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News: Australia

PM disappointed in ABC's 'lack of quality journalism'

Friday  06:06,   22 june 2018

Malcolm Turnbull has expressed concern and frustration at the quality of ABC reporting, saying the national broadcaster has an "obligation to be accurate and impartial".Days after the Liberals voted to sell the ABC at their national[...]

Salim Mehajer sentenced to 11 months jail for electoral fraud

Friday  05:31,   22 june 2018

<p>Former Auburn deputy mayor Salim Mehajer will spend at least 11 months in jail for electoral fraud.</p>A magistrate imposed a 21-month sentence for 77 cases of electoral fraud in[...]

Jury discharged after failing to agree if Bourke St accused Gargasoulas should stand trial

Friday  05:31,   22 june 2018

<p>The jury determining if accused Bourke Street driver James Gargasoulas is mentally fit to stand trial has been discharged after failing to agree.</p>The jury of eight men and four women began its deliberations on Monday afternoon, after a[...]

How China tried to shut down Australian media coverage of its debt-trap diplomacy in the Pacific

Friday  04:31,   22 june 2018

A Chinese Embassy official yelled and made demands of an Australian producer to try to censor an episode of '60 Minutes' that would be critical of China."Take this down and take it to your leaders!" the voice on the other end of the line[...]

Report finds spike in family violence rate in NSW during State of Origin

Friday  03:55,   22 june 2018

Centre for Alcohol Policy Research reviewed data collected over six years by the NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research. It revealed an increase of nearly 40 per cent in domestic assaults in NSW on State of Origin nights compared with other[...]

Artist Robert Brownhall offers up $10k painting in search for childhood drowning rescuer

Friday  02:57,   22 june 2018

A near-death experience as a child prompts acclaimed Australian artist Robert Brownhall to give away a $10,000[...]

Illegal climber who brought Sydney to a grinding halt when he scaled the Harbour Bridge is jailed after trying to steal an officer's gun in hospital

Friday  02:57,   22 june 2018

Illegal climber Wayne John Cook who brought Sydney to a grinding halt when he scaled the Harbour Bridge is sentenced to prison after trying to steal an officer's gun in hospital.A man who brought much of Sydney to a standstill by illegally[...]

'This is supposed to be about the environment, not making money!' Customers accuse Woolworths of 'not taking plastic ban seriously' and trying to profit from new reusable bags

Friday  02:57,   22 june 2018

Woolworths have been called out for what some customers deem as an inappropriate use of plastic bags, just days after removing single use bags from their stores.Woolworths have been called out for what some customers deem as an inappropriate use of[...]

Family of missing Bitcoin entrepreneur's wife fear she may have been murdered after she mysteriously disappeared three months ago

Friday  02:56,   22 june 2018

A relative close to missing Sydney mother Madeline Bigatton said the family considered a plethora of explanations for her disappearance, including suicide, murder, or that she had run away.Madeline Bigatton was captured on CCTV getting into her car[...]

Manhunt for gunman who fired at innocent tradies

Friday  02:20,   22 june 2018

Tactical police used stun grenades to storm a home in Melbourne where a man who shot at three tradesmen was holed up overnight.Tactical police were called to a property in Clayton South where they believed the shooter was holed up after his attack[...]

Home and Away star tackles predator after seeing the hooded attacker throw a young woman to the ground and brutally bash her in an alleyway

Friday  02:07,   22 june 2018

'Home and Away' actor Orpheus Pledger, 25, revealed this week how he tackled a predator after catching the man attacking a woman in Sydney's Surry Hills in a terrifying April 28, 2017 assault.Home and Away actor Orpheus Pledger, 25, was[...]

Police interview three witnesses over sexual assault in Carlton

Friday  02:07,   22 june 2018

Three men who spoke to a woman before she was sexually assaulted in Carlton have spoken to Epping police.Three men who spoke to a woman before she was sexually assaulted in Carlton have spoken to Epping police, following a public appeal for the[...]

WA police launch crackdown on petrol stealing drivers

Friday  02:07,   22 june 2018

Western Australia’s top cop has issued a state-wide directive to all police officers to investigate drivers who fuel up and take off without paying. It’s a dramatic change in the police force’s longstanding policy of leaving petrol stations to[...]

'The only thing that brings us comfort is knowing you'll be together forever': Family's touching tribute to mother and four-year-old daughter killed in a Sri Lankan car crash

Thursday  20:57,   21 june 2018

The family of an Australian mother and her daughter who were killed in a tragic car accident in Sri Lanka paid tribute to the duo killed so far from home.  Brisbane-born Louise Collins, 37 and her four-year-old daughter Poppy lost their lives[...]

From university sweethearts to a loving Catholic couple with four children... before their perfect family was shattered by a sordid affair: The rise and fall of Natalie and Barnaby Joyce's marriage

Thursday  19:51,   21 june 2018

A whirlwind romance was sparked between two 'country kids' Natalie and Barnaby Joyce one night during New England University's O Week, after Mr Joyce said 'you'll do' to his future wife.The night of their meeting, during New[...]