Entertainment The excruciating elimination of a deaf Ninja Warrior contestant has left fans furious.

05:45  17 july  2017
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How Australian Ninja Warrior works

  How Australian Ninja Warrior works <p>Confused about what to expect from Australian Ninja Warrior</p>Here's a handy guide to the rules of how it all works.

The excruciating elimination of a deaf Ninja Warrior contestant has left fans furious . Monday's news in 5 minutes. 'I took my newborn to visit friends. Their bizarre behaviour left me feeling horrible.'

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Ninja Warrior competitor Paul Cashion. Source: Channel 9.© Twitter Ninja Warrior competitor Paul Cashion.

Australian Ninja Warrior fans have been left furious after a deaf competitor learned of his disqualification only after his step-son alerted him via sign language.

Paul Cashion, 48, was competing in the Channel 9 obstacle-challenge show on Sunday night when his left foot slipped into the water during the first challenge. Within milliseconds, the disqualification buzzer sounded, but due to his hearing impairment, the Queenslander was unable to hear and kept competing.

"Oh, and I just don't think he's realised," host Rebecca Maddern can be heard saying.

Glenn Dyer’s TV Ratings

  Glenn Dyer’s TV Ratings Ninjas once again dominate for Channel Nine.Nine Ninja’d its way to the top for a second night in a row, and will be there again tonight and tomorrow night (with the third State of Origin Game). Seven executives and the board might be obsessed with the Amber Harrison court case in Sydney, but in the real battle ground, Nine has the ascendancy and will continue to dominate while Australian Ninja Warrior remains on air — which will then pass the baton to the latest series of The Block. After boasting of winning the first 25 weeks of the 2017 ratings battle, Seven might have to put up with second place for quite a while.

The show exhibits the best of what athletes can be, showing off a new, exciting sport that takes contestants to their physical limits. American Ninja Warrior has a long and storied history, though, and even super- fans might not realize just how far the show has come since it first

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"It was just that touch of the water," host Ben Fordham explained.

The studio crowd watched on silently, while Cashion's wife Sarah, who is also deaf, and their daughter Grace also looked on, mouths agape, as he kept competing.

It was only when Cashion reached the end of the first challenge and caught eye of his step-son, Josh, who was communicating via sign language that he learned of his disqualification.

"Why?" Cashion can be seen mouthing to his son, who was then left with the responsibility of explaining his dad's foot slip.

Firefighter overcomes broken neck to compete in Ninja Warrior

  Firefighter overcomes broken neck to compete in Ninja Warrior A Perth firefighter has overcome huge physical and mental obstacles to take on Australia’s Ninja Warrior. Alex Mathews’ car was T-boned by another driver who ran a red light at an intersection in the city two years ago.He suffered a broken neck and wrist, requiring him to receive weeks of intense medical care and spend three months in a neck brace.Along with the physical trauma, Mr Mathews began experiencing depression.“My partner, Mia, found me on the couch a couple of times, not being able to move,” he told 9NEWS.

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Within seconds, the crowd was cheering in support as Cashion climbed down from the obstacle course, and fans of the show were tweeting their displeasure at Channel 9's edit of the footage.

"Worse [sic] television moment I've seen for some time. Your producers humiliated him. Why not edit the part out where his step-son had 2explain?" one viewer asked.

"understand that rules are rules but the editing & the way it was handled was disgraceful, turns me off the show," another agreed.

"# ninjawarriorau execs 'So we have this footage of a deaf guy looking confused after being eliminated'. channel 9 'Oh show that, great TV!'" one fan wrote.

Prior to starting his run, Cashion told viewers, "I want all deaf people and all people with impairments to see me tonight and maybe think that they can be on the show too."

Why the show's producers didn't implement another alert system to communicate a disqualification with Cashion is not known.

Australian Ninja Warrior accidentally included a dead stuntman in last night's episode. .
A 28-year-old stuntman who was killed before his attempt at the Australian Ninja Warrior course aired on television was accidentally included on Tuesday night’s leaderboard.&nbsp;In January, Johann Ofner was accidentally shot while filming a video for hip-hop group Bliss n Eso in Brisbane.

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