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04:36  11 october  2017
04:36  11 october  2017 Source:   TV WEEK

Locky Says He Had to Start Off Playing the "Dumb Jock" on Survivor

  Locky Says He Had to Start Off Playing the Being the last remaining physical threat who also, didn't fare too badly in the social department, Pete, Michelle, Tara and Jericho knew that to improve their changes at half a million dollars, Locky, sadly, had to go. Being the last remaining physical threat who also, didn't fare too badly in the social department, Pete, Michelle, Tara and Jericho knew that to improve their changes at half a million dollars, Locky, sadly, had to go. On Tuesday night, after breaking his winning streak of immunity challenges, the Tribe got their wish.

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Tonight on Australian Survivor, Jericho was crowned the Sole Survivor, beating Tara Pitt. TV WEEK chats to her about her time in Samoa.: tara pitt survivor© Provided by Bauer Media Pty Ltd tara pitt survivor Well, that’s it Australian Survivor fans! Tonight Jericho Malabonga, 25, was crowned as Sole Survivor in the live finale, beating out 32-year-old Tara Pitt to win the $500,000 prize money. Nine members of the jury voted, with six siding with Jericho and three to Tara.

TV WEEK spoke to the runner-up about how she felt sitting next to the Cookie Monster, her opinions on Peter Conte, 22, and Michelle Dougan, 33, and her favourite moments of the series.

Congratulations on making it to the final two!

“Thank you, it still feels surreal.”

How did you feel when Jericho won?

“I was definitely sitting there next to someone who deserved it just as much as I did. For me, once that name was read out, there was a huge relief that came off my shoulders because I could start to enjoy my Survivor Finale experience and concentrate on what the future will hold for us, so there was definitely no bad blood. Of course there was the disappointment, I had a 50 per cent chance of winning half a million dollars. I genuinely think that Jericho played the more fierce game out of the two of us and that’s why he deserved to win the six votes of the jury.”

Behind the scenes secrets with Survivor's Final four!

  Behind the scenes secrets with Survivor's Final four! The remaining survivors finally spill the beans on everything we didn't catch on-camera.From wasps to kisses, the final four dish out their most well-kept secrets!

Final Four Playing Cards For 49 days gruelling days, the Survivors have battled it out to build their resumes and earn their spot in the final four. Picnic on the Beach Michelle takes Jericho and Tara with her to enjoy a picnic reward.

You're watching Australian Survivor Tara vs Locky Tara and Locky have a falling out after Jericho comes clean. Take a look at each Survivor ' s final moments.

What was your tactic going into that final tribal?

Survivor’s Michelle: “Jericho threatened me”

  Survivor’s Michelle: “Jericho threatened me” Survivor's Michelle talks about what went down with Jericho Malabonga and why she was eliminated.And that’s exactly what happened.

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Tara Pitt is a contestant from Australian Survivor (2017). Retrieved from tenplay.com.au. Name (Age): Tara Pitt (32)Tribe Designation: SamatauCurrent Residence: QueenslandOccupation: Barrel Racer. Mum of three Tara is a barrel racer from Queensland

“The night before, day 54, Jericho and I didn’t sleep. I don’t know if that’s because we couldn’t get the fire or we were really hungry but we were like, ‘What is going to get thrown at us?’ Either these guys are going to be really cranky because they’re on the jury or they’re going to throw us some crazy questions. I just wanted to go with what was happening in that particular moment of time so when I walked in, I remember saying to Sarah [Tilleke] that my game didn’t start till Day 49 when Locky [Gilbert] left.

"Knowing that the jury members wanted these big players with big moves, it sucked that at that particular moment I’d only done it for six days. You don’t want to go into the final speech and claim too many big moves that you didn’t do because the jury won’t support that. So for me it was making sure the jury knew that yes, at the end of the day I only got out Locky and that was my only move."

Who will win Survivor Australia?

