he's not returning any effort.

Why did you stay?

I knew Nasser's go-to would be to run away and leave, and I did not want this to seal my fate. I made a really firm commitment to myself before the show that I wouldn't leave until every stone had been turned over. And my decision was always going to be mine – and a bit of revenge too!

We had no idea things were this bad!

He's never once said, "Why don't you show me a picture of your daughter?" It's tough! I could be a rocket scientist and he'd never know because he's never asked.

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Talking Married: MAFS' Dean Wells cries on live TV .
Things got real on 'Talking Married'What is this, some kind of elaborate Stockholm Syndrome? Are we as back-and-forth on the guy as Tracey, his notoriously hard-done-by on-show wife?

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