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Reese Witherspoon opens door for Legally Blonde 3

Wednesday  17:51,   18 january 2017

Legally Blonde 3 will happen, it seems, as long as Reese Witherspoon finds the story she likes Appreciating that, following Legally Blonde 2, that there was a not very good straight to DVD spin-off, there hadn’t really been talk of a proper [...]

Hughie Maughan receives death threats over DWTS tan disaster

Wednesday  17:35,   18 january 2017

Dancing With The Stars contestant Hughie Maughan has revealed he’s been left ‘seriously shook’ after receiving death threats after last weekend’s tanning disaster. The Dublin native has opened up about the huge backlash he faced online [...]

Hamish Blake’s Humans of New York parody goes viral in the US, baffles Americans two years later

Wednesday  17:20,   18 january 2017
9The FIX

Hamish Blake has found a new audience with the American Twitter community. It was only a matter of time before Hamish Blake would be noticed by a worldwide audience. The 35-year-old Gold Logie winner and father to the world's most adorbs kid,[...]

‘Deadpool’s’ Cinderella Shot

Wednesday  17:20,   18 january 2017

The film has been stunningly resilient alongside Oscar heavyweights like "La La Land" and "Arrival" on the guild circuit.“Arrival” and “Manchester by the Sea” are also strong, with seven mentions. Fellow best-picture contenders[...]

The story behind these two innocent photos has sparked an important conversation about eating disorders.

Wednesday  16:31,   18 january 2017

When we hear the phrase “eating disorder“ , many of us immediately think of a certain stereotype – a young woman essentially reduced to skin and bones.Veronica Calhoun wants you to know that’s definitely not always the case.The 20 year old took to[...]

Clint Eastwood's son Scott in hot water after cliff jump at Wattamolla Falls

Wednesday  14:51,   18 january 2017
ABC News

Clint Eastwood's son Scott in hot water after cliff jump at Wattamolla FallsScott Eastwood, 30, made a splash on social media earlier this week when he posted a video of himself jumping off cliffs at Wattamolla Falls, about 50 kilometres south[...]

George Michael's lover Fadi Fawaz 'calls in celebrity bodyguard' following backlash after singer's death

Wednesday  11:05,   18 january 2017

Earlier this week Andros Georgiou said the singer’s on-off boyfriend has failed to answer questions that could solve the riddle of his final hours and help ease the family’s pain .  © Provided by Trinity Mirror Plc Credits: Internet[...]

Sophie Monk up to (s)no(w) good in Canada

Wednesday  08:50,   18 january 2017
9The FIX

Sophie Monk has taken on a challenge and has dived head first into snow in Canada.The blonde bombshell and all-round Aussie Sheila has done the unthinkable and ploughed head first into snow wearing only her[...]

How I Met Your Mother slammed for 'gross' Facebook tribute to Martin Luther King

Wednesday  06:20,   18 january 2017

"Legen-wait for it-dary" for all the wrong reasons.The ill-conceived post rewrote King's revered 'I Have a Dream' speech from the point of view of sex-obsessed pants-man, Barney Stinson (played on the series by Neil Patrick[...]

Olivia Newton-John is “grateful” for her cancer battle

Wednesday  05:36,   18 january 2017
Woman's Day

Olivia Newton-John has revealed that's she's "grateful" for her battle with breast cancer as the experience has taught her "compassion".She was just 43, and her diagnosis sent shockwaves through women who had fallen in[...]

Alex Nation's son Elijah cute snap with Richie Strahan

Wednesday  05:21,   18 january 2017
Woman's Day

Alex Nation shares a photo of her son Elijah sitting on her boyfriend, former Bachelor Richie Strahan's shoulders.The pretty blonde, who took her time to introduce her two favourite boys to each other, decided to share with fans a tender moment[...]

Michael Buble pulls out of hosting The Brit Awards

Wednesday  04:05,   18 january 2017
Woman's Day

It was set to be a career highlight but doting father Michael Buble has pulled the pin on his coveted hosting gig so he can look after his son Noah.“It was a difficult call but Michael has decided to pull out of hosting the Brit Awards," a source[...]

Queen Elizabeth may adopt her late gamekeeper's dogs

Wednesday  03:50,   18 january 2017
Woman's Day

Queen Elizabeth is considering adopting late gamekeeper Bill Fenwick's dogs following his death.Having lost his wife Nancy two years ago, the royal's gamekeeper passed away last week at the age of 95 and he left behind a corgi and Bichon[...]

Lady Gaga is 'really selfish' for Super Bowl half-time performance stunt

Wednesday  02:20,   18 january 2017

The Bad Romance hitmaker was blasted by Wendy Williams for the stuntThe Bad Romance hitmaker was blasted by Wendy Williams on her show on Tuesday after reports emerged suggesting that there were insurance concerns as well as safety worries about the [...]

Osher Günsberg's wedding guest list included two very familiar faces.

Wednesday  01:50,   18 january 2017

There was one detail about Bachelor host Osher Günsberg’s recent wedding to make-up artist Audrey Griffen that made us squeal with delight.And now, we have photo[...]