  Who will win Survivor Australia? Survivor Australia finale is here and the finalists reveal all their secrets in this exclusive chat with NW!But stay-at-home mum Tara Pitt, 32, advertising producer Pete Conte, 22, and flight attendant Jericho Malabonga, 25, have managed to pull off a clean sweep of Survivor’s biggest players in the final weeks.

But the fact that Tara survived to see this occasion is a big deal to her sister and the rest of their family. Because even if Tara never actually did have to But she survived a long year of treatment that sent her in and out of Children' s Hospital of Philadelphia every two weeks or so, three to five days at a shot.

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Tara lasted 55 days in Samoa.© Provided by Bauer Media Pty Ltd Tara lasted 55 days in Samoa.

I was surprised you said you didn’t start playing the game till Locky left – you helped get out AK!

“I was really watching what I said with the AK [Aaron Knight] because so many people were claiming so many moves whereas at the end of the day you can only really have one person. So I feel like I did come onto Asaga pushing that AK was really dangerous so maybe that was part of getting him out. Luke really did come out with ‘Oh let’s make out there’s a boy and a girl alliance, just form some sort of paranoia to him that he’s safe.’ So I can’t take all that credit for that.”

Locky called Peter a goat for coasting along, do you think that’s true?

“Well I’m still trying to work out what a goat means. I’m still focusing on the word sheep! I might have used Locky as a shield but I only did that to one person. Peter used whoever was popular at the time. Peter just seemed to float on by and as much as I don’t want to get his game play down because he did do really well, I would have been more disappointed if I sat next to Peter and he won.

Peter on Who He Gave His Final Survivor Vote to and Why

  Peter on Who He Gave His Final Survivor Vote to and Why Despite placing second in the <g class="gr_ gr_12 gr-alert gr_spell gr_inline_cards gr_run_anim ContextualSpelling multiReplace" data-gr-id="12" id="12">gruelling</g> immunity challenge during the Survivor finale, Peter couldn't convince Jericho to take him to the final two. (We can empathisethough, because it was clear what the easier game was.) And although he missed out so narrowly on the final two, you have to applaud his progress over the 55 days.

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“Half the reason why I saved Jericho was mainly because I know Michelle and Peter can use their speech quite well and I’m not very good at getting my message across. I wanted the jury to see game play, challenges and camp life. For me, that’s more important than what you’re going to say at the end. I guess that was another reason why Jeri and I formed an alliance because I think we both felt that we were the deserving two out of the four that were left.”

The final four.© Provided by Bauer Media Pty Ltd The final four.

Do you have any regrets about your game play?

“I feel if you do have regrets in the game, you probably get more depressed afterwards so it’s good to come out and say I don’t have regrets and I played as well as I could. That’s why I’m happy the result.”

How much has your life changed since the show?

“I didn’t leave my family for 55 days to get a movie career. But so far what I’ve got out of it is that I’m the 2017/2018 ambassador for Mates4Mates. So this organisation is really close to my heart, helping service veterans which was like my father, just get through to the next stage of their life out of the army. That’s something that I feel really close to and yeah it sucks that I didn’t win but I’ve got that to come home to right now so I’m excited to start that new adventure with them.”

“Was there a move you made that you were most proud of?”

“There was that time where I could have saved Ziggy [Nicole Zagame] and I chose to vote her out. That was bittersweet because she got me out at Samatau. She’s such a challenge threat and I could have just stuck with Locky and Ziggy but I just went on my own to get her out.”

How much weight did you lose?

“Probably 11kg and I’ve tried to maintain it back but obviously the first couple of weeks you just eat eat eat. I feel a lot fitter, I try to make sure I don’t go back into my old ways, sitting around drinking Coke and buying chocolate. I am trying to eat better, but definitely not rice!”

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Australian Survivor is over for another year and while no one is as happy about that as winner Jericho Malabonga, we’re betting it’s not just the $500,000 prize money the 25-year-old is celebrating this week.&nbsp;It’s getting out of Samoa – the place where he and 21 others spent up to 55 days without access to the basics we take for granted, like toothbrushes.

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