News: Australia

Southeast Queensland preparing for scorching heatwave

Friday  01:52,   09 february 2018

Temperatures could rise as high as the 40s as a heatwave extends across the state's southeastThis time it will be even worse due to very uncomfortable and sleepless[...]

No fuel now blamed for RAH power failure

Friday  00:56,   09 february 2018

A power failure at the new Royal Adelaide Hospital disrupted surgeries and is being blamed on a computer software glitch and no generator fuel. Earlier on Thursday, Australian Medical Association SA President William Tam, who was mid-surgery when [...]

Bad-hair-day burglars ransack Vic salon

Thursday  15:42,   08 february 2018

Police are combing for clues following a burglary at a hairdressing salon in Melbourne's northwest.Beauty-item bandits with an eye for an expensive coiffure have made off with a suitcase full of hair products after an early morning robbery in[...]

Tas albatrosses make artificial nests home

Thursday  05:22,   08 february 2018

A trial of man-made nests for the vulnerable shy albatross off Tasmania is showing promising signs, with dozens of newly-hatched chicks calling them home.More than 100 specially-built mudbrick nests were airlifted in July to the aptly-named[...]

Humpty Doo: Origins of town's name continues to elude historians

Thursday  04:51,   08 february 2018
ABC News

This Northern Territory town regularly features on lists of strange Australian town names, but its origin stumps even widely read historians.The Doo, as it's known to some locals, is a town of 4,300 people 40 kilometres out of Darwin, but the origin [...]

Canberra woman's time on ACT Health's elective surgery wait list 'like an episode of Fawlty Towers'

Thursday  02:52,   08 february 2018
ABC News

Julie Hearn has endured long waits for several crucial elective surgeries.After being referred to a specialist to remove painful varicose veins in 2015, she was told she would have to wait 12 months for the[...]

Retiree's big win against developer's eviction order

Wednesday  12:42,   07 february 2018

Barry Bedwell was one of about 200 caravan park residents who were ordered to leave their homes after a developer bought the land they were living on. A Current Affair reported on the distress of those residents last year - but Mr Bedwell wasn't[...]

Logan City Council sacks chief executive officer Sharon Kelsey

Wednesday  12:41,   07 february 2018
ABC News

Logan City Council votes to sack its chief executive officer Sharon Kelsey, effective immediately, after a special meeting was held that excluded a packed gallery for confidentially reasons.A packed gallery of ratepayers and staff voiced their anger [...]

NSW to target radicalised youth in jail

Wednesday  12:36,   07 february 2018

Deradicalisation programs, similar to those in adult prisons, will be rolled out in the NSW juvenile justice system for offenders identified as being at risk.The NSW government says it's also open to toughening laws so high-risk young prisoners can[...]

Prisoners with disabilities routinely face sexual, physical abuse: Human Rights Watch

Wednesday  06:51,   07 february 2018
ABC News

Human Rights Watch says it has uncovered widespread instances of physical and sexual abuse of prisoners with disabilities in Australia. The report found that while people with disabilities account for about 18 per cent of the country's population,[...]

Five men charged over Ibrahim tobacco ring

Wednesday  02:21,   07 february 2018

Five men will face court in Sydney over their alleged links to an international tobacco smuggling ring involving Sydney's notorious Ibrahim family.The men - aged 44, 42, 27, 26 and 21 - were served with court attendance notices by Australian[...]

Labor vows to block 'toxic' incinerator

Wednesday  01:37,   07 february 2018

More than 100 people have voiced their disapproval of a proposed waste incinerator being built in western Sydney.A crowd of about 100 people converged on NSW parliament on Tuesday to protest the planned $700 million energy-from-waste incinerator[...]

A deadly feline plague not seen for 40 years is spreading through the cat population

Wednesday  01:36,   07 february 2018
Business Insider Australia

A deadly feline disease is now spreading <g class="gr_ gr_7 gr-alert gr_gramm gr_inline_cards gr_run_anim Grammar multiReplace" data-gr-id="7" id="7">between</g> cats after hiding in nature for nearly 40 years. M[...]

Brisbane school sends 'hundreds' of students to detention over shoes

Tuesday  04:30,   06 february 2018
ABC News

A Brisbane high school that has been cracking down on uniform violations issues hundreds of students with detention notices, a parent says, in a move that has divided the school community.Last week, parents from The Gap State High School (TGSHS) in[...]

New right-wing voting alliance forms in the Senate

Monday  22:22,   05 february 2018

A new alliance has formed in the Senate among some of Australia's right-wing politicians.Australian Conservatives leader Cory Bernardi has revealed to 9NEWS he's struck a pact with Liberal Democrats Senator David Leyonhjelm and One Nation[...]