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15:38  12 september  2017
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BACH FLUFF: The real reason The Bachelor's Laura doesn't like seeing other women kiss Matty.

  BACH FLUFF: The real reason The Bachelor's Laura doesn't like seeing other women kiss Matty. The Bachelor’s Laura Byrne has been a frontrunner for Matty J’s heart since, well, before the season even aired – if you were checking in with her odds on various betting platforms. And with just two episodes to go until the finale and big reveal, she has told News Corp watching the episodes back hasn’t been so easy, particularly when it comes to watching the other girls kiss Matty.

BACH FLUFF: Five reasons Matty J ' s perfect match is most definitely a ranga .

"She definitely was! Because you can't just slash a pregnant belly open with a letter opener, like that!" she snaps her fingers. "I'm probably menstruating too." she sniffed. Jane hides an eye roll. "That explains so many things." I'm afraid there' s no perfect match for me Jane."

Matty J.© Network Ten Matty J. There are some things in this world we just know to be true.

Roses are red. Violets are blue. Coriander is revolting. The woman given the third single date always wins The Bachelor.

This, friends, is why I know with every fibre of my red-headed being that the woman of Matty J’s dreams is most definitely a ranga.

No, you’re right. I have never met the man.

But that is irrelevant because this isn’t a matter of ‘sparks’ or emotional compatibility. It’s simple biology.

Don’t believe me? Here’s five reasons why you should.

Rangas age better

Scientists have revealed a gene which keeps people looking young is EXACTLY the same gene responsible for red hair and fair skin, meaning ginger people are scientifically proven to age better than regular haired folk.

"We spoke to Matty J and he told us his non-negotiable deal breaker for The Bachelor."

  Okay. Let’s start with what everyone’s thinking but no one’s saying. Why is Matty J just a normal hot guy? It’s unsettling…It makes us feel funny, mostly because we both think we might genuinely like him and it will be hurtful to see other girls go on dates with him.Anywho. Somehow Matty J agreed to do an interview with us and we tried to act fine and totally cool with it when he talked about his lady harem.Like when 'cool with it' means starting an interview with 'WHY DIDN'T YOU EVER CALL ME?' require(["inlineoutstreamAd", "c.

There are many reasons why men pull away. And yes, we do a lot to push them away ourselves. I think we’re a good match but the timing is just not right… What should we do in such situations? The timing thing definitely applies for both guys and girls.

1. What' s more perfect than the perfect combination of love and cuisine? The Perfect Match is a romantic comedy drama centered around a couple who meet as competing chefs. One is an acclaimed chef, the other is a night-market food vendor.

The research suggests that those who carry a variation of the MC1R gene – which causes red hair – look on average two years younger than they actually are.

Hence, Matty will be able to stare longingly at the freckly face he fell in love with for longer. Win.

Rangas produce their own vitamin D

Long story short, rangas can actually produce their own vitamin D… which is actually quite handy considering we can’t go out in the sun all that much.

Essentially, we’re genetic ninjas. I’m not sure how this will help Matty J in his life, but I have no doubt it will.

Rangas have a higher pain threshold

It's widely known red heads have a higher pain threshold than everyone else - it's just one of the many superpowers that make us significantly superior to all other humans.

Well, well, well, Bachelor fans. We finally have a premiere date.

  Well, well, well, Bachelor fans. We finally have a premiere date. Been feeling a little unfulfilled lately? Bored? Are you lacking direction and general life purpose? Of course you are.Of course you are.

We humans are sociable creatures and most of us have the natural urge to find a partner in life. It' s helpful finding somebody that fits your needs too.

I consider the phrase ' most definitely ' to be somewhat of a slang expression, something to be spoken among friends, but not used in formal settings, for all the reasons everyone' s thus far given.

This trick would come in handy for Matty's future partner, who would undoubtedly have to endure the pain of laughing at his terrible jokes for the next 50 plus years.

Rangas are... distinctive

This one is less scientific and more practical. Because if one thing in life is certain, it's that no one's ever lost a ranga in a crowd.

Matty J and his dream girl would most definitely be out and about on adventures in crowded places most weekends, making this feature highly relevant.

Rangas have a great sense of humour

Among many other qualities such as dazzling wit, an incredible physique and an extremely likeable personality (oh sorry, that might just be me), red heads are known for their fiery sense of humour.

Seeing as laughter is very important to Matty J, it's essential he couples with a woman who can keep the lols coming year after year, after year.

So there you have it. Science.

Now if someone could just arrange for a red headed lady to enter the Bachelor mansion as an intruder (I'm available), that would be ideal.

Matty J finally addresses if he and Elora slept together on that overnight date. .
As the Bachelor, Matty Johnson was a perfect gentleman, but a persistent question as to whether he had slept with contestant Elora Murger threatened to undo his upstanding image. It was even the subject of a special Mamamia investigation, performed by our own international Bachelor super fan, Zara McDonald.

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