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Harry Styles groped onstage

Monday  14:57,   23 october 2017
Cover Media

Harry Styles' fans have been left disgusted after an overzealous concert-goer appeared to grope the pop star onstage in Los Angeles on Saturday night (21Oct17). The One Direction singer was performing his song Kiwi at the Hollywood Bowl [...]

The sweet story behind Kate Middleton’s engagement ring

Monday  14:21,   23 october 2017

<p>When Prince William proposed to Kate Middleton in 2010, he presented her with an engagement ring that carried a lovely royal history.</p>The ring, featuring a 12 carat oval sapphire surrounded by 14 solitaire diamonds, had once belonged to[...]

The Bachelorette's Sophie Monk talks about life with winner

Monday  11:05,   23 october 2017
Woman's Day

The Bachelorette Australia finale is almost here! Sophie Monk tells us what she's looking forward to when the winner is announced on Thursday night.But Sophie Monk is quick to declare the reality of it all is far removed from the[...]

Lady Gaga advocates for hurricane victims' mental health

Monday  10:26,   23 october 2017
BANG Showbiz

Lady Gaga has urged people to help aid the "mental and emotional" recovery of hurricane victims. The 31-year-old singer joined forces with the five living former US presidents - Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, George H.W. Bush, [...]

The Only Way Is Essex star Gemma Collins falls through hole on awards stage: 'Worst moment'

Monday  10:07,   23 october 2017
9The FIX

<p>A British reality star joked that she felt like Bridget Jones after she fell through the stage at the Radio 1 Teen Awards on Sunday.</p>Gemma Collins, a cast member on UK reality show The Only Way Is Essex, was announcing the winner of Best [...]

Did Sophie and Stu Laundy date before The Bachelorette?

Monday  09:37,   23 october 2017
Woman's Day

Insiders tell Woman's Day exclusively about how Sophie Monk and rumored winner Stu Laundy were secretly dating before The Bachelorette.Viewers have been so wrapped up in the drama about Jarrod Woodgate's pot plant, that they nearly missed the[...]

The poster for Netflix's 'The Babysitter' has a very awkward photoshop fail.

Monday  07:17,   23 october 2017

Just when you thought you’d finally met all the requirements to be considered an attractive woman, Netflix has come along and blown them all out of the water with its unrealistic “two right-handed woman”.&nbsp;Just when you thought you’d[...]

People think this celebrity baby is the voice at the start of Taylor Swift's song 'Gorgeous'

Monday  07:17,   23 october 2017

Taylor Swift fans speculate that either Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds' daughter, James, or Jaime King's son, Leo, is the baby voice at the start of 'Gorgeous.'Every time Taylor Swift releases a new song, a few things[...]

Rebecca Gibney’s show Wanted is heading to the Emmys

Monday  07:16,   23 october 2017
Woman's Day

Australian actress Rebecca Gibney is heading to the International Emmy Awards for her crime show, Wanted. It's up for Best Drama.The long-time actress plays the role of Lola in the Aussie crime drama, Wanted. The show follows Lola and Geraldine[...]

George Clooney Opens Up About His Twins' Latest Milestone and Family Halloween Plans

Monday  06:50,   23 october 2017

The new dad revealed the unexpected moments he's witnessed as part of fatherhood, and how he plans on celebrating the upcoming holiday with his twins, Alexander and Ella. George Clooney still has that new fatherhood glow about[...]

Lindy Klim on life after Michael

Monday  06:21,   23 october 2017
Woman's Day

Balinese-beauty, Lindy Klim, is doing all the things she swore she wouldn't after her marriage ended. She's pregnant, engaged and living life to the full."I was so done and dusted with three kids,” Lindy recently told Stellar[...]

Jarrod let slip that Apollo would be the perfect Bachelor

Monday  06:17,   23 october 2017
Woman's Day

The Bachelorette Australia's Jarrod Woodgate thinks that Apollo Jackson should be the next BachelorWith his old school charm and a body carved by the Gods, it’s no wonder that Apollo Jackson has become the fan favourite on The Bachelorette[...]

Is it ever okay to call your colleague a 'b----'? Some The Block viewers think not.

Monday  06:17,   23 october 2017

After a week where Channel Nine has come under fire for its treatment of women, a ‘lighthearted’ comment on the channel’s prime time family show The Block last night hasn’t helped.&nbsp;During host Scott Cam’s final score presentation with the[...]

Welcome to Jacketgate 2.0: When rival networks present the weather in the exact same outfit.

Monday  05:26,   23 october 2017

It’s happened. The worst thing to ever happen on Australian television. (Well, apart from that time Sophie Monk sent James packing on The Bachelorette…) Quelle horreur.&nbsp;(Well, apart from that time Sophie Monk sent James packing on The[...]

Jim Carrey claims late girlfriend faked STD medical records to extort him

Monday  05:17,   23 october 2017
FOX News

Jimmy Carrey’s late girlfriend Cathriona White had sexually transmitted diseases before she met Carrey and faked medical records in an attempt to extort him for millions of dollars, the actor’s legal team claimed.Jim Carrey’s late girlfriend[...]