Australia Indigenous artists preyed on and sent into debt by 'carpetbagging' art dealers, inquiry told

01:31  11 august  2018
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Prime Minister accused of 'humiliating' Aboriginal leaders with rejection of referendum

  Prime Minister accused of 'humiliating' Aboriginal leaders with rejection of referendum Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull says he will not call a referendum to establish an Indigenous voice to parliament, despite leaders saying the survival of their communities depend on it. There has been optimism and broad support for the idea of establishing an Indigenous advisory body in the constitution among thousands of Australians at one of the most important Indigenous gatherings, the annual Garma Festival in Arnhem Land this weekend."I don't believe that would be able to be passed at a referendum and it's not a policy that I would support" Mr Turnbull told the ABC.

preying on a sick artist : "Even coming to town for medical treatment, such as dialysis, can make an artist easy prey for dealers wanting to make a In August 2006, following concerns raised about unethical practices in the Indigenous art sector, the Australian Senate initiated an inquiry [23] into

3 National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls. Walking with Our Sisters is a community-based art installation, commemorating murdered or missing women and children from Indigenous communities.

As the Darwin Aboriginal Art Fair kicked off, so did a senate inquiry hearing into © Provided by ABC News As the Darwin Aboriginal Art Fair kicked off, so did a senate inquiry hearing into "fake" Indigenous art.

The Darwin Aboriginal Art Fair, which last year generated more than $2.2 million in three days and is one of the largest in the country, kicked off last night.

Today, an inquiry was held right next door to the fair, probing into the effects of "fake art" on Indigenous communities and how the booming industry is being rorted.

A federal parliamentary committee was called to investigate the growing presence of inauthentic "Indigenous-style" art and craft products for sale.

According to the Arts Law Centre of Australia, around 80 per cent of the pieces of "Indigenous art" marketed to tourists in shops are inauthentic.

Claims Victorian Labor 'workshopped' rorts scheme rejected by department head

  Claims Victorian Labor 'workshopped' rorts scheme rejected by department head A senior Victorian bureaucrat rejects claims that he had helped the Labor Party "workshop" a scheme that misused nearly $400,000 of public money.A parliamentary committee is currently examining the Victorian Labor Party's so-called 'red shirts rort', which is also the subject of a police fraud investigation.

In Australia, the term "carpetbagger" refers to unscrupulous dealers and business managers in indigenous Australian art .[42][43][44][45]. ^ "Business: Your Money Is carpetbagging dead?". ^ "Carpet-baggers 'exploiting' Indigenous artists ".

Commemoration, Art and Education. Composed of four Commissioners from across the country, the National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls is independent from federal, provincial and territorial governments, crown corporations and Indigenous forms of government.

Manipulation of high-profile artists rife in Alice Springs

"Carpetbagging" was a term put to the committee this morning — a practice generally referring to outsiders moving into an area to take advantage of a situation.

According to Skye O'Meara, manager of the APY Art Centre Collective, art dealers were constantly preying on high-profile artists in Alice Springs, forced to work under misleading circumstances.

"The trickery involved is that artists have to pay for materials, food and accommodation, which are later detailed when artists are billed," she said.

Hawks do away with 'colour of surrender'

  Hawks do away with 'colour of surrender' Hawthorn won’t wear white ever again. The Hawks have worn a white alternate jumper occasionally since 2008 in away games against clubs including Gold Coast, West Coast, Adelaide and Greater Western Sydney, but in a letter to members on the club’s website, Hawthorn president Jeff Kennett said his club would no longer wear any colours other than brown and gold, with the only exception to be made during Indigenous round.“Many of you will remember seeing Hawthorn play in what looked like a white jumper as our away outfit,” Kennett wrote.“Never again.

Indigenous Australian art (also known as Australian Aboriginal art ) is art made by the Indigenous Nowadays, the value of a fine bark painting depends not only on the skill and fame of the artist , and on the And art , whether largely decorative or rich in religious or historic import, is a window into the

To learn more about the inquiry , or find out how to participate in or work for the inquiry , please visit the inquiry 's website. The use of red dresses to represent missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls was originated by Métis artist Jaime Black in 2010.

"They might be given a car, and then asked to paint their way to pay for it.

"The whole process bends your mind but is very much a part of Alice Springs life."

Ms O'Meara said dealers targeted vulnerable artists, finding them in hospitals and in town.

She also spoke of a young central desert artist who was in $35,000 worth of debt to an art dealer, with no course of action.

Calls for stronger regulation

Five Indigenous bodies in the art community took the microphone this morning to express the need for stronger regulation of replica art.

Gabriel Noda, Deputy Chair of the Arnhem, Northern and Kimberley Artists Aboriginal Corporation (ANKAAA), addressed the inquiry in Darwin, calling for deterrent measures and legislation to be put in place immediately.

"We would like to find a real solution to solve the problem now. A [regulatory] body or a corporation should be set up down south, and have Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people apply to work there," he said.

Garma: Government urged to repair relations with Indigenous communities

  Garma: Government urged to repair relations with Indigenous communities Aboriginal people have been dealt a "cold slap in the face" due to policy failures and the rejection of a referendum push, former federal Aboriginal affairs minister Fred Chaney says.At the Garma festival in Arnhem Land, former Liberal politician Fred Chaney urged government departments to repair relations with Indigenous communities.

Aboriginal art and artists became increasingly prominent in Australian cultural life during the second half of the 20th century. Indigenous languages are divided into language groups with from ten to twenty-four language families identified.[9] It is Military. Monarchy. National debt . Parliament.

• • • 6. Non‐ Indigenous artists imitating Indigenous art . Consider implementation and enforcement. Consider Inquiry into Indigenous arts industry (Ref: section 8). Support prior consultation with artists by delegates Send Indigenous contingents (Ref: section 8).

"It should have people who know about the law and parliament, coming up with a penalty and resolution to go through parliament.

"Those selling fake art should be prosecuted … back in the day [if] you took a man's belongings, you get speared."

Mr Noda also called for strengthening of the Indigenous art code — which underpins trade between Indigenous art dealers and artists — to ensure that deals were fair and ethical.

Chief Executive Officer of ANKAAA, Christina Davidson, said the regulatory system was not efficient.

"There's an extraordinary amount of clutter that confuses the consumer and disturbs authentic artists," she said.

"It puts the onus on the good guys to prove what they're doing is authentic. The bad guys don't have to do anything."

Acting chair of the inquiry, Member for Lingiari Warren Snowden, assured Darwin attendees that in their report to parliament, the committee would make very strong recommendations on amending consumer law and the Indigenous Arts Code.

"People are very angry that their culture is being stolen. We understand that. The same story is being told to us," he said.

The senate inquiry has held twenty public hearings and received in excess of 150 submissions, with Darwin being the last stop in the nationwide tour.

Decorated veteran Ben Roberts-Smith asks AG to refer leaks to police .
Lawyers for Ben Roberts-Smith want leaks of details of an inquiry into the former soldier to the federal police for criminal investigation. In a statement released by Seven West Media on Sunday, Mr Roberts-Smith, an executive at Kerry Stokes's Seven Network operations in Queensland, acknowledged an unsuccessful attempt on Friday to stop Fairfax Media publishing allegations about his service in Afghanistan and a domestic violence allegation.Mr Roberts-Smith denies all the allegations and claims leaking details of the inquiry broke federal law.

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